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Live Finale
The first-of-its-kind boxing series ends with a two-hour live Season Finale. From the "Fabulous" Forum in Los Angeles, the top two fighters go head-to-head, and battle for a $250,000 prize and the ultimate title of The Contender.

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Friends and Foes
The final four contenders face off in the semifinals; two season-long rivals battle, while another match involves two fighters who have built a brotherly bond; in the end, only two will move on to the finals.

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Poetry in Motion
One fighter faces a doctor's evaluation to decide whether he can continue in the tournament; another fighter nearly gets into a fight with a fellow boxer inside the house; two Contenders face off against each other.

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Heart of the Fight
No more Blue. No more Gold. It is now every fighter for himself as we enter the second round of The Contender Boxing Tournament.

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No Easy Road
After securing a victory in the last fight, the Gold Team will have the power to be matchmakers for the first time in the tournament.

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In the aftermath of the fight, Marcos Hernandez's injuries send him to the hospital and put his Contender future in jeopardy.

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Tension between the teams continues to rise as one fighter continues his antics, keeping the opposing team on edge. One fighter gets to spend time with his family and two hometown rivals step into the ring to face off.

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Protect Your Peace
One team continues to reign while the other remains discouraged. Observant behavior initiates a guessing game of who will be called out next, frustrating members of the losing team, who are waiting for their chance to prove themselves.

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Who Wants It, Moore
The winning team is riding high from their victory and is hungry for another.  One fighter plays mind games with the other team while another focuses on his faith to maintain peace while in the Contender house.

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Fighting to Live
Eric Walker steps up and is gunning for a major threat from the Gold side. Michael Moore is determined to stir up trouble as tension between the teams escalates.

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Why Weight?
Sixteen boxers move into a training facility to compete in The Contender tournament. Two fighters have a verbal altercation outside the ring.

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Who Want's It, Moore? (Pack of Savages)
The winning team is riding high from their victory and is hungry for another.

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Heart and Balls
Friends become foes in the last two quarter final bouts. With the semi-finals just around the corner, one fighter tries to refocus, while another is hungry for redemption.

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The first-of-its-kind boxing series ends with a two-hour live Season Finale. From the "Fabulous" Forum in Los Angeles, the top two fighters go head-to-head, and battle for a $250,000 prize and the ultimate title of The Contender.

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The Contender is a heart-pounding reality-based television series that graced screens in 2005, becoming a favorite among viewers. Conceived by Mark Burnett, the mastermind behind other hit reality shows such as "Survivor" and the "Apprentice", The Contender takes a uniquely intimate look into the harsh and compelling world of boxing. Co-produced and presented by Hollywood superstar, Sylvester Stallone and boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard, the show was broadcasted by Epix and immediately garnered a widespread audience for its thrilling depiction of the fight game. The concept of the show revolves around a group of aspiring boxers from various parts of the United States who are brought together and given a shot at proving their worth. What sets The Contender apart from other reality TV shows and boxing broadcasts is its emphasis not only on physical bouts but also on the personal and emotional struggles of its participants as well. It's not just a show about boxing, but a show about life, struggle, victory, defeat, and the strength of the human spirit. Sylvester Stallone, a household name in Hollywood best known for his portrayal of Rocky Balboa in the "Rocky" series, plays an instrumental role in guiding these fighters. As the executive producer of the series, Stallone brings to the table his invaluable insights and experiences drawn from his fictional boxing career. He serves as a mentor and friend to the athletes, helping them navigate the challenges that come their way. Sugar Ray Leonard, a globally acclaimed boxing champion, co-hosts the show with Stallone. Leonard's boxing prowess, coupled with his magnetic personality, enriches the show's narrative and adds an unmistakable touch of authenticity. Leonard's intimate knowledge of the proceedings bridges the gap between the fighters and the viewers, and his expertise in boxing strategy brings a depth of understanding that few other shows can match. Throughout the course of the show, we see the contenders living and training together, getting to know each other's strengths and weaknesses both inside and outside the ring. They are divided into two teams, each led by Stallone and Leonard respectively. These teams face each other in regular bouts, leading towards the season finale, where the last two standing boxers fight for the coveted title - the Contender. But The Contender is not just about raw boxing bouts. It aims to showcase the reality of the sport, revealing the sacrifices, risks, and high stakes of this profession. Beyond the glitz and glamor of the boxing arena, the series burrows deep into the personal lives of the contestants, shedding light on their dreams, aspirations, and the obstacles they face on their path. The show lets viewers appreciate not just the contender's series of fights but also the struggles they have to endure to even get in the ring. Thanks to its unique narrative approach, The Contender serves up an emotionally wrenching journey, where victories are joyous and defeats are devastating. The series does an excellent job of showing the toll this journey can take, how it can bring grown men to tears, and how it can push them to their absolute limits. It's an emotionally charged ride where viewers invest not just in the fights but on the fighters themselves. The show consistently receives praise for its top-notch production value. It plays out like a dramatic movie, with high-quality cinematography matching the emotional stakes of the story. The fight scenes are presented in an engaging style, showcasing every punch, every jab, and every bead of sweat in dramatic detail. The Contender stands out from the crowded space of reality television with its commitment to revealing the spirit of boxing in its rawest form. Its captivating blend of emotion, drama, and sport proved to be a winning combination, with many viewers passionately rooting for their favorite fighters. With its realistic portrayal of the boxing world and the magnetic personalities of its hosts, it's an unmissable treat for boxing enthusiasts and reality TV show fans alike. In ultimately, The Contender is not just an exploration of the boxing sport, but a deep dive into the human spirit – a testament to our inherent resilience, courage, and determination, much like the age-old sport of boxing itself.

The Contender is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 66 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

Tommy Gallagher, Jeremy Williams, Dub Huntley, Buddy McGirt, Pepe Correa, Carlos Vargas, Romnick Dongiapon, Freddie Roach, Naazim Richardson
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