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The Next Chapter
Before leaving for college, Etienne endures a homestead right of passage in the wilderness and August finally knows what he wants to do with his future.

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August's Choice
August must make some hard choices about his future. To help him clear his mind, Eivin brings his brother on a trip to Red Mountain.

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Eivin's New Future
Eivin considers expanding the Kilchers' reach by becoming a bush pilot. Tela takes Alysse dipnetting and Jane's cousin Kate comes to visit from Texas.

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Paying it Forward
Otto considers leaving cattle ranching behind and Atz Sr. mobilizes a group of veterans to bring water to a local homesteader.

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An Uncertain Recovery
After his brush with death, Otto has a long, painful road of recovery ahead. Eivin and August bear the burden of their father's injury.

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He Might Die
Otto is trampled by a cow during a severe snowstorm and must be rescued before he succumbs to his life-threatening injuries.

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Alaska: The Last Frontier is a captivating and real-life action documentary series produced by Discovery Channel, which first aired on December 29, 2011. The show stars Atz Lee Kilcher, Otto Kilcher, Eivin Kilcher, Attila Kuno Kilcher, and Shane Kilcher. They are part of the large Kilcher family, who are descendants of Swiss immigrants and Alaskan pioneers, Yule and Ruth Kilcher, who fled Switzerland during WWII and settled in the wild frontier of Homer, Alaska.

The television series focuses on the Kilcher family residing in Homer, Alaska, one of the state's most remote frontiers. They are faced with the daunting task of survival, a day-to-day challenge that requires extraordinary resilience. The Kilchers are led by homestead patriarch Atz Kilcher, alongside his brother Otto Kilcher and their respective families. The other family members featured include Atz Lee Kilcher, Otto's son; Eivin Kilcher, Otto's other son; Attila Kuno Kilcher, Otto's nephew; and Shane Kilcher, Atz's son.

Alaska: The Last Frontier reveals the harsh reality of living in the isolated and rugged Alaska, where the Kilcher family lives without modern heating, uses outhouses, hunts for food, and prepares for long winters without access to the conveniences of contemporary life. There's no regular power supply or network coverage, and the nearest city is 600 miles away. The vast wilderness that makes up their surroundings becomes both a fulfilling provider and a deadly adversary, supplying them with food and lumber while also presenting life-threatening challenges.

One of the prominent figures in this series, Atz Lee Kilcher, is shown relinquishing the comforts of modern society to live off the land like his forefathers. He is joined by his adventurous and resourceful family members, who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Their way of life is characterized by hard work, smart strategies, and a profound respect for nature.

Otto Kilcher, Atz's brother, features prominently in this gripping documentary. A master at improvisation, misplacement doesn't exist in his dictionary — it's all about creative re-purposing for him. If there's a problem, you can bet Otto's inventiveness will conjure up a solution.

Eivin Kilcher, Otto's son, and his wife Eve are known for their exceptional homesteading skills. The couple is admired for their ability to harvest and hunt for the sustenance they need to survive in Alaska's tough conditions. Then there's Attila Kuno Kilcher, the proverbial jack of all trades, whose skills and capabilities come in handy in the harshest of environments.

One can’t forget Shane Kilcher— Atz's son. His unique perspective on life and adventurous spirit embody the inherent temperament of the Kilchers.

Each episode delivers a great deal of drama, adventure, and excitement as viewers get a peek into their unique way of life. Whether they're farming, cattle driving, hunting, or performing one of the many roles required to sustain a homestead, the family's immense collaboration and dedication keep viewers glued to each episode.

Alaska: The Last Frontier not just showcases the breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan wildness, but also the survival instincts and bravery it takes to exist in such a challenging environment. This series enlightens, captivates, and inspires audiences with its earnest narrative of a family's enduring connection to the land, a testament to their profound love and respect for the environment.

In essence, Alaska: The Last Frontier isn’t merely a show about survival; it’s a deep journey into a lifestyle chosen by a brave and resilient family. It stands as a tribute to the pioneer spirit and a testament to the Kilcher family's dedication to sustain the lifestyle and traditions that their ancestors began.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, therefore, isn't just about the survival of the fittest in nature's extreme conditions; it's about the preservation of traditions and values; it’s about a family's legacy of survival. As you watch the Kilchers live, interact, and survive, you’ll be inspired to appreciate the resilient human spirit that chooses survival over the comfort of the modern world. This show truly is a riveting saga of the Last Frontier’s undeniable charm, the stubborn yet fascinating allure of isolation, and the raw magnetism of Mother Nature at her most mysterious and unforgiving.

Alaska: The Last Frontier is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 11 seasons with a total of 198 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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