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The End
Kenda faces a case involving the slaying of a young boy.

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12 Years a Fugitive
When a beloved grandmother is found stabbed to death in her own home, Kenda must turn to a tight-knit community still grieving from the tragic loss. After 12 years of searching, they finally uncover the fiendish plot to exploit the helpless victim.

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Animal Nature
When a young woman is found mysteriously slaughtered on the steps of a trailer, Kenda and the homicide team must track down the vile perpetrators responsible for a horrifying string of cold-blooded murders.

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Blood Relative
After a father is found shot in front of his home, Kenda uncovers a vengeful motive behind a deadly family feud. Then, a church of God turns into a house of horrors as officers face a life-or-death decision when confronted by a knife-wielding psychopath.

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Fall from Grace
Hikers come across the nude body of a man who has been bound and beaten to death; when the victim's checkered past comes to light, Joe Kenda must wade through a laundry list of potential suspects to find his killer.

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No Good Deed
A man is brutally gunned down in the middle of the street, forcing Kenda to piece together the puzzle of conflicting stories and dead ends.

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Winter's Bone
A woman's frozen body is found on a switchback road in Colorado Springs.

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To The Death
When two men are found shot in an apartment hallway, Kenda must rely on his inner lie detector to figure out which victim was no victim at all. Then, police investigate a murder in broad daylight and nearly get killed themselves.

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The Highway
One is dead and two are in critical condition, and it's up to Kenda and Barry to find out why a gun battle occurred in a quaint family home. Then, a woman is found beaten, strangled, and stabbed on the roadside.

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Last Fare
A young man is found dead behind the wheel of his taxi. With robbery seeming unlikely, Kenda and Gaenzle wonder if this was personal.

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Cradle to the Grave
When a 911 call reports an unresponsive infant, Kenda and Walker investigate. Then, Kenda works an execution-style shooting and is shocked to learn the victim is a kindly grandmother.

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Lady in Red
A woman in red drops a dying man off at a firehouse and then vanishes. Police soon learn the victim is a contractor with a troubled personal life, but identifying the mystery woman is the hurdle they must overcome in order to bring him justice.

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Collision Course
Two best friends are gunned down on a dark residential street. When a string of disappointments threatens to derail the case, Kenda enlists the help of an old acquaintance.

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An unhinged divorcee with a score to settle initiates an armed standoff from the cramped confines of his trailer park. Then a disabled man is killed on the job, but Kenda's case hits a roadblock when forensic evidence is scrubbed from the scene.

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Down for the Count
The hikers find the lifeless body of amateur boxer Johnie Wilson and the investigators look at all angles to solve the case.

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Rest in Peace
When an Air Force veteran dies unexpectedly, Kenda and his team must determine if it was a tragic accident or premeditated murder. But before long, they discover that their clean-cut victim had a secret life.

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A sharp-dressed pedestrian is shot in the back for unknown reasons. Chasing a promising lead, Kenda realizes he's barking up the wrong tree.

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Unraveling the mysteries of murder.

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Lock the Door
Soon after the lifeless body of Charlie Tuttle is discovered behind a locked bedroom door, his death is ruled a suicide; six months later, Lt. Joe Kenda receives an unprompted confession that propels the case in a whole new direction.

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The body of Cynthia McLuen, a vibrant young mother, is found frozen solid in a deserted cemetery. An exhaustive investigation fails to produce any viable suspects, and the case goes cold for three years.

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Homicide Hunter is a thrilling true crime television show that aired on the Investigation Discovery channel from 2011 to 2020. This top-rated series spanned nine compelling seasons and left its viewers on the edges of their seats with its gripping narration and gritty, realistic portrayal of crime-solving procedures. The series takes viewers back in time to examine homicide cases from the files of one of America’s most dedicated and relentless detectives, Joseph Kenda.

The crux of the series lies in its unique storytelling format. Each episode features retired Colorado Springs Police Department detective, Lt. Joe Kenda, narrating stories of murders he investigated during his career. The episodes bring these murders to life by interspersing Kenda's narration with re-enactments, archival footage, images from the actual crime scene, and occasionally interviews with real-life witnesses and victims' relatives.

With a career that spans over two decades and more than 375 solved homicide cases to his credit, Lt. Joe Kenda offers a wealth of stories, each more chilling than the last. He recounts these cases with remarkable recollection and detail, allowing viewers an intimate look into the mind of the detective as he unravels each crime's mysteries. This straightforward and honest narration is one of the most appealing aspects of the show, often revealing the gruesome, morbid details of these investigations, providing a sobering reminder of the realities of homicide.

His unique methodical approach and deep understanding of criminal psychology allow him to delve into the depths of these investigations, enabling him to unravel the series of events that led to the crime, the motivations behind the deeds, and eventually leading to the perpetrator. His unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of truth give viewers an understanding of the demanding and draining nature of homicide investigations.

Homicide Hunter also explores the other side of police work, focusing at times on the personal toll that this type of work can take. We see glimpses of Kenda's family life and the personal sacrifices he has made, emphasizing the human side of his profession. It also underscores the profound, lasting impacts that these cases can have on those who work so closely with them, delivering a more layered, nuanced portrayal of detective work than typically found on crime procedural dramas.

Each episode stands alone, as its mini-story and doesn't require knowledge of previous episodes to follow along. This makes it easy for anyone to dive into the show at any point, with each episode being a singular exploration into the details of a new murder mystery. This format makes for an immersive viewing experience and also adds a measure of unpredictability to each episode because, while Kenda always solves the crime by the end, the route to faith is hardly ever straightforward.

One thing that stands out is Kenda's distinctiveness as a character. His deadpan delivery, combined with his wry and sometimes dark sense of humor, lends a unique flavor to the show. Even amid detailed discussions of grim murder scenes, his personality shines through – lending human depth and a dose of gallows humor to a tough topic.

Homicide Hunter isn't just about showcasing the dark side of humanity. It is a show that paints a vivid portrait of a dedicated police officer's experiences in dealing with such darkness. It combines sleuth storytelling, dramatic reenactments, and closer to reality to provide a unique glimpse into the world of crime investigation through Kenda's eyes and perspective, which make it a captivating watch for crime drama enthusiasts and true crime fans.

In conclusion, Homicide Hunter is a true crime show that breathes life into the genre with its character-driven storytelling, gritty plotlines, and unadulterated access into the mind of a homicide detective. As a gateway into the somber realities of criminal investigations, the show is as arresting as it is impactful, walking viewers through the homicides that marked Kenda's exceptional career, one case at a time.

Homicide Hunter is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 146 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

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