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Monsoon Moonshine
With the upcoming release of a coffee-infused rum to the public, Todd's half-million-dollar investment hinges on a rare aged coffee in India. During his search, he encounters a secret society and a shadowy figure called The German.

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Guns and Lions
Todd seeks a special Tanzanian coffee while dealing with the possibility of dangerous wildlife as well as poachers in the area.

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Mayan Fortress
Todd encounters a kingpin during his mission in Guatemala to source a coffee for a revolutionary brewing machine in Boston.

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When militants burn a school Todd helped build, he must enter a blood contract.

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Golden Triangle
In his search for coffee in Thailand, Todd enters into one of the most notorious heroin smuggling region in Southeast Asia.

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When in Rome W/ Batali
An encounter with Mario Batali in Rome sends Todd Carmichael deep into the Amazon, where he dodges gunmen and seeks help from the local resistance to locate a key ingredient that will persuade Mario to brand a killer espresso.

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Himalayan Outpost
A mysterious Russian pilot takes Todd deep into Nepal to seal an impossible deal.

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Mexican Motherlode
In the second season premiere, Todd is off to Mexico in search of a wine-like coffee.

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Dangerous Grounds, aired on the Travel Channel in 2012, is an enthralling docu-series primarily centered on the perilous quest of coffee aficionado and adventurer Todd Carmichael to scout the finest, most exceptional coffee beans around the globe. The series chronicles the fearless explorer's journey into the most remote and precarious corners of the Earth, often upturning the viewer's traditional perception of a casual cup of coffee and the journey that each bean must undertake to reach their breakfast table.

Hosted by Todd Carmichael, CEO and co-founder of La Colombe Torrefaction, Dangerous Grounds excavates a never-before-seen insight into the global coffee industry. Carmichael's fervent love for coffee and his commitment to sustainable sourcing light the way through each evocative episode. His excitement is contagious, enhancing the captivating aspect of the series.

As a committed advocate for fair trade practices in the global coffee trade, Carmichael goes the extra mile to ensure the beans he sources are not only of excellent quality but are also produced in humane conditions and ethically sourced. The show cleverly juxtaposes Carmichael's care and attention to the quality of each cup with the human stories and livelihoods that hang in the balance in these often impoverished corners of the world.

A testament to its title, Carmichael's expeditions in Dangerous Grounds dive into some of the world's most volatile regions filled with political unrest and fraught with peril — places most folks would think twice before venturing into. From the misty mountains of Haiti to the unpredictable backdrops of Bolivia, the forbidden jungles of Thailand to the violent mafia enclaves in Brazil, he is seen orchestrating deals, navigating unfamiliar terrains, and wading through both cultural and communicative barriers, proving that the search for the perfect cup of Joe can be a life-threatening business.

The show does a satisfactory job in providing massive respect to coffee production, often described merely as a commodity in the global market. It illuminates the intricate expertise and complexities that go into planting, picking, and processing these precious beans. Carmichael's journey educates the viewer on various types of coffee beans, their unique flavors, and regional processing methods, all in a quest to bring back the 'black gold' to American soil.

But, Dangerous Grounds isn't just about coffee. The series examines the cultural, economic, and political aspects of the regions it portrays and asks some hard questions. It throws light on the tumultuous lives of the individuals who rely on coffee cultivation for their survival. By doing so, it delves into a wide array of themes – economic disparity, human rights, environmental challenges, and the resilience of the human spirit, among others.

Carmichael, as an adventurous host, adds a significant layer of intriguing narrative to the series. With a fair share of survival skills and determination, he is presented as a character who's not afraid to push boundaries and continually defy his limits. His passion for coffee not only defines the core objective of the show but bridges the gap between the product and its origin, enabling the viewer to develop a deeper appreciation for both the beverage and the people who make it possible.

Amidst an impressive array of global destinations and gutsy adventures, Dangerous Grounds not only educates its audience about the rich history, cultural diversity, and intrinsic worth of the coffee industry but also provides a thrilling narrative of survival and exploration. It showcases the underbelly of the coffee world – the grit, the risk, and the impact of coffee sourcing on local communities. Plus, Carmichael's enthusiasm and his mission-driven approach provide a compelling human element to the story, keeping the audience engrossed.

In conclusion, Dangerous Grounds is an adventurous travelog that explores the untouched depths of the coffee world, breaking boundaries and capturing vivid narratives that leave an imprint on the viewer's mind. It is a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the untold stories behind their daily cuppa, global journey enthusiasts, and admirers of human spirit and survival. It convinces us that there's truly more to the humble cup of coffee than meets the eye – a world, in fact, so intense, diverse, and yes, at times, so dangerously enchanting.

Dangerous Grounds is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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