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Hit by Hippos

Watch Naked and Afraid Season 17 Episode 10 Now

Triple Threat
Three 14-day fan challenge survivalists return to conquer 21 days in the dense South American jungle. But when they are hit with torrential rains, they must evacuate from life-threatening flash floods.

Watch Naked and Afraid Season 17 Episode 9 Now

After surviving a near-fatal fall, an equestrian stunt rider attempts to endure 21 days in Colombia. But when she and her partner fail to find food, they must grapple with the harsh possibility of starvation.

Watch Naked and Afraid Season 17 Episode 8 Now

Put Up or Shut Up
Two Naked and Afraid superfan critics use their armchair survival knowledge to try to endure fourteen days in the jungles of Colombia.

Watch Naked and Afraid Season 17 Episode 7 Now

This Is Harder Than it Looks
A photographer and an engineer believe they have what it takes to survive 14 days in Limpopo, South Africa. But after ten days without food, these fans question their ability to make it to the end.

Watch Naked and Afraid Season 17 Episode 6 Now

Runaway Bride
A survivalist postpones her wedding to try to make it to 21 days with a British commando in the mosquito-infested Colombian tropics.

Watch Naked and Afraid Season 17 Episode 5 Now

Surviving the Road to Recovery
Two former addicts attempt to survive 21 days in the searing Black Hills of South Africa. On their road to recovery, they must contend with man-eating crocodiles, prowling lions and venomous snakes.

Watch Naked and Afraid Season 17 Episode 4 Now

Colombian Cave Women
In this all-female tribe's challenge, two veteran survivalists return to mentor two newcomers on the perils of San José Del Guaviare, Colombia, for 21 days. But scarce food resources and torrential tropical storms take a quick toll.

Watch Naked and Afraid Season 17 Episode 3 Now

There Will Be Blood
In an international tribes challenge, one survivalist must cope with menstruation in the middle of the African bush.

Watch Naked and Afraid Season 17 Episode 2 Now

Death by Crocodile
In the premiere episode, a hunter and a farmer pool their knowledge as they attempt to survive 21 days in South Africa. But when the wildlife proves too stealthy to hunt, the survivalists take a life-threatening risk for food.

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Naked and Afraid is an unfiltered reality show from the Discovery Channel which first premiered in 2013. It derives its popularity from a unique blend of survivalism, drama, suspense, and a dash of voyeurism. The premise of the show is simple but entirely gripping, where each episode introduces a pair of strangers, a man and a woman, who are thrust into an extreme survival situation with nothing but their respective survival skills at their disposal. The show’s title itself sets up an interesting plot, hinting towards its essence - participants are unclothed and left to fight, traverse and adapt in their startling new environments. They are literally "naked and afraid", being devoid of their everyday basic needs, or in this case, any form of clothing or equipment. The pair is dropped into some of the most inhospitable environments on Earth and tasked with surviving for 21 days. Naked and Afraid emphasizes the necessity of teamwork, resilience, and resourcefulness. Each contestant has his/her survivalist background, but most often, their skills are honed in drastically different environments. This results in a fascinating dynamic where each partner teaches and learns from the other, often leading to profound cultural and personal exchanges. From building shelters and crafting rudimentary tools to hunting for food and finding a water source, everything is a looming challenge to conquer and overcome using their knowledge, survival skills, and wit. The participants are permitted to bring one personal item with them, carefully chosen to aid in their survival. These items vary from practical tools to sentimental keepsakes, which sometimes provide an interesting glimpse into the contestants' personalities and survival strategies. Besides these personal items, they are equipped with a map, a diary for confessions or thoughts, and cameras to document their journey. Each episode takes place in a different location, including tropical rainforests, barren deserts, and swampy marshlands worldwide. This element of the series underlines how unique and challenging survival circumstances can vary from one locality to another. The show does an exceptional job of educating the viewers about the harsh realities and potential dangers of the wilderness regions around the world while offering panoramic shots of breathtaking landscapes. Producers ensure that medical and safety checks are performed from a distance to safeguard the participants' health and welfare. While the team's intervention has occasionally been needed in the past, the reality of the threats the participants face has never been downplayed. The 21-day journey is a test not only of the contestants' physical capabilities but also their psychological and emotional endurance. Stripped of conventional comforts and plunged into relentless survival scenarios, the show uncovers raw human vulnerabilities and often reveals a side to its participants that they were not previously aware of themselves. The viewers accompany the participants every step of the way, sharing their triumphs, failures, fears, and frustration. Also, an intriguing feature of the show is the assignment of a PSR (Primitive Survival Rating) to the contestants at the beginning of the episode, predicting how well they are expected to fare. Another rating is given at the end, marking a measurable change in their survival abilities, emphasizing the transformative nature of this experience. Naked and Afraid has gathered a fanbase for its fascinating and exciting take on human endurance, grit, and survival, painting survivalism as an art as well as a science. It illustrates the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit when stripped to bare essentials and cast into adversity. The show is replete with critical life lessons about humility, resilience, and the indomitable will to survive, which are universally applicable, whether one is in the heart of a jungle or the midst of urban life. Overall, Naked and Afraid is a dramatic, adrenaline-charged, and authentic reality show that both educates and entertains its viewers, making it a standout choice for fans of survival tv shows and reality tv in general. While the show depicts moments of trepidation and hardship, it is more importantly a journey of transformation and a testament to human spirit and the will to survive. Its sense of real risk and the raw, unscripted interactions between participants contribute to the series' global appeal.

Naked and Afraid is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 17 seasons with a total of 241 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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