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The Curse of Oaked Bourbon
After tasting their best barrel yet, Mark and Digger make a run to rival $2,000 bourbon in the season finale. Tickle makes a daring deal selling shine at a wrestling match to reopen his restaurant.

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Cowboy Legacy
Mark and Digger invent a high-proof thump keg. When news breaks that their friend Cowboy has been killed, they hurry to retrieve a barrel he was tending.

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Don't Call it Crapple
When kitchen trouble forces Tickle to shut down his restaurant, Josh proposes they make carrot-apple moonshine to raise the $8000 needed to reopen. Mike, Jerry, and Richard secure a secretive location to run apple pomace brandy in their waterless still.

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Shine Pods
When their bootlegger suggests putting shine in pods, Mark and Digger enlist Amanda to innovate a product they can sell for $5 a shot. Jerry confronts the thief who stole his waterless still.

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Carolina Crash Course
Mark and Digger invent a patriotic corn whiskey recipe using red, white and blue corn. Jerry's stolen still threatens to drive a wedge between partners.

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The Grapes of Grappa
Mark and Digger challenge Amanda to distill brandy and grappa from the same grapes. The Maggie Valley trio scours the scrapyards for a stolen copper still.

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Boldest Bootleg
Under cover of Tickle's new restaurant and Josh's new towing business, the Virginia boys attempt a 500-gallon bootleg. When the creek runs dry, Jerry designs what he hopes will be a revolutionary waterless still.

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Tickle's Restaurant
On the midseason premiere, Tickle and Carol open their new restaurant while Tickle contends with conflicting priorities. Mark and Digger enlist Amanda to improve their wildly popular hazelnut rum.

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Highway Robbery
On the mid-season finale, after losing $11,000 in stolen liquor, Mark and Digger surveil their bootlegger on a second delivery to Memphis. Tickle preps to open his own restaurant, but outlaw habits die hard as he makes it a distribution hub for shine.

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Legalize It!
Accident-prone Josh attempts a solo fix to his still site, while Tickle heads to the West Virginia State House to launch his legalization campaign. Arkansas double cousins Big Chuk and Joe Boy risk bootlegging their shine by boat downriver to Louisiana.

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Tennessee Spirit
When Amanda tracks down a lost apple variety once famous for making outlaw brandy, she and Kelly turn out an extraordinary liquor that Mark and Digger find themselves too deep in the bottle. Tim and Howard invent a novel double-distilling device.

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Quarter Ton of Backwoods Fun
Amanda and Kelly attempt to re-invent an Appalachian apple brandy made famous by a 500-pound woman. Mark and Digger lend Popcorn Sutton's condenser to an ambitious new team of shiners.

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The Drunkest President
Tickle unearths an exceptional source of spring water for Josh's peach brandy. Tim sets out to resurrect a spirit that fueled America's most intoxicated president.

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Beer Before Liquor
Digger and Amanda's plan to distill beer in Popcorn Sutton's old still hits a wall. Jerry designs an innovative still that combines multiple shine recipes in a single run.

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Try That in a Shine Town
An unshackled Digger leads Amanda to where he last saw Popcorn Sutton's stainless steel still. Richard and Mike's uneasy alliance faces a common threat when an extortionist shine boss demands payment.

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Moonshine is a Miracle
Tickle launches a campaign to legalize home distilling, while Mark and Digger devise a plan to distill pallets of unsold light beer into liquor. Hobbled by racing injuries, Josh plots his return to making shine.

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Ozark Outlaws to the Rescue
Arkansas moonshiners Big Chuk and his double cousin Joe Boy enlist Josh Owens' help with their outlaw operation -- but when Josh gets injured in a racing accident, they team up with legendary shiners Henry and Kenny Law in a daring bootleg to help Josh.

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Pappygate Conspiracy
Moonshiners Mark, Digger, Tim, and Tickle delve deep into bourbon country's darkest secret. When 200 bottles of the coveted Pappy Van Winkle vanish, the theft of the world's most expensive bourbon is just the tip of a staggering criminal conspiracy.

Watch Moonshiners Season 13 Episode 102 Now

The Real McCoy
Moonshiners Mark, Digger, and Tim delve deep into the case of the most prolific and elusive bootlegger of the Prohibition era. Declared Public Enemy Number One by the government, Bill McCoy's outlaw mission was about a lot more than just fame and fortune.

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Moonshiners is an intriguing American docudrama television series that first premiered on the Discovery Channel in December 2011. Produced by Magilla Entertainment, the show delves deep into the centuries-old tradition of illicitly distilling alcohol – primarily focusing on moonshine production in the Appalachian Mountains.

The show provides a captivating inside look into the traditionally clandestine moonshine trade that has been passed down through generations in the remote corners of the Appalachian region. The series adds an extra layer of interest by focusing on a blend of subjects, ranging from the historical significance of moonshining to its cultural influence, and of course, the aspect of illegality surrounding the practice.

The brilliantly shot narrative follows various groups of people residing in South Carolina, Virginia, and North Carolina backwoods, who uncompromisingly keep the historical practice alive in the 21st century. Moonshiners covers everything from the crafting of complex distillery systems in hidden corners of the mountain ranges to the creation of their distinctive moonshine recipes – with each moonshiner taking immense pride in their unique concoction.

Their work is not just about brewing the alcoholic beverage but also about maintaining a lifestyle they inherited and fiercely believe in. For these individuals, moonshining is a part of their identity and cultural heritage, intertwined with their community's rich history and their ancestors' enduring spirit.

The protagonists are seen battling not just the weather and challenging terrains but also constant threats from law enforcement agencies and competitors. The tension between the moonshiners and the law forms a major crux of the series, lending it thrill and suspense. The authorities are frequently shown carrying out raids, backed with a legislative framework that defines alcohol brewing without a license as illegal. The show's realistic visual portrayal presents a genuine sense of the highly risky, enticing, and illegal cat-and-mouse chase that has characterized moonshine production over the years.

One of the gripping elements of Moonshiners is how it portrays the inherent risk involved in the clandestine distillation of moonshine. Episodes often vividly show potential threats encompassing the risk of explosions from unsafe distilleries, the harmful effects of improperly distilled moonshine, to the lingering danger of getting arrested by the law enforcement agencies. The interplay of suspense, danger, and the maverick spirit of the moonshiners adds a raw, adrenaline-rushing appeal to the show.

Despite criticism about the authenticity of content, the Discovery Channel has maintained that the series is entirely genuine and law enforcement in the regions filmed is fully aware of the ongoing illegal activities. The producers argue that it would be impossible to fake the ambitious, time-consuming, and dangerous distilling processes that mark the life of a moonshiner.

In its depiction of the moonshining culture, the series also explores the deep-rooted community bonds and the love for this age-old tradition that binds these moonshiners together. There is a distinct and profound sense of respect for the sacredness of their craft, embodying an understanding of the art of moonshining that seems almost spiritual.

Moonshiners is not just about the illegal manufacture of spirits in the isolated Appalachian mountains, but it's also about endurance, heritage, risk, and above all, a fierce commitment to a lifestyle noncompliant with modern law and norms. With its unique theme, interesting characters, and high stakes drama, the series offers viewers a riveting look into a seldom explored part of American history.

In conclusion, Moonshiners tells a captivating tale of struggle, defiance, and an enduring legacy. Taking viewers off the beaten path and into the hidden hills and hollows of rural Appalachia, the show presents an authentic depiction of American outlaw tradition that goes beyond just the brew. It is the gripping storytelling, mixed with an irresistible combination of history, culture, and rebellion that makes this series a must-watch.

Moonshiners is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 13 seasons with a total of 297 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.1.

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