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Episode 8
As Yi-kyung faces death, the young girl tries to save her. In the ruins of the lab, the soldiers discover other survivors who aren't what they seem.

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Episode 7
Eun-yu shares a terse reunion with Hyun-su. While the platoon embarks on their search for a missing soldier, the stadium experiences a monster threat.

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Episode 6
Eun-yu chases Yi-kyung and the girl, with Park Chan-yeong right behind her. The death of survivors and a missing soldier throws the stadium into unrest.

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Episode 5
Sergeant Kim and Master Sergeant Tak clash on how to protect their men. The mysterious girl approaches Eun-yu with an enticing offer.

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Episode 4
The survivors take shelter underground, where supplies run low. In her continued search for Eun-hyeok, Eun-yu encounters a young girl.

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Episode 3
On a mission to find her husband, Yi-kyung makes a shocking discovery. The battered Ji-su and Eun-yu arrive at a new shelter, but catastrophe awaits them.

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Episode 2
Eun-yu finds a hint of Eun-hyeok's fate at a stop in her journey. During an experiment, Hyun-su finds that he has a special effect on another monster.

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Episode 1
Hyun-su wakes up to find Sang-wook, who has a new goal for them. Lee Eun-yu and Ji-su escape a violent evacuation and commandeer their next destination.

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Sweet Home is a riveting Netflix original series released in 2020. This South Korean survival horror series is based on the popular digital comic series of the same name by illustrator Kim Carnby and writer Hwang Young-chan. Directed by powerhouse film director Lee Eung-bok, known for his work on smash hits like "Mr. Sunshine", "Goblin", and "Descendants of the Sun", Sweet Home showcases a fantastic fusion of horror, drama, and psychological thriller elements making for an engaging and heart-stopping viewing experience. The premise of Sweet Home is set in the dystopian landscape of a modern South Korean city beset by a horrifying apocalyptic catastrophe, the nature of which is initially kept under wraps. Famed for its special effects, Sweet Home transmutes its urban setting into a nightmarish environment. Where once daily life thrived, disorder and terror now reign. The series introduces the audience to an array of characters, but places the spotlight primarily on Cha Hyun-soo, a reclusive high school student struggling with the recent death of his family. Hyun-soo moves into a grimy, rundown apartment complex, the Green Home, intending to isolate himself from the world. But when disaster strikes, the tenants of Green Home are thrust into a predatory new reality that will test the boundaries of their humanity. The series intricately intertwines the lives and narratives of this diverse group, making each character's survival essential to the grand plot and creating a chilling narrative fabric drenched in uncertainty, fear, and resilience. What makes Sweet Home stand out, besides its inventive storytelling and high intensity horror sequences, is the genuinely impressive blend of themes. There’s the core message of survival, a constant in most apocalyptic narratives, but Sweet Home probes deeper, examining the inner monsters of the individual, the definition of humanity, and the lengths to which people will go to protect themselves and those around them. Each character is confronted with their personal demons – both figuratively and literally – leading to character development that is as compelling as the series’ action-packed plot. Cha Hyun-soo, played by Song Kang, delivers a strong performance as the withdrawn and tormented protagonist, his emotions and struggles palpable, adding a heaviness and reality to the horror unfolding around him. The rest of the cast is equally stellar, made up of a variety of characters whose backgrounds, behaviors, and individual stories are gradually revealed. Each character provides a different perspective on their terrifying situation, reflecting a cross-section of society and bringing depth and nuance to the series. The visual effects in Sweet Home are noteworthy, creating believable and downright terrifying monsters and bleak landscapes, which contribute significantly to the apocalyptic atmosphere. The makeup and prosthetics offer an impressive realness to the monstrous transformations. Combining practical effects with CGI, the series maintains an exceptional level of gore and horror throughout its storyline, making it a pure treat for fans of the genre. Then there’s the pacing and suspense. Sweet Home is a series that doesn't let go once it's grabbed hold. Like a well-constructed rollercoaster, the series takes its viewers through sudden plunges into chaos, chilling climbs into tension, and pauses just long enough to allow the emotional impact to hit. It bends genres, going beyond a standard monster horror series by providing an intense psychological ride filled with shocking twists and heartbreaking revelations. The soundtrack complements this charged scenario perfectly, heightening the overall intensity of the viewing experience. It strays between eerie atmospheric scoring and more lively, tension-building tracks, enhancing the immersive nature of the series. In conclusion, Sweet Home is not your typical horror series. Rather, it is an intricate, terrifying tale of survival, temporarily blurring the line between monsters and humans. The ingenuity of the story contour, its excellent character development, the sheer horror elements, and the deeper queries into humanity make this series a must-watch, whether you are a horror fan or simply love a well-woven, intense narrative. The series reinforces that sometimes, the true horrors lie within us and that fighting them requires us to discover our inner strengths and prove what lengths we would go for survival. The ten-episode run time serves as a thrilling and chilling viewing experience that keeps you on the edge, rendering it impossible to forget.

Sweet Home is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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