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For Sale by Owner
Neighbors Kay Parsons and Becky Sears are such good friends, they're practically family. Then scandal and murder strike, leaving both families forever damaged.

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Never Forgive Never Forget
Ed and Minnie Maurin are the epitome of kindness. But when evil strikes the sweet couple, police navigate a windy road of secrets and deception to find a family of monsters hiding in plain sight.

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To Lose Is a Sin
For one family in Michigan, winning isn't everything, it is the only option. But when one competition heats up, they end up doing the unthinkable.

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Don't Turn on Me
The Fuss family believe all their dreams are coming true. But a sibling rivalry takes a deadly turn.

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Like Father, Like Son
For the Woodman family, nothing seems too rich for their blood. But sometimes, having everything is never enough.

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The American Nightmare
Family is everything in Korean culture. But when the Suh family starts a new life in America, tradition turns to rebellion.

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Bound By Blood
A small-town cashier with a big extended family begins her own family. Her life turns to nightmare when her stepmother and stepbrothers move in.

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She Was A Good One
Dolores and Maria Ross grow up in a bitter sibling rivalry that escalates out of control when the family moves to Las Vegas. As their toxic feud spreads to the next generation, the storm will end in bloodshed.

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A Mother's Fight
For an optometrist and his wife, life with their beautiful daughters is all they could ever dream of. But this dream will soon become a nightmare.

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"Evil Kin," a captivating television series from Investigation Discovery, first started to thrill audiences in 2013. This enthralling documentary-style series delves deep into the dark side of human psychology, exploring horrific instances where familial connections are tainted by nefarious motivations, betrayal, and wicked intentions — where the ties that bind lead to diabolical deeds. With its bone-chilling storytelling and suspenseful narrative, "Evil Kin" presents real-life cases, shedding light on the grim reality that evil often resides much closer to home than we could ever imagine.

Each episode of "Evil Kin" aptly unravels a vicious tale of audacious crime, conjuring a petrifying horror more profound than fictitious horror stories, as it accentuates the ultimate betrayal—breach of trust within families. True to the Investigation Discovery channel's ethos, this program doesn't merely reiterate or document heinous acts. Instead, it seeks to dissect each crime meticulously, taking viewers on a spine-tingling journey to understand the 'why' and 'how'. It thrives on memorializing the chilling narrative that some of the vilest of deeds stem from love, jealousy, greed, and revenge harbored amongst the kinship.

In contrast to several crime shows that focus on an individual's criminal tendencies, "Evil Kin" distinguishes itself by showcasing how a family's collective descent into the abyss of chaos becomes the bedrock of some truly horrifying events. As the name suggests, this show focuses explicitly on those chilling instances where blood relations—brothers, sisters, parents, or children—find themselves entangled in a web of unspeakable crimes.

From siblings embroiled in sections of crime together, to parents who lead their children down a murderous path, the series showcases a wide range of familial relationships tainted by brutal criminal activities. The episodes present interviews with family members, close friends, victims, and even law enforcement personnel involved in these cases, allowing viewers a balanced glimpse into the family's life before the crime, the investigation process, and the aftermath that inevitably ensues.

"Evil Kin" adeptly uses dramatic reenactments to reconstruct the incidents, painting a vivid picture that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to end. However, the series doesn't solely rely on dramatizations to tell its hair-raising tales. It employs expert commentary from psychologists, criminal profilers, and investigative journalists to delve deep into the murky waters of the human psyche, underlying motives, and warped familial bonds that contribute to the horrifying outcomes.

As a viewer, you could be stunned by the fascinating yet frightening insight into the lengths to which people can go when feelings of resentment, jealousy, or ambition overtake their sense of kinship. It deftly brings to the fore the theme that blood, which is supposed to bind people together, often happens to be the very bond that members of the same family breach.

At its core, "Evil Kin" is an exploration of the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of supposedly typical familial relationships, a reminder that appearances can often be deceiving. The show succinctly illustrates the dichotomy between our societal constructs of what constitutes a family—ultimately regressing to the stark reality that a family can hide dark secrets and harbor an evil that verily defines the essence of horror.

Over the years, "Evil Kin" has garnered a dedicated global following of viewers drawn in by its unique, captivating take on true crime storytelling. Its unflinching portrayal of the macabre nature of these crimes, armed with nuanced psychological insights, provides an unnerving reflection on human nature and the thin line between familial love and destructive impulses.

To sum it up, "Evil Kin" is not your typical true crime show—it is a disturbing, compelling exploration into the world where blood ties foster not care and affection, but heinous crimes that shake the core of our understanding of family. The compelling, well-researched narratives backed with expert insights make this series a must-watch for true crime aficionados. Prepare for a gripping, disquieting experience as you venture into this absorbing world where family and evil are agonizingly intertwined.

Evil Kin is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 34 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

Investigation Discovery
Russ Harris, J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner, Matt Gulbranson
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