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The Eternal Haunting
A surge of violent paranormal activity leaves staff and guests scared out of their minds at Kentucky's infamously haunted Octagon Hall.

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A father and daughter fear something evil is possessing them at a remote cabin in Tennessee.

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Burning Hatred
A terrified daughter fights for her parents' lives as the paranormal engulfs her childhood home in Indiana

Watch The Dead Files Season 19 Episode 11 Now

A couple calls out to Cindy and Steve for answers when dark forces in their suburban home threaten their marriage -- and their lives -- in Arizona.

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Nowhere to Hide
Everything seemed picture perfect for Job and his family until his cousin's murder blew open the paranormal floodgates in their Colorado home. Desperate for answers and terrified for his children's safety, Job reaches out to Steve and Cindy for help.

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Chaos in the Canyon
Lisa and her husband poured their blood, sweat and tears into their California home. But renovations seem to have angered a malevolent force, putting their lives in serious danger.

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The Butcher
Romance novelist Donalyn has dealt with the paranormal most of her life, but nothing ever felt threatening until her daughter moved back home.

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Shadows of Death
Cynthia and Pedro

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Killer Smile
Traci thought she found her family

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Head Games
Following a family tragedy, Paige's mother, Jennifer, moved into her Florida home for support. But instead of healing, unexplained activity has led to more grief.

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Cabin Fever
Lisa was living the dream when she became the proud owner of a metaphysical shop in Alabama. But it quickly turned into a nightmare when dark forces began terrorizing employees and customers.

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Sudden Fury
Annie thought she found her family's forever home in Florida until mysterious noises, imposing shadow figures and unexplained bite marks ruined their lives. Now this frightened mom seeks Steve and Amy's help to reveal who -- or what -- is tormenting them.

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Evil in the Everglades
When Lisa

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The Dead Files, a show produced by the Travel Channel, first aired in 2011 and brought a refreshing perspective to the genre of paranormal reality television. The unique premise of this show, its charismatic main presenters, and the level of seriousness offered to the mysterious scenarios the program explores make it an appealing proposition for anyone who delights in exploring the world beyond the confines of the tangible reality we experience every day.

At the heart of the show's concept are Amy Allan, a physical medium, and Steve DiSchiavi, a retired detective from the New York City Police Department. Allan and DiSchiavi each bring their unique experience and skills to the table, providing viewers with two completely different points of view when approaching paranormal cases. Allan explores the spiritual dimensions while DiSchiavi digs into the logical, evidence-based investigative aspect. This combination makes The Dead Files a distinctive presence in the landscape of paranormal TV shows.

Each episode presents a fresh case involving residents who believe they are experiencing unexplained, potentially supernatural, phenomena at their homes or on their properties. The locations selected for the show span across the United States and vary from small, conventional homes to historic landmarks boasting long and rich histories. One key aspect that distinguishes The Dead Files from other paranormal shows is its in-depth focus on these stories' historical context.

Much of the show's draw comes from its structure: Allan and DiSchiavi embark on separate investigations that only intersect during their final reveal to the clients. Having no prior knowledge about the experiences of the other and the property itself, they approach each case from their perspective - paranormal and criminal. This methodology creates undeniable suspense that hooks the viewer till the end of each episode.

On one side, we have Allan, an experienced physical medium who engages with the spiritual plane, claims to see dead people, and communicates with them. She not only identifies the entities present in a location but also describes their appearances, emotions, and reasons behind their lingering existence in the physical world. In her investigation, she conducts a 'walk' through the property, exploring different rooms, sensing energies, and connecting with any spirits inhabiting the area.

Contrastingly, DiSchiavi delves into the property's historical background and the events that may lead to the alleged paranormal activities. His pragmatic approach offers an interesting counterpoint to Allan's spiritual insights as he interviews local historians, residents, and law enforcement officers, unearthing fascinating stories and events from the area’s past. His role is to establish a factual foundation that could explain or debunk the paranormal experiences reported by the clients.

Once Allan and DiSchiavi conclude their independent investigations, they meet with the clients for a final reveal. Allan provides her sketches of the entities that she has seen or connected with during her walk, sharing her findings based on her perceived communications with the spirits. Simultaneously, DiSchiavi reveals any historical events or personal tragedies that have occurred at or around the site. Quite often, their inputs independently align, providing a convincing argument for any paranormal activity.

While not everyone might be a believer, The Dead Files seems to handle the subject matter with a level of transparency and rigor that engenders trust. It distances itself from shows that play on cheap thrills or audience fear, presenting alternative perspectives on uncanny experiences. It draws in the believers and skeptics, and even the doubtful, providing a serious, engaging platform for exploring the unknown.

In essence, The Dead Files offers a captivating balance between the supernatural and the factual, the intuitive and the logical. It brings the viewers on an enthralling, chilling, and often heart-tugging journey into the realms of the paranormal and the stories that people carry within their homes. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes eerie, this show provides a deep dive into houses' histories and the shades of spectral lives that may continue to dwell within.

The Dead Files is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 19 seasons with a total of 306 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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