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Laying Down Their Legacy
Scrambling to finish trapping season, Heimo discovers the best catch of the season a wolf. Charlie walks a legend's footsteps as he works the traplines Bob left to him.

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Biting Back
Heimo tests his trapping skills on both land and water to outsmart one of his favorite catches, beaver; Scott puts lessons learned to the test as he tracks marten; Tyler's plan to run his sled dog team is threatened when the pack turns on each other.

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Never Gets Easier
With no meat for winter, Heimo is desperate to run his trap line, but he has no choice but to hunt for moose; Krin discovers that a wolf pack is hunting on her trap line; Tyler and Ashley work together to make the most of a recent moose kill.

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Hard Choices
With temperatures plummeting, Heimo pushes into the arctic, desperate to get a moose for winter. Charlie and Tyler look to start their trapping seasons but must overcome devastating fire damage on their traplines.

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Winter's Wrath
As winter closes in, Tyler is on a desperate hunt to get a moose that can feed his family. With the river freezing over, Heimo and Scott race to get his boat off the water.

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The Hunter Is Hunted
As moose season opens, the hunt is on to get meat to sustain them through winter. As Charlie looks for a kill, he realizes he's being stalked by a bear.

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No Regrets
The loss of Bob Harte is felt across the Refuge; Heimo boats to Bob's cabin to bring Bob's possessions to his family; Charlie recovers his father's shotgun from a hidden survival cache and hunts small game; Edna prepares caribou head.

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Two Kills
Heimo takes Krin and Scott to his best caribou hunting grounds in search of a big kill to sustain them through the brutal winter; Bob remains in town with his daughter; and Tyler and Ashley look to make a major improvement running water in their cabin.

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The Price Of Freedom
Charlie scrambles to secure his first big kill and rebuild his traplines. Heimo's daughter, Krin, and family arrive in the refuge but are tested immediately when their cabin is uninhabitable.

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Hit The Ground Hunting
Heimo stalks his best hunting grounds and Tyler tracks caribou as the pressure is on to get a big kill before the harsh Alaskan winter takes hold. Charlie inspects his traplines but damage from summer wildfires puts his season in jeopardy.

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The Last Alaskans is a captivating American reality television series that debuted on Animal Planet in 2015. This unique show distinguishes itself by focusing on the lives, struggles, and survival strategies of several families and individuals who have chosen to live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska - widely considered one of the most remote and inhospitable places on earth.

The premise of the show is simple but compelling - showcasing the day-to-day existence of four groups of people (three families and a lone individual) who have chosen to deliberately step away from the tactile modern world to reside within a 19.6-million-acre wilderness. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, known for its stark, untouched beauty and extreme weather conditions, is truly one of the last frontiers of the American wilderness where such a lifestyle is even possible.

The cast members featured in this series are among the last to be permitted to live within this protected refuge, hence the title "The Last Alaskans". Each episode explores not just how these characters confront the trials and tribulations of the wild but also how they find joy, satisfaction, and a deep sense of connection with the land they exist in and revere.

The show manages to encompass both the physical and emotional aspects of this extraordinary lifestyle. From the dangers of securing food, either by hunting or fishing in a tough terrain, staving off potential threats from predators like wolves and bears, to coping with the intense loneliness when isolated by a harsh Alaskan winter, each episode is filled with tension and excitement that is visceral, raw and authentic. There are no scripted lines or dramatic performances - just the unvarnished truth of life as it unfolds in the wilderness. It also just happens to be set against the backdrop of the breathtaking panoramas of Alaska’s starkly beautiful landscapes.

What sets The Last Alaskans apart from other televised experiences is its empathetic perspective towards its subjects and a mature handling of environmental themes. The series does an excellent job of building a storyline driven by the connection between humans and nature, presenting a delicate balance between man’s survival needs and respect for the immense wildlife and its ecosystem. The Alaskans' way of life helps in highlighting the potential harmony between men and animals, and their interactions - both harmonious and hostile - encapsulate the fierce respect these individuals have for maintaining that balance. It underscores the beautiful, fragility of the interface between human civilization and wilderness.

This series often blurs the line between a documentary and a reality show. It distinguishes itself with a thoughtful narrative and expansive, cinematic shots that evoke a sense of profound solitude as well as an undeniable kinship with nature. The Last Alaskans is a series that is more poetic and meditative than other, more standard 'survival' television shows. It documents the daily life struggles and victories in this rugged and extreme landscape, adding not just a layer of triumph of human spirit and adaptability but also inviting contemplation of our own, everyday existence.

The people on the show aren’t just characters for the viewers to gawk at, but rather individuals portrayed in their elemental humanity. Their stories include themes of grief, joy, anticipation, adaptability and lasting resilience - universal emotions that invite the audience to empathize and connect. The thought-provoking narratives combined with the picturesque visuals of the Alaskan wilderness are truly compelling and induce a reflection on the importance of respect and accommodation in the human relationship with nature.

In essence, The Last Alaskans is more than a typical reality series. It is an empathic ode to a dying way of life, particularly relevant in the backdrop of growing climate change awareness and the urgent dialogue on sustainable living. It is a profoundly beautiful, moving and illuminating exploration of the human spirit and its intricate relationship with mother nature in all its rugged, unfiltered glory.

Summarily, while many shows cater to our fascination with survival scenarios in extreme settings, The Last Alaskans is a stirring portrayal of not merely surviving but actually choosing to thrive within an uncompromisingly challenging environment, all the while fostering a respectful life alongside nature. The series is recommended for those with an adventurous heart, those in pursuit of the profound in the ordinary, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of humanity's primal bond to the Earth we inhabit.

The Last Alaskans is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 41 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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