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Prey for Me
Suburban housewife Dawn Fowler is overwhelmed by her crippled husband, Richard. Making up false tales of Richard's "˜abuse', Dawn plots to seduce a youth pastor, Robert Heydman, and convince him to kill her husband and free her from his reign of terror.

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True Bromance
Bored and rich, Alabama teen Nathan Lee pairs up with the local loser, Troy Smiley, to hunt the unexpected - humans! But when the pair kills a young friend, Blake Stone, they turn the tables and convince police that Blake's step-mom is the murderer.

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The Cougar and Her Cub
Mother and daughter Sherrie and Dianne Dicus team up with 19-year-old Steven Wesolek, and instantly bond over drug and sex in the hot Florida swamplands. The trio choose a deadly violent path to escape their pasts.

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No Easy Road
In November 2009, Bo McNeely hitches a ride with C.J. Harvey at a truck stop. The two instantly become friends. But when Harvey takes Bo home to his wife and their four boys, Bo steps into a meth den and the danger that surrounds it.

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Dirty Double Cross
Alesia Warrior and her lover, Darell Rodger, plot to kill her husband for his insurance money - but things turn disastrous when Darell accidentally paralyzes Alesia in the shooting.

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A Mother's Worst Nightmare
Profiling a pair of married killers.

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The Dark Krystal
After a troubled teenager develops a drug addition, she is thrusted into a murderous rampage.

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Freedom Quest
Beautiful, charismatic tattoo aficionado Melanie Ray wants to bury her past and never return to prison. Then she meets up with childhood friend Chandler Clark.

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A Recipe for Disaster
Lovebirds Roger Gillett and Lisa Chamberlin make a quiet exit out of town to keep a low profile. They show up at Rogers' cousin's house and the situation transpires into a horrible scene.

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Straight Through the Heartland
Indiana teen Wendy Lewis gets more than she bargained for when she takes a babysitting job for engineer Wayne Gulley as an affair leads to a deadly crime spree taking decades to solve.

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Mommy's Little Helpers
A woman recruits her children to help her kill her husband.

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More Than a Babysitter
A woman's life spirals out of control after her addiction to heroin gets her involved with the wrong crowd.

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Venus Guy Trap
In the season 6 premiere, a couple goes on a crime spree.

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Wicked Attraction, originally aired on Investigation Discovery in 2008 is an engrossing true crime series that delves deep into the compelling realm of deadly relationships, where passion fuels heinous criminal activities. The show, meticulously crafted, unfolds the grisliest stories of real-life couples who together became involved in some of the most horrific crimes in history.

Throughout its run, each episode meticulously examines a separate case, exploring the distinct, sinister dynamics of these duos. The fundamental premise of Wicked Attraction is that even the most monstrous criminal behaviors are rarely the work of a "lone wolf". Instead, they involve partnerships or alliances born out of different circumstances – romantic relationships, friendships, even mother-child bonds – that eventually spiral into deadly conspiracies. With its unnerving narrative edge, Wicked Attraction beseeches the question - what happens when two people's manipulative ploys or unhealthy obsessions collide, and they descend together into the abyss of crime?

The show utilizes an assortment of story-telling tools to engage and guide the audience through these complicated narratives, always with a painstaking focus on detail and accuracy. Each episode employs a carefully balanced mix of re-enactments, crime scene photographs, and real footage to underscore the severity of the crimes. It also features in-depth interviews with the investigators, criminologists, psychologists, journalists, and, sometimes, the surviving victims, who further unravel the psychological nuances that led individuals to commit such horrific acts.

Wicked Attraction doesn't shy away from examining some of the most brutal crimes in contemporary history - including homicides, kidnappings, bank robberies, and more. Yet, its pronounced focus remains on investigating the psychological interplay between the couples involved. It explores how these perpetrators, who often appear ordinary or even likable, fell into such profound immorality under the influence of their partners in crime. It reveals the psychology behind these criminal partnerships, digging into sound criminal theories explaining how love and lust can mutate into violence and how ordinary human beings can spiral into dangerous criminals under the right circumstances.

But the appeal of Wicked Attraction isn't merely skin-deep. Of course, the show does an exceptional job of sketching crime narratives that captivate with their undercurrents of suspense and horror. Still, it also presents a thought-provoking examination of the human mind. It makes us question our understanding of relationships, and how they can sometimes become the slippery slope into the dark side. It also breaks down some of the stereotypes that society often associates with criminals, depicting them as complex human beings who made tragically wrong turns, often influenced or manipulated by another individual.

The series, while exploring these notorious couples, also brings to light the invaluable and often overlooked role of the criminal justice system nation-wide. It brings focus onto the relentless law enforcement officers, detectives, and forensic scientists who work tirelessly, piecing together puzzles and clues to bring these couples to justice and provide closure to their victims' families.

Wicked Attraction is a gripping exploration of the human psyche in its extremity, underscored by real, raw stories where fact often seems more chilling than fiction. It takes viewers into the uncanny alleys of human behavior and love, a journey where relationships, instead of making individuals better, drive them toward the unthinkably macabre and malevolent. The eloquent narratives, punctuated by grim realities and carefully researched facts, make Wicked Attraction as intriguing as it is unsettling.

In conclusion, Wicked Attraction stands as an unforgettable chronicle of criminal partnerships, a must-watch show for those with a deep interest in true crime and psychological investigations. It manages to grip viewer attention as well as enlighten, offering an intelligent and thoroughly researched exploration of relationship-driven crime dynamics. Sit tight, because once you start watching, these tales of criminal couples, their intricate dynamics, and the ominous paths they tread together, are sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Wicked Attraction is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 80 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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