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Poetic Justice
Laura Lewis struggles through a difficult childhood and learns from her mother at a young age that "a man will either beat on you, or cheat on you." When Laura grows up and gets a man that does both, she decides it's time to fight back, with a knife.

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Shear Rage
Trena Archie grew up with big dreams, but ended up with horrible nightmares. As she lives the fast life in Vegas and LA, she gets involved with countless powerful men.

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Perils Of Paranoia
A bored teenager looking for trouble finally finds it after becoming pregnant. After many struggles, Heather finds stability in a woman named Terri.

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Southern Spirit
When family tragedy strikes Paula at a young age, it sends her down a path of pain and despair. Years of hard work and resolve have led her back on track.

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Not My Cup of Tea
Following a difficult childhood, Missey Martinez finds stability in the world of stripping, then she starts dating her high school crush and makes a high-stakes gamble that becomes violent.

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Addicted to Love
A city girl moves to a small country town, and the only thing that keeps her busy is trouble. After years of failed relationships, Misty reconnects with her soulmate Mark.

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I Slay
After surviving a brutal gang attack at 17, Lashonda Woodard vows to never let anyone hurt her again. Over the next several years, she falls in love with three different men.

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Now We're Even
To deal with the pressure of balancing school and work, Flora Williams turns to prescription pills. Soon after, she falls in love with an older man named Matt.

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Wives with Knives, a gripping true-crime series from ID: Investigation Discovery that first aired in 2012, delves deep into the chilling stories of women who have been driven to the edge, leading them to commit unthinkable acts of violence. The show invites viewers into an enthralling world of mystery, investigation and the dark side of human nature, where events do not always follow a predictable trajectory, and the deepest secrets come to light in the most shocking ways.

This intense, cutting-edge series presents real-life stories of wives who, in the throes of turmoil, have resorted to knives as their weapon of choice. The series takes the viewer through a macabre journey of turbulent domestic lives, exploring the sequence of events and circumstances that have escalated to lethal endings.

With each episode of Wives with Knives, the narrative draws the viewer in, laying bare the layers of suspicion, deception, and ultimately, felony, painting a chilling portrait of the women at the heart of these daunting incidents. Putting the spotlight on these individuals, the show painstakingly reconstructs their lives, from ordinary wives and mothers at home to dangerous criminals standing at the wrong side of the law.

Wives with Knives goes so far as to feature first-hand accounts from the women themselves who have been implicated in these cases. With candid interviews, viewers are able to glimpse the raw emotions, the nerve-wracking tension, the heartbreaking remorse that these women experienced amidst the chaos. These deeply personal accounts lend authenticity and evoke empathy, giving a human face to the sensational headlines and studied court reports that these cases have spawned.

Amplifying the intrigue further are interviews with witnesses, law enforcement officers, and legal experts, who provide their unique perspectives into the complexities of these cases. Clinical psychologists illuminate the psychological underpinnings behind the women's actions, analyzing their motivations and the impact of their emotional and mental states on their actions.

While primarily focusing on evidence and substantial proof, Wives with Knives places significant emphasis on the emotional context. It delves deep into understanding why these women felt compelled to pick up a knife against their partners and the turmoil they faced in their relationships that drove them to such desperate measures. Each story is a potent cocktail of love, betrayal, secrets, and danger, carefully blending true crime investigation with human drama.

The show's narration is compelling and atmospheric, documenting the many facets of motive, premeditation, and breakdown that contribute to these dramatic events. In graphic detail, it walks a viewer through the commission of the crime, exposing the gritty, suspenseful aspects that made each case notorious.

However, Wives with Knives also takes pains to examine the aftermath of the crime. It explores the shockwaves reverberating through the family and community, the legal consequences, the struggle for redemption, and the long road to justice. The aftermath sections are often sobering reminders of the ripple effects of such violent episodes, providing a series of hard-hitting commentaries on domestic violence, justice, and redemption.

Wives with Knives makes it evident how momentary anger, protracted disputes, or unchecked obsessions can turn deadly. It probes the dark depths of domestic disputes, unmasking the grim reality of the struggles women undergo in strained relationships. The show's stark portrayal of the dramatic twists and turns that ordinary lives can take is a reminder of the thin line that separates love from hate, sanity from madness, and right from wrong.

Wives with Knives ultimately serves as an evocative exploration of crime and punishment. It’s a riveting foray into chilling true-life tales where the protagonists, consumed by the darkness within their relationships, reach the breaking point. As entertaining as it is thoughtful, the series challenges viewers to question societal norms, relationships, and the human capacity for violence. At its core, Wives with Knives is a true crime series that painstakingly dissects not just chilling crimes but also explores the human psyche and the tumultuous journey of its characters from partners and wives to criminals.

Wives with Knives is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 40 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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How can I watch Wives with Knives online? Wives with Knives is available on ID: Investigation Discovery with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Wives with Knives on demand at Amazon Prime, Discovery+, Investigation Discovery, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu online.

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