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Episode 11
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A Strange Trust
When 16-year-old BFFs Dawn Donaldson and Crissy Campbell vanish overnight, the residents of Grass Valley, California, fear for their children's safety. Rumors fly, from runaways to abduction.

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Only The Good
In suburban Tennessee, Jimmy McClain is living a good life as a teacher and coach at a local high school. But early one February morning, police find him murdered in his home.

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Everyone Has A Motive
When John Kowalczyk is shot dead, rumors fly in the quiet town of Vienna, VA. Friends can’t imagine who would murder the successful entrepreneur.

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The Art of Murder
When Shelley Nance is found stabbed to death, the shocking murder sends the community of Lake Highlands, TX into a panic. Friends are stunned as police zero in on her closest friends.

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Sex, Money & Murder
Lance Herndon was living the American dream in Roswell GA, until the millionaire is found brutally murdered.

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Death Takes a Toll
New England business owner Michael Zammitti Jr is found shot to death at his desk.

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Criss-Cross Killer
Examining the murder of a woman who was killed in the living room of her Nashville home.

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Dear Katherine, It's Me the Killer
Investigating the disappearance of an 18-year-old freshman from the University of South Alabama.

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The Unwelcome Wagon
When Staff Sgt. Michael Severance goes AWOL the community of San Angelo rallies around his new bride.

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The Key to Murder
Melinda Snyder's death stunned Rock Hill, SC, where even her closest friends came into question. The former homecoming queen's murder embroiled the quiet town in a mystery that wouldn't be settled until the South Carolina Supreme Court weighed in.

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Nightmare Next Door is a captivating true-crime television series that initially aired on Investigation Discovery in 2011. Venturing into the dark underbelly of American suburbia, the show unveils the terrifying reality that catastrophe and crime can unexpectedly strike anywhere, even in our seemingly quiet and safe neighborhoods.

Immersing the viewers into the heart of real-life horror stories, Nightmare Next Door presents shocking criminal cases from America's pleasant suburban neighborhoods that were once considered safe havens. Each episode grips the audience with chilling tales of murders that occurred right under the noses of unsuspecting neighbors. The victims are regular folks — individuals who had no inkling that they would become central figures in such gruesome plots.

The show begins by setting the stage with a peaceful, serene residential area, the ideal place for a tranquil life. This seemingly innocuous setting quickly takes a chilling turn when viewers learn about the horrifying crimes committed there, breaking the illusion of an idyllic community. Suspense builds as the audience is walked through crime scenes, learning about the gruesome details of the deadly incidents.

The format of Nightmare Next Door is an engaging blend of reenactments, interviews, crime scene footage, and expert commentary. It meticulously illustrates significant sequences of the crime— from the onset of the event to the investigation phases, leading up to the significant breakthroughs and, eventually, the spectacular revelation of the offender hiding in plain sight.

What truly sets Nightmare Next Door apart is not simply the recounting of crime narratives, but rather how it underscores the investigative process. Law enforcement personnel, detectives, and forensic experts offer input and share insights into the level of meticulous scrutiny, intelligence, and persistence required to crack each case. Their addition to the narrative lends a layer of authenticity to the stories as they unfold.

Moreover, the show delves into the emotional aspect of these cases, bringing in first-hand accounts from friends and family members of the victims. Their narratives shed light on the grief, shock, and disbelief experienced when a loved one is tragically taken away. They also speak about the immediate aftermath of the crime and impact on the community at large, painting a picture of the ripple effects of such heinous acts on seemingly tranquil neighborhoods.

But perhaps what is most frightening about Nightmare Next Door is the eerie realization that the perpetrators were often regular, everyday individuals themselves, blending seamlessly into the community fabric. They were people well-acquainted with the victim and the neighborhood, yet concealed a terrifying secret life. The show explores this horrifying prospect that these offenders could truly be the ‘nightmare next door’.

Furthermore, by examining the usually overlooked locales and revisiting the crime's impact on the community, the series puts across a chilling message: crime has no address and the semblance of peace is often deceptive. It emphasizes the unsettling reality that such events can happen anywhere, even in the most unsuspecting of places.

With its fair share of unexpected twists and turns, Nightmare Next Door keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, captivated by each terrifying yet fascinating episode. Each case is a jigsaw puzzle, with investigators piecing together evidence, following leads, uncovering hiding places, and eventually, bringing the culprits to justice.

Nightmare Next Door adeptly presents the reality behind the facade of suburban tranquillity, unearthing the chilling secrets concealed within ordinary homes. The show pulls back the curtain revealing the darkest possible scenarios hidden within immaculate lawns and quaint family homes. Overall, Nightmare Next Door offers a fascinating and meticulously detailed look at real crime stories that emphasize that safety and stability aren't always guaranteed within our neighborhood boundaries. It is truly an intriguing watch for true-crime enthusiasts.

Nightmare Next Door is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 109 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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