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Reunion Part 2
The chaos continues on part 2 of the Challenge: Battle for a New Champion Reunion. There was no shortage of betrayals, backstabbing, and blindsiding this season...

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 21 Now

Reunion Part 1
The battle is over and now it's time for phase four - closure.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 20 Now

Only One Gets the Crown
The final six Contenders compete for a place amongst the most esteemed competitors.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 19 Now

The Beginning of the End
The final seven contenders enter the Final, where they must face the three levels of the game again.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 18 Now

Feel the Bern
The remaining contenders fight to secure their chance to become the next Challenge Champion.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 17 Now

Family Knows Best
A chaotic selection divides the house, forcing one contender to choose between their closest allies.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 16 Now

Welcome to Conquest
The game intensifies as the contenders enter a new phase, leading to shocking new twists.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 15 Now

Don't Let TJ Decide
The end of Chaos is near and with alliances on the brink of collapse, a grueling minifinal awaits.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 14 Now

El Saboteur
Chaos continues as a new alliance threatens to shift the power dynamics in the house.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 13 Now

A Legend Returns
The contenders fight for their lives high above the water! One Contender finds themselves on the outs with their alliance, while another attempts to change the power dynamic in the game.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 12 Now

My Own Worst Frenemy
One contender is shocked when their so-called alliance nominates them for elimination.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 11 Now

Feeling Used
The Contenders soar to new heights in a sky high challenge, with an outcome that makes one Contender question their alliance. A decorated Champion brings the heat in the elimination.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 10 Now

A Banana Split
Cracks in the alliances begin to show themselves as one Contender works to flip the house vote. Multiple romantic scandals come to a head as one of the Contenders is confronted about being unfaithful.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 9 Now

Struggling to Hold it Together
A rigorous and exhausting challenge sees one contender give their blood, sweat and tears for the win; an intense night out finds a contender in the firing line after another reaches their boiling point.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 8 Now

So Flip Floppy
In a move of desperation, one contender tries to prove his loyalty to his alliance by betraying his other friends; love is in the air as one of the couples take their relationship to a new level.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 7 Now

The Big Mistake
Head on down to your local bingo hall because we're playing BINGO - Challenge Style. Contenders get down and dirty, and tensions mount as they wrestle for power.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 6 Now

Countdown To Chaos
When Chaos enters the room, the game is flipped upside down as Contenders learn they will have to face Challenge Champions in the Arena.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 5 Now

I'm Coming Out
A water challenge tests the Contenders' swimming abilities. One Contender celebrates her truth and coming out to her fellow contenders while another struggles with temptation in the house.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 4 Now

It's A Matter of Semantics
After betraying their alliance, one contender does damage control; love is in the air as two contenders get to know each other; an argument disrupts the house, putting two contenders in the spotlight for the house vote.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 3 Now

Two Lungs, One Heart, Can't Lose
The contenders go out on a limb, and some are left hanging as they continue to work together; with a house divided by nations, lines are beginning to be drawn; one contender hopes their allegiances will keep them safe.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 2 Now

Teamwork Makes the Perfect Work
After a wet and wild night in the Arena, The Contenders learn that they will have to play together as a team for the first time in Challenge History. Relationships form as they move into the house and begin learning that they have total control… for now.

Watch The Challenge Season 41 Episode 1 Now

The Challenge is an American reality competition show that first aired on MTV in 1998. The series, originally named Real World/Road Rules Challenge, is MTV's most enduring and prolific reality show, which curates a thrilling, intense, adrenaline-hyped atmosphere that has captivated audiences for many seasons. It is a spin-off from two of MTV's reality shows, Road Rules and The Real World.

The enduring format of The Challenge takes the competition reality genre to new heights with its high-stakes, often physically demanding challenges combined with the strategic gameplay typically seen on shows like Survivor. It takes previous contestants from The Real World and Road Rules, along with fresh prospects, dropping them into exotic locations to face grueling tasks, intense rivalries, and vivacious drama.

The premise of The Challenge rotates around a series of competitive tasks or 'challenges', where contestants fight against each other for supremacy. The competitions involve physical vigor, strategic gameplay and oftentimes trivia, testing the competitors' endurance, strength, mental resilience, and interpersonal alliances. These challenges could range from swimming in icy waters, to scaling heights, to solving puzzles under pressure, or just plain wrestling in mud. Each episode cleverly weaves together these elements of physical feats and tests of cunning to deliver a compelling spectacle of athleticism, strategy, and drama.

From the outset, the contestants are divided into teams or work individually depending on the season format. Highlighting aspects from other popular reality-TV shows, The Challenge incorporates voting systems, backstabbing alliances, sneaky strategies, and, of course, eliminations known as 'elimination rounds'. This fusion of Survivor's socio-political maneuvering and The Amazing Race's exciting and varied tasks is what gives the show its unique and addicting quality.

These elimination rounds, known as the "Gulag", the "Duel", the "Gauntlet" or the "Inferno," depending on the season, usually involve a head-to-head struggle between members of the losing team or the least performing individuals. After these rounds, one or more contestants are sent home making the competition fierce, as the contestants know any mistake could lead to their departure from the show.

Even with its heart-racing, physical challenges in exotic locales, an equally essential element of The Challenge is the drama that unfolds between contestants. The show utilizes a drama-filled house setting where all participants live together while not competing. This scenario brews enough personal conflicts, romances, betrayals, and heartbreaks that rivals the physical action, providing an engaging watch for lovers of intense reality game shows.

The snippets of their life inside the dynamic reality house are often juxtaposed with tense face-offs, team strategies, and confessionals, where participants confront the camera in a private, confessional-like space to share their feelings, strategies, and reactions to various events in the competition. These behind-the-scenes insights act as gripping narrative threads that keep audiences invested in the show, making it more than just another physical ordeal-based game show.

The grand reward for enduring through all these blistering challenges and outsmarting opponents is a jaw-dropping cash prize, which is either shared among a winning team or secured by a sole-conqueror based on each season's format.

Over the years, The Challenge has evolved, introduced new twists, and spun new themes, keeping audiences hooked and guessing. From "Battle of the Sexes" to "Rivals" to "War of the Worlds", each season provides a different flavor, a unique backdrop against which the competition takes place.

The show's long-lasting popularity stems from its raw, unscripted feel and the unpredictability of both its game and its players. It brings together diverse contestants, reviving fan-favourites and introducing new faces each season, each with a unique set of personalities that keeps the drama and the gameplay riveting.

In a nutshell, The Challenge is not just about physical prowess but also presents a psychological game of alliances, betrayals, and perseverance. With its adrenaline-pumping challenges, fierce rivalries, interpersonal drama, and strategic gameplay, The Challenge offers a competitive reality experience that is unmatched. With more than two decades' worth of episodes, it remains entertaining, unpredictable, and above all, a staple in the world of reality television.

The Challenge is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 41 seasons with a total of 662 episodes, the show debuted on 1998. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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