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Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary
Back in Tennessee the gang investigate a famously brutal prison every southerner feared, Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. As a big electrical storm bears down on them, the crew is taunted and attacked, while fighting ghosts.

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Old Crow Distillery
The TWC is called in to investigate famous, forgotten, and haunted Old Crow Distillery. Reports of paranormal activity on the grounds have called for drastic measures and they find themselves hunting the ghosts of a past distiller and worker.

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Coco Palms Resort
TWC goes to Kauai to investigate the abandoned Coco Palms Resort, built atop sacred land that spirits have roamed for centuries. Challenged with a new culture and traditions, the team must find a way to connect with the mysterious ancient spirits.

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Preston Castle
The TWC travel to Preston Castle in California, one of the most ancient reform schools for wayward male children in the U.S.

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Pauly Jail
A jail assembled in the 1800s, with a past of racial prejudice and unauthorized executions, is examined by the TWC crew, who report incidents with the victim of a harsh lynching and a prisoner who was burned alive.

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Castillo De San Marcos
The TWC go to Florida to one of the most haunted forts in the U.S.: Castillo de San Marcos, where they try to connect with the disembodied skull of a Seminole Indian Chief and a pair of ill-fated lovers stuck in a dangerous love triangle.

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Missouri State Penitentiary
TWC go to one of the oldest and most haunted jails in the Midwest when they explore the Missouri State Penitentiary. Included: They try to banish the spirits of two sinister child murderers that are believed to still spook the institution's cell blocks.

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Peoria State Hospital
The TWC are granted access to the terrifying Peoria State Hospital in Bartonville, Ill., where more than 10,000 people passed on.

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Old South Pittsburgh Hospital
The TWC go back to the location of their first paranormal investigation, Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee, where they long to uncover the true identity of a menacing shadow being that's said to wander the halls.

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U.S.S. Edson
The TWC board the U.S.S. Edson, a haunted battleship that served in the Vietnam War. Their goal is to set free the spirits trapped aboard - including a disturbed poltergeist. But the elusive entities seem to have other plans.

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Ghost Asylum is a thrilling and captivating paranormal investigation reality series aired on Destination America in 2014. The show takes its audience on a suspense-filled journey into some of the most feared, respected, and reputedly haunted institutions in the United States. The unique aspect of Ghost Asylum is its blend of scientific curiosity and fearlessness. Each episode unravels unsettling accounts of afterlife activity, combining the thrill of a ghost hunt with the compelling narratives associated with America's most haunted locations.

The stars of the show are the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC), a spirited group of paranormal investigators. Each team member acts as mediums for scientific inquiry and ghost hunters, probing the mysteries of the paranormal world. Team members Chris Smith, Steven McDougal, Scott Porter, Brannon Smith, and Chasey Ray McKnight come from different professional backgrounds, mastering a variety of skills, which they skillfully use during the investigations. They bring a wealth of experience and an unshakeable resolve to uncover the truth behind the spooky tales associated with 'asylums'. Their camaraderie, fearlessness, and dedication to unearthing the truth keep the viewers engrossed from start to finish.

In each episode, the team embarks on a mission to visit a different 'asylum', a term the TWC use to denote places traumatized by tragic events that are believed to host restless spirits. The venues range from deserted hospitals, prisons, and asylums to olden plantations, all carrying tales of suffering, torment, and haunting paranormal activities.

The TWC's approach to hunting and investigating is a fascinating blend of scientific methods and traditional ghost hunting techniques. They utilize a variety of tools and equipment, including modified home appliances and self-devised ghost tracking mechanisms to capture and analyze ghostly activities. The team's goal is unique - they aim not only to document the ghostly presence but also to confine the troubling spirits or anomalies within "traps". This trapping concept brings an extra dimension to the usual ghost hunting shows, providing a fresh and appealing perspective to paranormal enthusiasts.

However, what truly sets Ghost Asylum apart is the sense of history weaved into each of its episodes. Besides the thrill of ghost hunting, the show shines a light on the fascinating and, often, harrowing backstories of these locations. Each episode is a historical journey, offering viewers a glimpse of the past life of each location, complete with the anguish, tragedies, and tortures suffered by their inhabitants, which purportedly resulted in the paranormal presence. This connection between historical narrative and present-day hauntings adds depth and intrigue to the series, making it much more than a standard ghost hunting show.

The TWC's brave, yes respectful, approach to these supposedly haunted locations helps maintain a balanced perspective on the potentially troubled spirits they search for, ensuring the show avoids turning into a distasteful attempt to exploit their suffering. They often open their investigations with a prayer or gesture to signal their good intentions to any lurking spirits, a move that, while met with skepticism by some, undoubtedly adds a unique and respectful undertone to the series.

The series captures beautifully the anticipation, fear, and excitement of the paranormal investigations, interspersed with historical accounts of hauntings and personal testimonials that keep the viewers on the edges of their seats. The dynamic visuals, the chilling sound effects, and the palpable tension on the screen ensure an immersive and intensely exhilarating viewing experience.

All in all, Ghost Asylum is a riveting, high-stakes paranormal investigation series that keeps the viewers thrilled and intrigued through its gripping exploration of history, the unknown, and the beyond. While steeped in fear, suspense, and horror, the show also exudes a strong sense of curiosity, discovery, and respect for the spirits they seek. Whether you're a believer in the supernatural or a skeptic, Ghost Asylum provides an engaging, spine-tingling thrill ride into the world of the paranormal.

Ghost Asylum is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.0.

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