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Date With the Devil
When Ron Ruse breaks up with his controlling girlfriend, Linda Ricchio, she vows vengeance. Soon demands turn to death threats and Ron goes on the run.

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Collateral Damage
Air Force sergeant Rachel Wilson's husband, Darrell, begins hiring prostitutes and, as a result, damages their marriage. When Rachel moves on, Darrell's rage puts more than just Rachel's life in danger.

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Death Spiral
Linda Smith is looking for love when she meets wealthy and handsome Jim McDonald. But Jim's charm runs out when he drinks.

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A Mother's Nightmare
Jessica Lenahan's ex-husband seeks vengeance when she files a restraining order. To complicate matters, the police refuse to protect her.

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A Virtual Nightmare
A singer must deal with disturbing emails from a deranged stalker.

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Stealth Stalker
Terri Mendez is hopeful her ex-boyfriend has moved on until she discovers the hidden cameras he installed in her bedroom.

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Hopelessly Devoted
A student is kind to a classmate, but she ends up being the victim of his obsession, and no reasoning or law enforcement can stop him.

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Gamble With Death
After a woman breaks up with her boyfriend, he becomes obsessed with stalking her.

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S&M: Sex & Malice
After Ann Moulds is threatened with sadistic letters from an anonymous stalker, she seeks help from officials, but with no stalking laws in Scotland, she's at his mercy. When she learns his identity, her world is completely rocked.

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Addicted to Rage
Nurse Katie Socci stands by her man, David McNamara, even after he's charged with stealing narcotics. She finally throws him out for sleeping with other women, and he retaliates with a deadly fury of a stalker scorned.

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The Ties That Bind
A man breaks down his wife with insults and abuse.

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Without a Trace
Pam's ex stalks and threatens her, and she's on her own to defend herself.

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Predator by Proxy
After Angell Williams kicks her cheating ex Michael out of the house, he seeks vengeance. After a brief stint in jail for assaulting her, he turns to fake sex ads and sends other men to her door to act out his own sick fantasies.

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Married to Madness
Susan Zarriello thought she was done with her abusive husband when they got divorced, until he unleashed a sadistic torrent of cyber attacks 15 years after their divorce, and Susan realized he'd been stalking her the whole time.

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Cat and Mouse
A woman becomes a slave to her abusive husband.

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The Puppet Master
A female boxer is beaten and blackmailed by her husband, who also happens to be her coach.

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Off the Rails
When train engineer Dinah Lynch denies the advances of her coworker, Stanley Decker, he seeks vengeance upon her. With no help from police Dinah's left to fend for herself, and stalking soon becomes a matter of life or death.

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Playing with Fire
With no help from officials, Vernetta Cockerham fights to stay alive after she kicks her abusive ex husband out of the house and he threatens to kill her.

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Cruel Intentions
Student Christen Naujoks falls for her college sweetheart John Peck. When he reveals a cruel side, she ends the relationship and then a newspaper article exposes his dark past.

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Twist of Hate
Dawn Hillyer is a busy single mother when she begins dating Mike McClellan. When Dawn's ready to move on, Mike's not willing to let her go and goes to great lengths to ruin her life.

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Stalked: Someone's Watching is a suspenseful and engaging documentary-style crime series that premiered on Investigation Discovery in 2011. Taking viewers into the dark and twisted world of stalking, the show offers a terrifying yet enlightening look into the persistence, fear, and unimaginable torment experienced by victims of stalking. Not only does the show delve into the crime itself, it also scrutinizes the psychology of these grim tales and provides essential insights into the complex composition of a stalker’s mindset.

The show maintains its chilling ambiance by aptly unraveling each stalking case, presenting it through a composite of authentic reenactments, first-hand testimonies, and expert analysis. Every episode spotlights a real-life story of a victim who has been relentlessly pursued and tormented. The victims courageously recount their fearful ordeals, providing a first-person perspective which thus adds a tangible layer of fear and urgency to their narratives. These stories range from celebrity victims and former lovers to strangers or even acquaintances, broadening the scope of understanding who can be a victim, and showing that the threat of stalking can arise from any corner of life.

Mixed into these victim narratives are expert commentaries from prominent authorities on stalking, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, detectives, and the legal experts. This serves not only as an exploration of stalking cases but also aids viewers in comprehending the complicated dynamics and psychology behind stalking behavior. Their expert insight reveals the intricate triggers, obsessions and, motivations of stalkers, creating a multi-dimensional picture, and regularly touching upon the emotional, physical, and legal aspects of this invasive crime.

One of the striking aspects of Stalked: Someone’s Watching is the comprehensive exploration of the victims' journey. The show doesn't only focus on the crime; it also paints an in-depth picture of the aftermath of stalking. It underscores how victims cope with the paranoia, stress, and trauma, exhibiting their strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Furthermore, it keeps audiences on edge as it demonstrates how the situation escalates and finally resolves in legal battles or law enforcement intervention.

Stalked: Someone's Watching also serves as a cautionary tale, promoting awareness about stalking, its signs, and potential safety measures. By showcasing solid examples, it guides the audience about appropriate course of action when faced with similar situations. It acts as a powerful advocate for stalking victims and endeavours to inform viewers about this grave issue that society often underestimates or misunderstands.

The thought-provoking and captivating series is produced by discovery network's acclaimed production team, ensuring high-quality production values and refining storytelling techniques. The glossy reenactments, combined with haunting background music and strong narratives, add a layer of authenticity and effectively draw viewers into the heart of the story, making it arresting television.

With over three seasons, Stalked: Someone's Watching is not just a true-crime show; it is an exploration of fear, the human psyche, and resilience. Combining real-life narratives from victims with expert analysis, the show manages to be both educational and intriguing, serving as a firm reminder of the lurking danger that can disrupt our lives when we least expect it.

Each episode finishes on a note of hope, often with the victim having successfully pursued justice, rebuilt their lives, or made significant progress in their recovery. However, these episodes also leave audiences with goosebumps and lingering thoughts - a chilling testament to the show's success in gripping its audiences.

In summary, Stalked: Someone's Watching stands as a poignant and compelling series that unveils the dark and frightening world of stalking - brutally shattering myths, challenging stereotypes, and revealing the horrifying ordeal that victims endure. Absorbing in its execution and powerful in its message, the series is a must-watch for fans of real-life crime stories and psychological investigations. Its bone-chilling tales, expert explanations, and hopeful endings make for a stimulating viewing experience and a continuous journey through the outer limits of the human psyche.

Stalked: Someone's Watching is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 58 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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