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Making A Killing
Three cases of ruthless women who perilously cross the line from need to greed.

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Clean Hands Dirty Deeds
Three women who fall out of "love" have a deadly way of breaking up.

Watch Deadly Women Season 14 Episode 12 Now

Menage of Murder
Two's company; Three is a murder in the making.

Watch Deadly Women Season 14 Episode 11 Now

If the eyes are windows to the soul, there is nothing to see in these three diabolical women.

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Dangerous Liaisons
Happy couples turn to murder.

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Killer Intellect
Three women devoid of a moral compass believe they can outsmart everyone - and for a while, they do.

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Ice Cold
Killing comes easily to those with hearts of ice.

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Lethal Lies
Stories of three women who are so deceptive and entitled-- rules do not apply.

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To Have And To Harm
Stories of depraved women who don't allow sacred marriage vows to get in the way of cold-blooded murder.

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Kill Their Creators
Extraordinary cases of women who repay a parent's unconditional love with cold-hearted betrayal.

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Flash Point
When life becomes a powder keg, these morally bereft women light the sparks.

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Evil Spirits
When one deals with the devil, somebody's gonna get burned..

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Tainted Love
When love turns to obsession, these women make their lover their possession.

Watch Deadly Women Season 14 Episode 1 Now

Deadly Women premiered on Investigation Discovery in 2008 and has captivated viewers for more than a decade. Fronted by the enigmatic and experienced former FBI criminal profiler Candice DeLong, the true crime investigative series delves deep into real-life stories of women who have committed shocking and unsettling acts of crime. From the psychological processes of these killers to the harrowing consequences of their actions, Deadly Women takes audiences on a disturbing yet deeply compelling journey into the darker side of human nature.

Candice DeLong brings a unique perspective and an eery authenticity to the show. Her extensive law enforcement background and astute psychological insights ward off any trace of sensationalism, and instead press upon honest, hard-hitting exploration of the cases. Throughout each episode, she dissects and analyzes the perpetrators' motives, histories, and the horrific events that transpired, offering viewers an intensive psychological autopsy of these Deadly Women.

The series isn't just one-dimensional in its narrative; it's versatile. From manipulative black widows to bloodthirsty biker girls, from mothers turned murderers to female gang leaders, the series traverses an array of criminal backgrounds, behaviors, and cultures. It doesn't shy away from presenting crimes that starkly portray the disturbing depths women can descend into when pushed to their limits.

The show also takes care to present the stories of the victims, in both respectful and chilling ways. It delves deeply into the personal lives of the people who tragically lost their lives at the hands of these Deadly Women, allowing viewers to empathize strongly with their experiences and, in turn, magnify the frightful intensity of the crime.

Produced by Beyond International, Deadly Women combines interviews, dramatic recreations, and expert commentary to tell these real-life horror stories. The detailed and graphic recreations of the crime scenes add to the intense atmosphere of the show, while the expert commentary provides viewers with intriguing evidence and crime solving techniques. Interviews with law enforcement personnel, family members of both the criminals and the victims, and occasionally with the women who committed the crime themselves, provide a comprehensive understanding of each case.

Each episode of the series typically focuses on three different cases with a thematic connection. Utilizing deliberate narrative pacing, each segment unravels the storyline slowly, revealing the women’s personal histories, criminal motivations, and devastating actions bit by bit. This allows for a more prolonged suspense and invites the audience to mull over the factors that led these seemingly ordinary women down such a sinister path.

Deadly Women also stands out for its expertly annotated reenactments, its grating musical score, and its chilling narratives voiced by Lynnanne Zager, all of which contribute to the overall haunting and gripping atmosphere of the show. The cinematography does an exquisite job in magnifying the bone-chilling atmosphere of the narratives.

Arguably, Deadly Women's most insightful aspect is it's effort to explore and ponder upon the 'why' factor of crime. Instead of merely looking at crimes committed by women as isolated incidents of a disturbed mind or a brutal act, the show digs deeper to uncover the core human elements that lead to crime. It incessantly prompts viewers to question what drives ordinary people to extraordinary bouts of cruelty and violence, how misplaced passion or pathological jealousy can warp one's judgement, and how deep-seated anger can catalyze into a deadly act of vengeance. The show allows viewers to acknowledge the horrific while lending attention to the underlying human instincts and circumstances that directly or indirectly contribute to the manifestation of such brutality.

Deadly Women is captivating and horrifying in equal measure, providing a chilling insight into the minds and motivations of female criminals. As viewers navigate the sinister criminal world, they are confronted with the disconcerting reality of what some women are capable of when pushed beyond their thresholds. It is more than just a sequence of crime stories; it's an exploration of human character and the extremes to which it can descend. With Candice DeLong at the helm guiding viewers through these tumultuous treks, the chilling narratives evolve to something far beyond gore and sensationalism, embedding themselves profoundly in our collective exploration of the human psyche.

Deadly Women is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 14 seasons with a total of 205 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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