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Flip Flopped
A man arguing with his father over money fights with three deputies after an unsuccessful Taser deployment. A motorcycle runs from cops in Fontana.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 33 Now

I'm a Mermaid
Suspects in a white van throw a bike at police during a wild pursuit; a man runs from deputies on a mini-bike.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 32 Now

Fast & Pho-Urious
After crashing a car during a pursuit, the driver runs into a pho restaurant and is captured. A loitering suspect is spotted smoking a meth pipe.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 31 Now

Hung Up
A driver foot bails from a still-rolling van and hides nearby. A teen on a dirt bike refuses to stop for deputies.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 30 Now

Challenge Accepted
A man flees from cops and reaches a dead end. A 40mm impact round is used to gain compliance when he reaches for his pockets.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 29 Now

Bad News Barricade
A dispensary security guard is shot by an angry client who dropped his ID; a woman is injured when she crashes a stolen car into a tree.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 28 Now

Love Extinguished
51 kilos of cocaine are found on a semi-truck during a traffic stop. A man on a bike tosses meth and weed as he flees into the woods.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 27 Now

Worst Car Ever
Spike strips are used to end a pursuit, but not before a woman falls out. A passenger flees from a stop and changes clothes.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 26 Now

Dangerously in Love
A stolen truck drives against traffic during a pursuit. A DV suspect overdoses after fighting Deputies.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 25 Now

5 Finger Discount Moped
A man caught with a stolen moped attempts to run while handcuffed. Police find a man with his pants down behind a business.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 24 Now

Not Meant For the Streets
A disgruntled man is tased, leaving his unhoused wife to fend for herself. A sovereign citizen is arrested for a stolen firearm.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 23 Now

Papa Don't Stop
A car chase ends when a driver foot bails at a restaurant; a nervous female driver blows smoke at deputies and refuses to exit her truck; a domestic violence suspect talks in circles when questioned.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 22 Now

Traveling Taker
A stolen car and its occupants roll into a canal and are fished out by Deputies. A shoplifting trio is caught with stolen goods.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 21 Now

Bus Stop Bandits
Officers spot two suspects on a city bus and a prolonged standoff occurs. A wanted man's friends lie to Deputies about his whereabouts.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 20 Now

Cut Throat
A stabbing victim has his throat slashed while waiting for his wife. A man is shocked to learn that his rental box truck was reported stolen.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 19 Now

Hide and Cry
A motorcycle with no license plate crashes while fleeing from Deputies. A woman driving a car with no windshield blames her ex-boyfriend.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 18 Now

Fire Hot Deputy
Deputies race against time to save a young boy who is trapped inside a house fire. An intoxicated patron demands a beer on credit and argues with a store clerk.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 17 Now

She Methed Up
Meth and alcohol cloud accusations between husband and wife while officers determine who's telling the truth. A woman accused of drug possession states heroin is the only thing that can heal her pain.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 16 Now

No Luck Nephew
An unsuspecting uncle finds his nephew has been hiding all kinds of secrets during a traffic stop; police respond to a domestic dispute as past lovers find their old wounds have yet to heal...

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 15 Now

Burner Boy
Security guards face threats from a suspect who states he has a 'burner' gun. A passenger throws out a suspicious bag during a traffic stop that proves fateful.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 14 Now

Red Flag
Deputies halt a burglary in progress after a dramatic foot chase. A truck is pulled over for stolen plates and officers have questions about how the vehicle can be started with just a house key.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 13 Now

Lost Love Machine
A suspect fresh out of jail finds his way back behind bars after being found with narcotics. A motorcycle named 'Love Machine' does not love being stolen.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 12 Now

2 Flats Don't Make A Right
A suspect forgets to drive away after breaking into a used car lot; a dispute over money ends in felony vandalism; the truth can be fleeting when suspects are found with narcotics and tall tales.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 11 Now

Hauling a Heater
Lies can't hide the truth when a stolen U-Haul is seized during a felony traffic stop; a suspect with his pants down has no hiding places for his alleged meth pipe.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 10 Now

Puppy Luck
Mistrust proves toxic after a dispute over slot machines ends in recriminations and threats; a puppy is a magic charm after officers have a heart-to-heart with individuals who have hit a rough patch.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 9 Now

Missing Pistol Pursuit
Stop sticks are used to intercept a vehicle with more bullets than the local shooting range. Two suspects watch their life unravel after being found dope sick with meth, heroin, and shattered dreams.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 8 Now

