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Tweetheart Trek to Eagle River
Newlyweds who met online are moving to Alaska for his dream job with the Air Force. Their sights are set on Eagle River, a picturesque town that offers proximity to both Anchorage and the mountains.

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Frigid Fairbanks Adventure
A family that's ready for a fresh start follows Mom's job to Fairbanks. The couple agree on wanting acreage and plenty of space for guests.

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Search for Mountain Views
Newlyweds would like a home with Alaskan mountain views and a big yard.

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Home Sweet Homer
A family that can't get Homer, Alaska, off their minds looks to find a home with a view of Kachemak Bay. The couple hopes their budget can grant every wish on the list, including giving the kids their own space.

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Homestead Hunting in Fairbanks
A Colorado couple looks for a house and land for homesteading in Fairbanks.

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Arizona to Anchorage
When newlyweds Eric and Nancy met, he was working in Anchorage, Alaska, and she was in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now that Nancy's relocating north, the couple is excited to explore everything the Last Frontier has to offer, from snowshoeing and hiking to skiing and fishing.

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Newlyweds Move North to Alaska
After receiving a promotion, military newlyweds decide to leave Norfolk, VA, for the ice fishing, skiing and hiking opportunities in Fairbanks. She wants the quintessential Alaskan feel of a log cabin with an open floor plan and enough outdoor space for their dog to play.

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High-Flying Adventure
Years after they met in high school in Pittsburgh, fate brought Ashleigh and Ashley together in New York City. Now that Ashley has landed a commercial piloting job in Anchorage, the newly engaged couple is leaving the Big Apple behind for Alaska's biggest city.

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North Pole Adventure
After living in Salt Lake City their whole lives, a couple decides to uproot the family and make a lifetime of memories in Alaska. They agree North Pole is the town for them, but she wants a modern home close to town and neighbors while he's looking for a quintessential rustic cabin in the wilderness.

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Rocker's Girdwood Retreat
A Nashville musician that grew up in Alaska longs for home and wants to find a retreat in Girdwood where his band can relax, write music and create a home base to start a rock-and-roll camp for kids.

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Boston Doctors Move to Palmer
Boston newlyweds are looking for a home in the farming community of Palmer, AK. Their wish list includes mountain views, space for visitors, a barn for animals and close proximity to the hospital where he will be on call.

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Heading to the Last Frontier
A couple wants to get back to the basics by moving their family to Alaska. They have their sights set on Anchorage and she's adamant about having mountain views and a home office, while he wants a gym and a big yard for the kids.

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Settling in Sitka
A couple wants to give up their busy lives in Fort Bragg, NC, for a peaceful outdoor life in Sitka. They hope to find a large home that can accommodate guests and must decide between an island house or a home closer to town.

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Living Alaska is an inspiring home and lifestyle television series that aired on HGTV in 2013. The show is set against the breathtaking landscape of Alaska and offers viewers an exciting experience of what life is like in the largest state in America.

Alaskan lifestyle is nothing short of adventurous. It features icy wilderness, glacial rivers, Iditarod sled dog races, along with the presence of North America's highest peak, Denali. In simple words, to be living in Alaska is to be at one with nature, in its truest meaning.

Living Alaska fully captures this essence, showcasing the unique charm and challenges of Alaskan life through the lens of home buying. The show follows various individuals, couples, and families as they leave behind their familiar lives in the lower 48 states to embark on a new journey in Alaska. Each episode introduces a fresh batch of those looking to make Alaska their home, from native Alaskans returning to their roots to people chasing adventure in this final frontier.

With the help of real estate agents having expert knowledge about the Alaskan property landscape, the show presents a variety of homes available in different locations of Alaska - from lavish houses with modern amenities in major cities like Anchorage to rustic, off-the-grid cabins in remote, snow-covered woods. The seekers then tour the potential homes, discussing the pros and cons, considering factors like home design, the view, access to necessities, proximity to wildlife, and harsh weather potential, before deciding on the house they want to call their home.

Living Alaska successfully blends the house-hunting genre with adventurous escapades, highlighting the unique elements of Alaskan culture. Tradition and local customs are painted vividly throughout the episodes, with segments dedicated to exploring Alaska's vibrant festivals, local seafood, adventurous outdoor pursuits like fishing, hiking, and kayaking, and even simple yet enriching experiences such as witnessing the mesmerizing northern lights.

The appeal of the show extends beyond home seekers to outdoor adventure lovers, those who appreciate architectural diversity, and nature enthusiasts. The awe-inspiring visuals of Alaska’s pristine wilderness – its vast open lands, glaciers, dense forests, wildlife – are likely to leave viewers mesmerized. The camera work is excellent, capturing the spectacular Alaskan landscapes with remarkable vividness, adding to the overall viewing pleasure.

Furthermore, Living Alaska offers more than just the highs of life in the Last Frontier. It presents a balanced view, subtly warning about Alaska's tough side such as long daylight or darkness hours in summer and winter, dealing with remote living, extreme cold temperatures, and possible encounters with bears! It helps viewers to understand that life in Alaska requires a certain amount of resilience and passion for the wild.

The series also succeeds in evoking diverse emotions. Viewers can experience the excitement and apprehension of the house seekers as they transition through this critical phase in their lives. There are fun moments, moments of awe while viewing the gorgeous landscapes, and even tense moments, especially when the house seekers struggle to decide among the available options or when they face a harsh snowstorm!

In conclusion, Living Alaska is an engaging reality show. It offers a slice of Alaskan life, complete with its compelling delights and challenges, through the medium of real estate. Beautiful visuals and a consistently fresh perspective enhance the appeal of the documentary-style series. It's the open door to the semi-wilds, offering a unique viewing experience to anyone wanting to explore the amazing lifestyle and settings of Alaska right from their living room. If you've ever fantasized about living in Alaska or have a thirst for compelling real-life stories set against picturesque landscapes, Living Alaska is the show for you.

Living Alaska is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 80 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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