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Victims and Vigilantes
The body of Daavid Campbell is found tortured, strangled, and floating in a pond in Illinois. Chris Hansen explores three motives for the murder: love, money, and revenge.

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Antique Mystery
The mysterious death of an antiques dealer in Henrico, Virginia leads detectives on a case that would span nearly 20 years. Chris Hansen follows a twisting trail of forensic evidence, potential suspects, and multiple confessions to find the killer.

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A Trust Betrayed
The tragic 1999 disappearance investigation of Hannah Hill in in Akron, Ohio spans nearly 13 years before her family gets justice. Chris Hansen discovers it was a heart-breaking case of a young woman's trust - betrayed.

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The body of 20-year-old Sophia Arnold is found on the banks of the Mississippi River; police interview two men whose stories don't match up; Chris Hansen strives to discover which suspect murdered Arnold and why.

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Killers Imprint
After being terrorized and threatened by a friend's partner, Susan Bauer is found murdered in her own home. It appears to be an open-and-shut case for detectives.

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The Odds Are Murder
Detectives reveal four suspects in poker club owner Paul Horn's shooting murder; Chris Hansen investigates which one took the ultimate gamble and pulled the trigger.

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Murder in Boulder
College senior Susannah Chase gets attacked yards from her home just a few days before Christmas; Chris Hansen travels to Boulder, Colo., to discover the shocking truth behind her murder.

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The Death of a Genius
Detectives searching for wealthy scientist Walter Sartory believe someone kidnapped him to ransom him for his fortunes; Chris Hansen discovers investigators were in a race against time to find Walter before it was too late.

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Slip of the Tongue
The brutal shooting of Stephen Perret looks like a mob hit, and police have little evidence, but soon discover Stephen made a call just before he was murdered; Chris tracks down the person Stephen called, who reveals the identity of his killer.

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Deadly Compulsive
Tammy Tatum gets brutally murdered right near her one-year-old daughter, Sadie; now 24, Sadie reveals to Chris Hansen the shocking truth -- that the killer was someone she knew her entire life.

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Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen is an engaging crime documentary series from Investigation Discovery that originally premiered in 2015. In each riveting episode, former NBC News correspondent Chris Hansen diligently delves into the mysterious depths of some of the most infamous murders in recent American history.

Anchored by the remarkable investigative skills of Chris Hansen, known for his role in the groundbreaking 'To Catch a Predator' series, the show features reenactments, crime scene footage, and interviews with key characters involved in the cases. The deeply detailed real-life crime scenarios are intricately woven into a story that keeps viewers engrossed till the end, leaving them yearning for the subsequent episode.

Each episode of Killer Instinct initiates with an opening narrative of the crime being examined, setting an aura of intrigue for the viewers. Over the course of an hour, Hansen guides viewers through the maze of each crime’s investigation process - the twists, the turns, and the sometimes shocking surprises that culminate into the arrest and thwarting of a killer.

The structure of the series is designed to present a 360-degree view of the case, infused with the personal touch of human drama. It builds a compelling narrative, stamping the authenticity of firsthand investigation and thorough scrutiny. The suspense unfolds in layers and smoothly transitions from one phase of investigation to another, thus maintaining a steady grip on the audiences' attention.

Chris Hansen is a seasoned journalist well-acclaimed for his deep-dive investigative skills and gripping interviewing style. These come to the fore in the series, adding a layer of expertise that lends credibility and trust. His meticulous examination and dissecting of each murder case aim to deliver the viewers more than just a recounting of gruesome tales; instead, he unravels the complex psyche of the killers and the investigation's nitty-gritty intricacies, leading to eventual closure.

Coupled with these expert analyses are interviews that give viewers a deeply personal look into the lives affected by the crimes. From the victims' families to the detectives who dedicated their time and resources to solve the cases, these perspectives add depth and emotional context to the narrative.

A notable element of Killer Instinct is the show's decision to recreate crucial scenes of the case. These reenactments bring a level of dramatic realism to the storytelling, illustrating the crime's critical aspects with stark reality. Where pictures depict a thousand words, these reenactments transport you back to the moment, nudging you emotionally and intellectually to grasp the case's gravity.

The series maintains a realistic approach to crime story-telling. It does not romanticize or dramatize the incidents for sensationalism; instead, it strikes a fine balance between informative storytelling and respectful acknowledgment of real people's experiences.

Equally, the production values of Killer Instinct are high. From the quality of reenactments to the crisp and lucid voicing of Chris Hansen, every element resonates with an assured professional touch. The consistent quality of the series adds to the show's captivating nature, making it popular among crime documentary enthusiasts.

The show also gives viewers a closer look at the relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement agencies. The strategic do's and don’ts, precision, and shrewd approach involved while solving complex crime cases underscore the commendable dedication and perseverance exhibited by investigators.

In short, Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen is an intriguing blend of detective work and human interest, capturing the ordeal between crime and justice. Teeming with suspenseful narratives, compassionate interviews, and chilling re-enactments, it offers a captivating, yet sobering dissection of the dark underbelly of society. For those with a penchant for true crime storytelling, this series could prove to be an intriguing, thought-provoking addition to their watchlist.

The aura that Chris Hansen brings to the series, combined with the show's investigative detail, honest storytelling, and high production quality, makes Killer Instinct a must-watch on Investigation Discovery. This engrossing series shines a light on some of the most notorious murders and the relentless pursuit of justice to solve them, offering a comprehensive and thoughtful exploration of real criminal investigations.

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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