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The Maker
In an abandoned hotel, Mack meets a happy drunk named Freddy who can create anything he wants out of thin air, but everything he creates ends up having some critical flaw.

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Hostile Takeover
Greedy corporate executive, Lawrence Bauer has taken over from ethical, older CEO Tom Hart. He's successful because he's been consulting voodoo priestess Matilde for the past year.

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The Moving Finger
A man is pushed to the brink of insanity as he battles a large finger that rises out of the drain of his sink.

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Talk Nice to Me
Martin Lander is a womanizer and newspaper columnist with a beautiful girlfriend, Linda. He's being stalked by a woman with a sultry voice who keeps calling him and leaving messages on his answering machine.

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Werewolf of Hollywood
A frustrated and ambitious scriptwriter plans to use the information that one of the top producers at the Hollywood studio he's working for might be a werewolf to finally advance his career.

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A Face for Radio
A sleazy, late-night, radio talk show host brings in a beautiful, mysterious guest who claims to have an alien that might be the answer to all of the hatred and violence in the world.

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Desirable Alien
To pass the U.S. citizenship test, a Greek lothario with a big secret must first agree to a physical, which he desperately wants to avoid. Instead of taking the test, he tries to seduce the female immigration officer in charge of his case to get a free pass.

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Two beat cops tell their boss about the strange occurrences in the city. They've recently witnessed normal people being turned into surgically reassembled freaks.

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The Waiting Room
Ben suggests that his newlywed son, John, and daughter-in-law, Kate, spend their wedding night in the same hotel room where he spent his honeymoon. When a mysterious woman kidnaps John in "the dark room," Benjamin refuses to save his son.

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The Space Eaters
Two old, gentlemanly friends are playing a game of chess when a sinister, telepathic alien invader shaped like a giant tentacled eyeball arrives to eat their brains.

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Household Gods
A modern, independent wife and mother is about to learn that no woman can defy the misogynistic household gods, who have the power to turn the life of any housewife who refuses to submit to them into a living nightmare.

Watch Monsters Season 3 Episode 14 Now

An unhappy wife asks her depressed, workaholic husband to play his clarinet for her like he did in their youth. When the music causes severe pain in his abdomen, he's taken to surgery.

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A New Woman
A greedy wife tries to get her dying, rich husband to give her control over his buildings for the poor so that she can sell them. Inspired by Dicken's Christmas Carol, the husband's strange doctor tries to scare her straight.

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A nice, young, southern faith healer uses the miraculous cleansing ability of the corpse of the most evil man in the world to run a small, popular, sin-extraction business. A female reporter and a cynical psycho-killer try to debunk him.

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The Waiting Game
After a nuclear war, only two factions remain: the soldiers who launched the nukes in their small locked shelter and the nuclear holocaust vampires led by their vampire messiah outside. Only a short digital door code keeps the monsters out.

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The Young and the Headless
Jealous, wheelchair-bound Edward kills his wife Victoria's long lost, alpha male ex, Hunk, who has suddenly returned for her. Being scientists, the two use microchips that mimic the human mind to rebuild Hunk.

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Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites
Two teenagers think the barber shop across the street may be a secret meeting place for vampires in town. The two friends break into the barber shop at night but are caught by two older men.

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Small Blessings
Black comedy about two normal, loving human parents who are constantly trying to keep their cute, demonic, cannibalistic mutant baby boy from devouring the neighbors. Meanwhile, a wannabe serial killer is stalking the area.

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The Hole
During the Vietnam War, two US marines and their allied South Vietnamese guide end up trapped in a maze of underground Vietcong tunnels haunted by the undead restless spirits of the soldiers killed in the war.

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A female representative of a space mining corporation visits the company's mining facility located on an uninhabited planet and run by a mutant slave to see why his output is behind schedule.

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A young man ends up in a South American jail for killing a kid with his car. He counts on his rich father's lawyer to get him out, but a weird old political prisoner tells him he's been placed in "the bad cell" that no one ever leaves.

