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Once Upon a Time…
Boyd fears he may have finally run out of answers, as the residents of town prepare for the end; Tabitha clings to the belief that the children could be the key to their salvation.

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Ball of Magic Fire
Panic spreads through town as the residents face a chilling new threat to their survival; Jim realizes the magnitude of the mistake he made by enlisting Randall in his cause.

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Forest For the Trees
In their pursuit of the truth about the town, Jim and Randall hatch a dangerous plan; meanwhile, a new form of terror is brewing.

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Belly of the Beast
Boyd and Kristi seek to capitalize on the apparent death of the Nightmare Creature; Jim finds an unlikely ally in the volatile Randall.

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Pas De Deux
Tensions run high at Colony House when word of the coming food shortage leaks out; a night at the clinic takes a terrifying turn.

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The Sicilian Error of Color
While accompanying Red on a series of unusual tasks, Siya learns more about Meera's past; Congressman Hudson attempts to persuade a powerful friend to join his crusade against the task force.

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This Way Gone
As Boyd's condition grows more alarming, Sara's return to town puts him in a difficult position; Jim shares a troubling new theory about the town.

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Kenny and Ellis make a grisly discovery out in the forest; Boyd struggles with the reality of what's happening to him.

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The Kindness of Strangers
A tense night in the diner as the residents and newcomers wait for sunrise; fear permeates the wreckage beneath the Matthews house, as Jim and Tom struggle to keep a panicked bus passenger quiet.

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Strangers in a Strange Land
In Sheriff Boyd's absence, Donna and Kenny struggle to manage the chaos as a busload of unwitting newcomers arrives in town; Victor and Tabitha go on a chilling journey through the nightmarish labyrinth of tunnels beneath the town.

Watch From Season 2 Episode 1 Now

Sara must face the music, as word of her return spreads through town. Victor and Jade strike an unlikely bargain.

Watch From Season 2 Episode 205 Now

From is an intriguing science fiction-horror series that premiered on EPIX in 2022. The show explores the elusive edge between reality and nightmare, introducing viewers to a mystical realm that babbles terrifying tales of survival and thrilling adventures. EPIX’s From blends aesthetic visual storytelling with a captivating storyline that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish.

The series is set in an enigmatic town in North America that is as puzzling as it is frightening. The people in the town are trapped and isolated from the rest of the world, with no option of leaving. The lives of the residents are compounded by the emergence of nocturnal creatures that indiscriminately menace the people. These beasts are known to rule the dark, and even as night falls, the fear within the townsfolk rises for their survival.

The town's menacing creatures and inexplicable circumstances are only part of the town's labyrinthine puzzle. From accentuates the suspense with an implacable denial of any attempt to leave the town, giving the plot an adventurous twist. The show seamlessly blends aspects of survival with elements of horror, all cloaked in an envelope of intriguing mystery. From presents a town that has a will of its own, a place where no one arrives by accident, and the unfolding story paints a picture of a cunning labyrinth that changes its layout and rules when least expected, dashing any hopes of escape and heightening the sense of dread and horror.

Central to the narrative are a group of characters who bring richness and depth to the plot through their nuanced performances. They manage to establish a connection with the audience in their struggle to fathom the seemingly impenetrable mystery that the town presents, while also battling the chilling creatures that exist within their confines. Their interpersonal dynamics, emotional struggles, and grueling attempts to break free from this unidentified situation add multiple layers to the show, lending it a compelling edge. The show pushes the boundaries of the genre by focusing not just on the horror tropes but also the psychological portrait of the characters stuck within these horrifying circumstances.

One of the distinguishing features of From is its uncanny ability to evoke a strong sense of claustrophobia and paranoia. As the walls of the town close in, the exhilaration and fear of the unknown leaves viewers at the edge of their seats. The town's odd rules, the haunting creatures, the changing layouts, and the menacing nights, all swirled into a mind-boggling puzzle, make From a unique addition to the science-fiction horror genre.

The series capitalizes on its serene yet ominous backdrop, using atmospheric elements to strike the balance between beauty and dread. The brilliant cinematography contributes significantly to the overall viewing experience, enhancing the creepiness and suspense. The creative team also does a phenomenal job in terms of production design and aesthetic gratification. Each set-piece echoes the town's otherworldly nature, and the visual components amp up the horror quotient.

In addition to the gripping narrative and stunning visual detailing, From’s writing deserves a special mention. The show's dialogue and sequence construction eloquently elucidate the behavioral changes among the characters due to their dire circumstances. Moments of tension, struggle, and confusion are portrayed excellently, making the plot thoroughly engaging.

The show's cast delivers absolutely commendable performances, further enhancing the impact of the series. The ability of the actors to showcase an array of emotions, portraying fear, desperation, hopelessness, and occasionally, even slight glimmers of hope, in the face of insurmountable odds, is remarkable.

From goes beyond being a mere horror or science-fiction series, tapping into themes of survival, unity in adversity, and the human instinct to find hope even in the most hopeless situations. It also underscores the fragility and strength of the human spirit when faced with surreal and life-threatening situations.

Overall, From is a journey into the unknown, a thrilling roller coaster ride that plunges deep into horror, mystery, survival, and the unexpected. The unique storytelling approach, the intriguing characters, and the tension-filled atmosphere make it a must-watch series for the lovers of the horror/sci-fi genre. It is a testament to innovative, thought-provoking television, ensuring a nail-biting viewing experience that successfully keeps you on your toes, wanting to unravel the enigma that the story presents. EPIX's From is all set to redefine the realms of mystery and horror with its riveting narrative and eerie setting.

From is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

Harold Perrineau, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Eion Bailey
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