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The Underground Railroad
Andrew explores the historic, invisible network known as the Underground Railroad. Along the way he eats meals typical of the slaves who escaped on the route, from roadkill stew and fire-roasted bullfrog to deer jerky and chitterlings.

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North Carolina's Moonshine Highway
Andrew uncovers the legends surrounding NASCAR's storied history that took stock car racing from the backwoods of North Carolina to a national phenomenon. Along the way he dines on pork brains, fried snapping turtle and classic Carolina barbecue.

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The Saint James Way in Spain
Andrew Zimmern makes a spiritual pilgrimage to the tomb of St. James in Spain. He sets off with Spanish food expert and friend Debbie Musgrove to experience the Camino and the foods tied to the tradition.

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WWII Battle of the Bulge
Andrew journeys through Belgium to retrace the steps of the soldiers who fought in one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. Along the way he feasts on Belgian staples like meatballs, French fries and even ostrich.

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Captain Cook and the Ancient Hawaiians
Andrew takes a journey on the Ala Kahakai Trail to learn the tale of Captain James Cook, the British naval officer who "discovered" the Hawaiian archipelago.

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William Wallace's Scotland
Andrew enjoys Scottish cuisine as he follows the trail of William Wallace.

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Pony Express Trail
In the season premiere, Zimmern rides the last 200 miles of the Pony Express Trail to its terminus at Sacramento, California, exploring the thrilling mail delivery service that had a short (just 18 months) but profound impact on America. He rides the very same path and enjoys foods that the young riders would have eaten, like son-of-a-gun-stew, fire-roasted duck hearts, boiled elk tongue and pine nut soup.

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Bizarre Foods is an intriguing television show that first aired on the Travel Channel in 2006. The show adopts a unique perspective on travel, going beyond the typical attractions and popular landmarks associated with traditional tourism, to explore the lesser-known aspects of world cultures. What sets Bizarre Foods apart from other travel shows lies in its unique focus: it seeks to uncover the odd, unusual, and downright peculiar culinary offerings found lurking in unexpected corners of the world.

The main driving force of Bizarre Foods is the charismatic personality of its host, Andrew Zimmern. Zimmern, a veteran chef and food writer with an adventurous palate, takes audiences on a whirlwind gastronomical journey across the globe, sampling mouthwatering dishes, local snacks, and some shocking, often stomach-churning delicacies. He sets out to demolish cultural barriers through the shared experience of food, particularly dishes that may seem unusual or even repugnant to the uninitiated. Through his adventures, Zimmern proves time and again that what may seem bizarre in one culture is absolutely normal, and even revered, in another.

In each episode, Zimmern travels to a different destination, beginning with iconic locations like Paris, Spain, Morocco, but soon ventures to less touristic locales as well. He immerses himself in the local culture and interacts with the local inhabitants, sharing their daily lives, participating in their rituals, and uncovering the stories behind the food. Unlike many travel shows which merely scratch the surface of a country's customs, Bizarre Foods digs deep into the culture through the lens of food. You can expect an adventure that's both insightful and dramatic, and often humorous and heartwarming as well.

The show Bizarre Foods also makes it a point to explore not just what people eat, but how it's made too. Zimmern effectively explores ancient staples, traditional techniques and home recipes as well as innovative high-concept restaurant dishes. From catching and cooking snakes in Taiwan or sharing a meal of raw camel kidneys in Ethiopia, to feasting on rotten shark meat in Iceland, or tasting muscular tissue of an American bullfrog, Zimmern boldly goes where many, understandably perhaps, fear to tread. He never turns down an offer to try something new, and over the years has bravely consumed everything from insects and innards to brains and blood.

Beyond the shock and entertainment factors, there’s a lot to admire about Bizarre Foods. Zimmern's enthusiasm and respect for different cultures and their traditions are commendable. He is genuinely passionate about food and about sharing people's stories. He takes the time to understand the cultural significance and deeply rooted traditions of the foods many are quick to label as 'bizarre'.

Moreover, Bizarre Foods has a broader message that goes beyond stimulating our taste buds. It's about adventure, anthropology, respect, and understanding. It’s a celebration of culinary diversity and an exploration into the relationship between food, culture, and identity. It encourages viewers to step out of their comfort zones, to be open-minded, and to embrace unfamiliarity.

Even though Bizarre Foods centers around the most outlandish and eccentric foods from around the world, the show is not just for fearless foodies or seasoned travelers. For the curious viewers, it’s an eye-opening and educational experience that can spark both fascination and new perspectives.

Teeming with equal parts exotic adventure and mouthwatering intrigue, Bizarre Foods is the perfect antidote to the monotonous, humdrum reality shows on television today. It offers undeniably novel and captivating content that not only satisfies foodie wanderlust but also expands our understanding of culinary traditions across the globe.

To put it simply, if you’re into culinary exploration, travel, and adventure, Bizarre Foods is your ticket to a fascinating world tour of unusual but often delectable cuisine. No matter where Zimmern's travels take him, each episode of Bizarre Foods is a larger celebration of the culture and tradition of the place he has chosen to explore, while also managing to be a casual, fun, and entertaining show that keeps audiences eagerly coming back for more.

Bizarre Foods is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 20 seasons with a total of 239 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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