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The Tenth Meal
Everyone arrives at the mall, and Connor sacrifices Jay to the Mist. Kevin confronts Adrian, and Gus and the others prepare to exile Alex and Eve from the mall.

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The Waking Dream
Vic decides to stay behind and finds Vic. Meanwhile, Adrian finds Eve and Alex at the mall, and Jonah finds someone from his pre-amnesia life.

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The Law of Nature
Kevin and the others with him stop at Adrian's house so that Adrian can say goodbye to his parents. Meanwhile, at the mall Shelley turns the others in her group against Alex, and Gus takes drastic measures.

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Over the River and Through the Woods
Romanov and Nathalie hold a trial by ordeal to determine which one the church group should follow. Meanwhile, Eve secretly listens in on the other mall group, Mia takes opiate blockers to break her addiction, and Adrian faces a new danger.

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The Devil You Know
At the hospital, Kevin meets someone intent on using him as a test subject to determine how the mist kills. Meanwhile, Mia goes home while Jay saves Alex from an unexpected danger.

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The Waiting Room
When Kevin and the others reach the hospital, they discover that the OR is cut off by the mist. Kevin's brother is dying, and Kevin must make a perilous trip and a dangerous operation to save him.

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Kevin, Mia, Bryan and Adrian make it away from the church, and meet a grief-stricken father looking for his son who has a truck that works. At the mall, Vic and Ted let the mist into the mall, and Alex faces what lies within it.

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Show and Tell
At the church, Connor locks up Mia, Jonah, and Kevin in the basement. Back at the mall, Jay confronts Alex to try and convince her he didn't rape her.

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The Mist has settled over town as Eve, Alex, and other mallgoers try to manage the rising panic. Meanwhile, Kevin, Adrian, Mia, and Jonah venture out into the mist to get to Kevin's family.

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In the small Maine town of Bridgeville, teenager Alex Copeland is apparently raped at a party. However, the crime--and the townspeople's belief that she's lying--is nothing compared to the mysterious mist that soon settles over the town...

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"The Mist" is a chilling television series that aired on Spike TV in 2017. Based on Stephen King's enigmatic novella of the same name, the show masterfully intertwines psychological horror with elements of drama and suspense, making for a gripping viewing experience. The series unravels a unique narrative that deviates somewhat from the original novella, yet retains the overarching theme of a small community plunged into turmoil and fear, shrouded by an unexplainable and treacherous mist. Set in the seemingly idyllic town of Bridgeville, Maine, whereas the series evolves through its maiden season, 'bridges' and 'villages' will be viewed with an entirely different perspective. The warm and neighborly camaraderie in Bridgeville abruptly see-saws into discord and panic as an eerie, unnatural mist creeps over the town, seeping into every crevice, blurring visibility and engulfing sanity. Inside this oppressive and terrifying fog are creatures too nightmarish to fathom. But what really sets "The Mist" apart from classic monster stories is its exploration of a different kind of beast - the ones that lurk secretly within us. Faced with an existential threat, the town's inhabitants grapple with their own demons, rising suspicions, and latent hostilities, as they make desperate attempts to survive the monstrous phenomenon and its ensuing chaos. The series, developed by Christian Torpe, combines the gnawing dread of King's literature with the dynamism of modern storytelling, resulting in a seamlessly executed physiological thriller. The nuances of human fragility and moral decay are masterfully woven into the narrative, raising questions about societal norms and human instinct when survival is at stake. The protagonist is Eve Copeland, played by Alyssa Sutherland, a local schoolteacher with a past that sets tongues wagging. Known for her scandalous reputation, she finds herself under the judgemental scanner of Bridgeville's residents. Her strained relationship with her husband, Kevin Copeland, portrayed by Morgan Spector, adds an extra layer of complexity to the narrative. Their teenage daughter, Alex, played by Gus Birney, adds more drama into the equation with her rebellious streak and adolescent challenges that affect the family dynamics deeply, especially in the face of the dreary mist. Running parallel to the Copelands' story, there are numerous other characters with their unique backstories and intertwined relationships, all of which are thrust under the harsh spotlight of the mist's terror, revealing dark secrets and causing horrific shifts in their nature and actions. The mist itself is a formidable character in the series. Almost sentient, it is not simply a weather phenomenon or a creature-infested fog but a symbol of existential dread that forces the characters to face their deepest fears and unsettling truths. It critiques the veneer of civility that crumbles when faced with raw fear and forces viewers to question what they think they know about humanity. "The Mist" makes good use of a brooding atmosphere and a controlled pacing that keeps audiences hooked with each passing episode, maintaining an undercurrent of lingering dread. With its consistent suspense, intriguing story arcs, and a hint of supernatural creepiness, it ensures viewers remain glued to their screens, anticipating the terrifying mysteries the town's miasma holds captive. Through its haunting narrative and exploratory themes, "The Mist" delves into the very essence of society and human nature. It's a smart, unsettling TV series that adeptly uses Stephen King’s tale as a platform to probe more profound questions. With its compelling tales of internal and external horrors, it's a psychological thriller that straddles the thin line between realism and quaint horror, offering an impressive delve into fear, survival, and humanity. In nutshell, "The Mist" stands out as a suspenseful, thought-provoking series that'll keep your pulse racing with its uncanny blend of horror and psychological drama. It employs a character-driven narrative and a dense atmosphere to preemptively explore the intricate themes of Stephen King's work, making it an excellent viewing choice for fans of the horror genre.

The Mist is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.4.

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Darren Pettie, Gus Birney, Alyssa Sutherland, Okezie Morro, Morgan Spector, Danica Curcic, Luke Cosgrove, Frances Conroy, Russell Posner
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