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Rainforest Cabins
A couple look for a home in Juneau where their young child can have more space.

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Fishy Business
Harry and Genny are looking to move away from Harry's fish cannery business, and the smell!

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Escape from Juneau
John and Elise are newlyweds living in downtown Juneau, the busiest cruise ship port in Alaska. They're looking to escape the crowds and land a property where they can relax.

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Treehouse Tour
Unless you're flying over Alaska's isolated village of Seldovia, you may not even know it exists. Pilot Jaime and his girlfriend Dusty take to the sky to find their own piece of this remote town on a tight budget of $125,000.

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Dog Mushing Millionaires
Mike and Lorraine are Alaskan entrepreneurs who have turned his construction skills and her dog mushing glacier tours into gold – they're millionaires! And they're looking for a million-dollar property in the Alaskan city.

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Glacier City
A couple tries to find the perfect rustic home.

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An ATV mechanic and his girlfriend want to find a home close to Alaska's backwoods trails.

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Big Wheels and Big Deals
Ron and Lacey have a big truck and a small budget for their new home. They're willing to sacrifice space for the truck to be right on a lake near Big Lake, Alaska, but can they find enough room for their whole family?

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Million Air
Wes and Angela own an air taxi company in Alaska. He flies the plane and she runs the office. They want to land a million dollar dream home and can fly anywhere in the state to find it. But if they can't agree on the location, their search may be grounded

Watch Buying Alaska Season 4 Episode 4 Now

Frontier City
Roland and Tiffany live in Alaska's biggest city, Anchorage. But the non-stop, fast-paced lifestyle is getting to be too much for their big family.

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Where Are They Now?: Pete and Martha
Summary not available

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Where Are They Now?: Shane and Erica
Summary not available

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Buying Alaska, a captivating television series aired by Destination America in 2012, thrusts the audience into the unique and gorgeous wilderness of Alaska, witnessing a variety of potential homeowners who are daring and adventurous enough to turn off the beaten path to seek out their dream home in The Last Frontier. The show does an excellent job of shedding light on the unconventional lifestyle, beauty, and challenges that come with living off-grid in Alaska.

Each episode introduces viewers to individuals, couples, or families in search of a perfect Alaskan property that perfectly represents their adventurous spirit. They're considering the shift from the tight-knit urban community to solace and self-sufficiency in isolation, where stunning vistas of frigid mountains and rivers will be their backdrop.

Homes featured on the show are anything but typical. They range from comfy cabins and charming cottages to massive modern lodges, all highlighting an interesting blend of architectural designs that stand up against the challenging Alaskan weather. Some properties have access to bountiful wildlife, while others are lakeside lodges, seaside homesteads offering refreshing fishing opportunities, or wilderness retreats presenting recreational activities like hunting, hiking, and kayaking.

In their pursuit of their dream homes, potential homeowners are guided by expert realtors, knowledgeable about Alaska's unique real estate market. These brokers assist the home seekers in making informed decisions, fostering dialogue about the practicalities and peculiarities of living in the Alaskan wilderness. Their expertise helps home buyers consider important facets such as dealing with Alaska's extreme cold, the prospect of living in regions only accessible by plane or boat, the challenges of water and electricity supplies, potential wildlife encounters, and the concept of living without modern facilities.

Buying Alaska also provides a unique look at the relationship between Alaskans and their incredible environment. The show highpoints potential homeowners' motivations and expectations from their Alaskan dream home and how they plan to integrate their lives with the wilderness. This gives viewers the chance to not only admire the stunning architectural marvels and the breathtaking beauty of far-off landscapes, but also to understand the perspectives, aspirations, and spirit of the people choosing to live in such extreme conditions.

What sets Buying Alaska apart from other home-hunting shows is its fresh take on the conventional formula by focusing on an offbeat location and less common paradigms. It busts the misconception that looking for a home in Alaska means giving up the comforts of civilization. By illustrating homes with state-of-the-art technology, modern equipment, and even luxurious amenities like indoor saunas and plush interiors, the show successfully portrays an extravagant rustic lifestyle, juxtaposing isolation with modern comforts.

To further enrich the viewers' knowledge about Alaska, the show presents fascinating snippets about the history, geography, and local trivia of the region. Investing in this educational narrative turns home searching into a cultural exploration, offering audiences insights into life in Alaska that they might never have considered. By pairing the often arduous home-buying process with the sweeping backdrop of Alaska's wilderness, the show educates viewers on what it truly means to live in Alaska - a lifestyle far removed from urban American life.

In each episode, the homes shortlisted by the potential homeowners aren't just glasses-half-full scenarios either. The show isn't afraid to showcase homes in need of repair or lacking creature comforts, illustrating that Alaska's calling isn't for everyone and these wilderness homes carry their own unique sets of challenges.

Colossal snow-capped mountains, shimmering rivers, dense forests, and an abundant amount of intriguing wildlife create an engaging background for the potential home buyers' journeys. The breathtaking cinematography and strong narrative make it a visual treat for the viewers, adding another dimension to the treks through the Alaskan frontier.

Overall, Buying Alaska provides a beautiful blend of real-estate drama and the adventurous lifestyle of Alaska's hinterlands. It is a wonderful journey that explores vast untouched landscapes, intriguing homes, and the undying spirit of individuals who are ready to embrace Alaska's wilderness. This unique premise, packed with breathtaking visuals, adventures, and emotional storylines, makes the show a captivating watch.

Buying Alaska is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 63 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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