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Bug House
A woman visits her estranged sister in their family's remote cabin and discovers that she is pregnant and living with a mysterious man. After the mysterious man seduces her as well, she discovers his real insectoid nature too late.

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Murray's Monster
A psychiatrist attempts to use a man who can turn into an unstoppable monster whenever his repressed anger is let loose to murder his wife through hypnosis.

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Stressed Environment
A female scientist who spent 12 years raising rats in a stressed environment in the hopes of evolving their intelligence faces the terrifying results of her experiment.

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Monsters is a distinctive American horror and black comedy anthology television series, produced by Lionsgate and originally broadcast between 1988 and 1990. Known for its unique blend of terror and satire, Monsters established its status as a cult classic among dedicated fans and is fondly remembered as an emblem of '80s pop culture.

The series borrows its format from the likes of The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt, with each episode serving as a standalone story designed to terrify, engage, and occasionally make viewers laugh. Throughout its three-season run, the show consistently delivered a weekly serving of suspenseful horror and undercurrent humor driven by different monstrous creatures and their often bizarre interactions with everyday people.

The eponymous "monsters" in each episode could range from the traditionally terrifying such as giant insects, vampires, and werewolves to the surreal and absurd like sentient household items or malevolent bakery products. This diversity kept the show fresh, unpredictable, and enticing, never letting its viewers settle into a comfortable recognition of the potential threats on-screen.

A consistent theme across the series was the involvement of the "monsters" in the mundane lives of ordinary people. Each episode would begin as a slice of everyday life, only for something macabre, strange, and unexplainable to slowly creep into the narrative. The horror would stem not only from the physical threat of these creatures but also from their intrusion into the normality of the characters' world, sometimes resulting in disturbing psychological elements.

While the horror was undoubtedly at the core of the series, Monsters was also known for its sly humor. This was often woven manifestly into the fabric of the narratives or exhibited through the reactions of the human characters when faced with their inhuman antagonists. This mixture of humor and horror reflects a broader theme of the series: the dichotomy between the ordinary and the extraordinary, between the mundane and the monstrous.

The anthology format, with each episode telling a new story, allowed Monsters to maintain a level of freshness and unpredictability. This also made the show appealing to a wider audience, as one didn't have to watch every episode to understand individual stories. Every episode's independent narrative offers a complete, satisfying story within its 30-minute-long timeframe.

The show benefited from some excellent talent behind the scenes and in front of the camera. The production team boasted some of the biggest names from the realm of horror and sci-fi from that era. Notable directors and writers for the show include Tom Savini, John Strysik, Michael Warren Powell, among others.

Just as interesting is the list of actors who made appearances on Monsters throughout its run. With both established and rising stars featuring in its standalone episodes, the series benefitted from the diverse range of acting talent bringing the macabre tales to life. Notable appearances included actors such as Steve Buscemi, Matt LeBlanc, Pam Grier, David Spade, and many more, often before they reached the peak of their fame.

The practical effects and makeup of Monsters also deserve recognition. Despite the limited budget and the technology of the time, the creative team managed to craft memorable, visually distinct creatures that conveyed genuine surprise and fear.

Monsters was never a big hit when it first aired, but it managed to carve out a niche among the horror fans and gradually gained a cult following that appreciated its bizarre blend of horror and humor. For fans of the era, or enthusiasts of the horror anthology genre, Monsters serves as a fascinating glimpse into late '80s television, and its unique blend of horror and humor continues to entertain new viewers to this day. Even if some of its effects might seem dated, the show's imaginative storytelling, stellar performances, and unusual approach to the horror genre gives it timeless appeal. This is what sets Monsters apart - it doesn't just aim to scare, it explores the deeper, disquieting links between the ordinary world and the world of horror, with a dash of levity.

Monsters is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 72 episodes, the show debuted on 1988. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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