Saw 30
Officers make tactical decisions to apprehend an individual with a large, saw-like knife. Chiquita the chihuahua helps its owner through hard times while officers highlight the dangers of substance abuse.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 7 Now

Panic Room
Deputies and dogs attempt to subdue a man in distress. A suspect proves to be too sleepy to engage in truck thievery.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 6 Now

License to Chill
A man accused of burglary claims he's simply been hallucinating from bad gas station food. A suspect tries to show off by parading his white pistol and causes pandemonium.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 5 Now

Diamond Thief
Suspects can't conceal the pungent odor of marijuana after being stopped for a minor traffic violation. The Gun Crimes Unit finds crack cocaine on a suspect pulled over for a broken windshield.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 4 Now

Senior Stroll
A vehicle is pulled over for a simple seatbelt violation and ends in a chase to the confusion of all involved. A suspect with a history of grand theft auto is found in yet another stolen car.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 3 Now

Stolen Cycle Slingshot
A suspect tries to outrun the law by bicycle but can't out pedal police horsepower. A deputy goes undercover to investigate stolen baseballs.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 2 Now

Gate Crusher Pursuit
A high-stakes car chase involves tire spikes, shredded rubber, and crashed gates in Las Vegas.

Watch Cops Season 35 Episode 1 Now

Cops is a legendary reality television show that first aired on Fox for a remarkable 25 seasons before it shifted to Spike TV (now Paramount Network) in 2013. The pioneering series, which kicked off in 1989 and ran until 2023, carved out its unique niche in broadcast history by catapulting viewers into the front seat of America's most exciting and unpredictable real-life police encounters.

The premise of Cops is simple, yet groundbreaking. Instead of scripted drama, the show places heavy emphasis on the raw, unfiltered reality of law enforcement officers' daily life. The series captures the intense, adrenaline-fueled moments of policing in various cities across the United States, and occasionally even ventures into international territories. The tagline, "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what are you gonna do when they come for you?" – lyrics from the show's famed reggae theme song, sums up the essence of the series perfectly.

Cops solidified the television verité genre by using a direct cinema format, a style wherein the camera acts as an unobtrusive observer, recording the events as they happen. The crew follows and films the officers on patrol, during chases, arrests, and interactions with the public. The 'fly-on-the-wall' presentation presents the scenes without any narration or context, leaving the audience to form their own perception and interpretations. This was an innovative approach to television storytelling in its time and set the stage for the wave of reality programming that followed.

Presenting a spectrum of incidents from high-speed pursuits, drug busts, domestic disturbances, to robberies and DUI stops, Cops encapsulates the unpredictability, danger, and even the occasional humor of police work. It's a show that often blurs political lines – some viewers see it as glorifying police, while others believe it presents a critical illustration of the American criminal justice system.

One of the unique attributes of Cops is its ability to transcend numerous scenarios and locations, thus retaining its freshness. The show has covered various parts of the USA, ranging from metropolitan cities to rural heartlands, encompassing the diversity of America's social terrain. However, regardless of geography, the recurring element in all episodes is human behavior and its erratic nature.

While the officers are at the epicenter of the show, the interactions with civilians, who are often at low points in their lives, hold equally important narratives. It is a program that doesn't shy away from displaying the harsh reality of despair, substance abuse, and poverty. It's a stark reminder of the social issues prevalent in society and the police's intricate role in dealing with these issues.

Each episode usually features three segments, each centered on the work of a different law enforcement officer. Each segment comes with its unique circumstances and challenges, providing the audience with an in-depth experience of law enforcement. Viewers get to witness a range of emotions, from the serious face of tackling crime to the soft-hearted act of empathy towards the victims and sometimes even towards the offenders.

Cops hold an important place in TV history due to its longevity and untamed approach to the realities of policing. For 34 years, the show has plunged viewers into the thick of police action, unfiltered and without edits. The constant unpredictability kept audiences hooked, while the reality aspect opened discussions on law enforcement and societal issues. It's a raw, unfiltered examination of American society from the lens of law enforcement that makes Cops a noteworthy watch.

Despite the controversy it has courted over its portrayal of law enforcement and the communities they patrol, Cops' enduring appeal lies in its unembellished, intimate look into the lives of those who uphold the law, the everyday heroes navigating the thin blue line. Whether you view it as a celebration of police work or a gritty dive into America's criminal justice system, there’s no ignoring the influence and legacy of this extraordinary TV show.

Cops is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 36 seasons with a total of 1223 episodes, the show debuted on 1989. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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