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UFO Superpowers
MUFON investigations within Hangar 1 have turned up evidence of amazing otherworldly technological powers.

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Extreme Close Encounters
Deep within MUFON, files are thousands of extraordinary, unknown UFO cases that fall into the category of "high strangeness".

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Captured Aliens
Hangar 1 uncovers shocking evidence that the government has been recovering not only advanced technology from crashed UFOs but alien bodies as well. What has the government learned from these bodies both living and dead?

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Cops vs. UFOs
Hangar 1 is full of case files where local and military police officers have encountered incredible events and provided detailed witness accounts of UFOs. Unfortunately, the government and military often ridiculed these officers and threatened their careers.

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The Smoking Gun
Hangar 1 delves into the discovery of a top-secret Special Operations Manual.

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UFOs Over Texas
While examining the Lone Star State's most unusual and well-known UFO cases, patterns point to Texas's unique role in a larger government conspiracy.

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Hunted By UFOs
Hangar 1 contains hundreds of MUFON case files from people who have been pursued and hunted by UFOs, some even multiple times. What are these UFOs after, and could you be their next target?

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Star People
Hangar 1's files are full of stories involving Native Americans and their familiarity with alien beings they refer to as "Star People." Is it the sacred tribal lands that attract interstellar visitors...

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Far Side of the Moon
Hangar 1 files reveal top-secret evidence that indicates the government has been operating bases on the Moon and Mars. Some of this evidence dates back to the 1950's and suggests that NASA may be behind a long existing, secret mission to establish off-planet outposts.

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Men in Black
There are countless reports of UFO witnesses being intimidated into silence by mysterious Men in Black. Who are these ominous visitors, and what is their real agenda?

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Underwater UFOs
Could there be just as many UFOs traveling beneath our oceans and lakes as those reported in our skies? MUFON investigations uncover an extensive history of submersible UFOs--and the possible underwater bases that conceal them.

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UFOs at War
Exploring the reason for UFO sightings on the battlefields of wars throughout history.

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Hangar 1: The UFO Files is a captivating reality TV series that aired on H2 between 2014 and 2015. The show's exhilarating premise is based upon the vast hoard of declassified files that the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), one of the world's major UFO research organizations, has compiled over the decades. The title 'Hangar 1' is a reference to the name of the actual storage space where MUFON maintains its most coveted documents.

These extensive records of claimed UFO sightings, abductions, technological transfers, and testimonies of extraterrestrial experiences are the driving force behind the series. The show embarks on an intriguing voyage to unravel the mysteries that lie within these files, some of which have been gathering dust while others experienced deliberate cover-ups, according to proponents of UFO phenomenon.

In each episode of Hangar 1, viewers are introduced to a selection of these classified files, many of which had never been publicized prior to the series. Utilizing a mix of dramatic reconstructions, expert interviews, and real witness testimonies, the show creatively weaves together narratives, offering a comprehensive look into each case. The result is a tantalizing series that aims to engage, stir curiosity as well as challenge the skepticism of its audience.

The show's thematic journey is aided by the impressive line-up of experts from MUFON who decode and analyse the files under consideration. They marshal facts, draw parallels, and share their hands-on experiences to enrich the narrative and provide a multi-dimensional interpretation. The dedicated team attempts to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of truth about the unexplained phenomena. This is done while maintaining a respectful tone towards those who have reported their experiences, and a sensitive approach towards the subject matter.

While the contents of the files are the obvious focus of the series, Hangar 1 also provides insights into the work of the dedicated researchers and investigators at MUFON, who work relentlessly to collect, catalogue, investigate, and analyse every reported sighting or encounter. It becomes apparent that their objective is less about proving the existence of extraterrestrials and more about understanding the nature of these phenomena and their potential implications.

The show widely covers regions across the United States where sightings and encounters have been reported. These include renowned hotspots like Roswell, New Mexico, to lesser-known locations that have also produced a wealth of puzzling accounts. It takes viewers through an immersive journey of each significant location, unraveling its unique story.

Over the course of its run, Hangar 1 delves into intriguing ecosystems of theories, shedding light on various aspects of UFO phenomena such as alleged military cover-ups, secret government operations, historical sightings, advanced technologies reportedly derived from alien encounters, and the stunning, sometimes terrifying, accounts of individual experiences with supposedly non-terrestrial entities.

Although the show's content centers around UFO phenomena – a topic that’s often met with skepticism – it strikes a balance between exploring the possibilities of extraterrestrial existence and maintaining a logical and scientific perspective. It neither confirms nor refutes the existence of extraterrestrial life, instead, it presents highly detailed accounts of cases and events, and encourages viewers to draw their own conclusions.

Hangar 1: The UFO Files is certainly not just for believers in the UFO phenomena. It serves as a historical review of decades of reported encounters, as it offers a thought-provoking viewing experience that can be appreciated by anyone with an interest in the unexplained, the mysterious, and the potentially unearthly. Each episode seeks to peel back the layers of the unknown, providing a riveting exploration of what might exist beyond the skies.

Regardless of whether you subscribe to the ideology of extraterrestrial life or not, Hangar 1: The UFO Files is undoubtedly an engrossing watch. All in all, the show does an excellent job of re-opening the files, lifting the lid on some of the long-held secrets, and revisiting the ever-evolving narrative of the UFO phenomenon. It effectively keeps viewers on the edge of their seats while reaffirming that sometimes, truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

Hangar 1: The UFO files is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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How can I watch Hangar 1: The UFO files online? Hangar 1: The UFO files is available on H2 with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Hangar 1: The UFO files on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV Channels, Philo, Vudu online.

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