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Dancing With Death
Mother Nature serves Dustin an eviction notice. With a season-ending blizzard in the forecast, the miners must push past their limits to add to their record gold haul by dredging every last ounce from the freezing depths of Nugget Creek.

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Get Rich or Die Trying
Feeling the squeeze of winter's grip tightening around them, desperation pushes the miners a step too far in their search for millions in gold.

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Dustin's White Whale
A mysterious white boulder dubbed "Moby" could be the gateway to more monster nuggets, but Mother Nature throws Dustin a sucker punch -- she won't give up her gold without a fight.

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$70,000 Nugget
With winter closing in and bedrock still far out of reach, the miners turn to the late Fred Hurt for help solving the problem. A major dredge malfunction shuts the operation down.

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"Welcome to My Nightmare"
An airboat accident could end this record-breaking season, and severe weather could make matters worse.

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Unfinished Business
After a record find, Dustin knows many more of those six-ounce nuggets are within reach, leading him into a rematch with the deadly site that defeated him last season. To reach those life-changing nuggets means tackling their biggest engineering feat yet.

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Fred's Golden Gift
The loss of legendary gold miner "Dakota" Fred Hurt has the miners reeling. But their determination as they push on to honor Fred's legacy pays off with a record-breaking discovery.

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Fred Hurt Forever
Devastating news about legendary miner "Dakota" Fred Hurt strikes Nugget Creek, sending shockwaves through the mine site. Dustin is forced to dig deep and push on in honor of his father.

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A Dying Wish
Dustin departs Nugget Creek for Dakota Fred's 80th birthday, leaving the miners to resort to questionable tactics to dig them out of a deep hole.

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Trench Warfare
On the gold and desperate for more, Dustin Hurt and his intrepid band of brothers engage in trench warfare as they chase the pay streak up Nugget Creek. But one wrong move has the miners on the retreat.

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Gold Out of the Gate
Reeling from tragic news, Dustin and the miners fight to get a diver in the water earlier than ever before, and their determination is rewarded.

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A Tragic Beginning
A heartbreaking revelation sends shockwaves through the crew as they tackle their toughest dive site yet in search of millions in gold.

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The Legend of Dakota Fred
In his final interview, Fred Hurt shares his incredible journey. From chasing gold in the most remote corners of Alaska to battling cancer, these are the real stories behind his adventures, victories, and struggles to find life-changing gold and a legacy.

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In Gold We Trust
Dustin gambles his entire life savings, purchasing a remote Alaskan claim rumored to hold life-changing gold. But Mother Nature's wrath descends, pushing them beyond their limits in their pursuit of the ultimate treasure.

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Gold Rush: White Water is an intense spin-off of Discovery Channel's top-rated show Gold Rush, which premiered in 2018. Featuring the father and son duo of Fred and Dustin Hurt, also known as the "Dakota Boys", the gripping reality series chronicles their exceptional and daring journey as they navigate the treacherous waters of Alaska's wildest creek to mine for gold.

Unlike Gold Rush, which largely centers on placer mining using heavy machinery, Gold Rush: White Water puts dredge diving into the spotlight – a perilous and physically demanding mining method that involves diving into icy cold and swift-running waters. The Dakota Boys employ this high-risk technique in their quest to tap into the untouched gold reserves in the raging torrents of the McKinley Creek, revealing the extreme lengths to which these miners are willing to go in their pursuit of riches.

In the kleptomaniacal world of gold mining, the Dakota Boys are known for their daredevilry, resilience, and survival expertise. After leaving the main Gold Rush show with rather heated circumstances, Fred and Dustin set up their own gold mining expedition away from the simplicity of dry land operations. They scale down the sheer cliffs and plunge into the frothy depths of the creek's rapids to manually find and extract shiny nuggets of gold hidden in tight crevices and pockets of hard bedrock under the water. One false move in this hostile environment can instantly turn a promising day into a potential disaster.

Each episode of Gold Rush: White Water delivers a high-tensity thrill ride. When the winter freeze lessens and the Alaskan wilderness blooms to life, the miners get into action, preparing for their summer-long endurance challenge. The show captures the raw and unpredictable nature of the gold mining business, providing viewers with a realistic insight into the high-stakes industry that has captivated millions worldwide.

The vast Alaskan wilderness serves as a breathtaking backdrop to this adrenaline-pumping saga, with its sublime landscapes punctuating the show’s narrative. The pristine snow-covered peaks, roaring waterfalls, and the untamed McKinley Creek add an unparalleled drama, beauty, and danger to the series that instantly hooks the viewers.

What sets Gold Rush: White Water apart from other reality series, or even its predecessor, is the unfiltered exhibition of physical struggle and hardship. Watching the Dakota Boys and their crew brave the elements, cope with unpredictable machinery malfunctions, combat the harsh effects of gold dredging, and battle the ever-present risk of encountering local wildlife, offers a gripping visual experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat.

The human element of the show is just as compelling. It intersperses the hardships of gold mining with human drama and personal interplay, offering a much-needed respite from the intense mining sequences. The relationship between Fred and Dustin is an integral part of the narrative, marked by touching moments of familial bonds, heated disagreements, and the shared obsession for gold that binds them together.

The show also shines a light on an endearing support team: skilled divers, mechanics, and survivalists, each bringing unique skills to the table. Their tireless endeavors turn the initially costly and potentially hazardous gold dredging operation into an attainable dream for the Dakotas.

Gold Rush: White Water is more than an account of a merciless gold hunt - it is a testament to the human spirit, determination, and the relentless pursuit of a dream. It effortlessly blends the thrills of adventure reality TV with the allure of gold mining infused with mesmerizing kinship drama, making it a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

This exciting and dangerous exploration of the final frontier of gold rush history captivates audiences with grit, danger, and the allure of striking it rich. It's a testament to what one can achieve with unwavering conviction, unyielding resilience, and a good dose of fearlessness. It's not just about finding gold - it’s about conquering the impossible and surviving to tell the tale. With its mix of stunning wilderness, unique mining methods, and intense father-son dynamics, Gold Rush: White Water is undeniably a wild ride through the heart of gold mining territory.

Gold Rush: White Water is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 112 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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