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Justice for Joy
When Joy Hibbs is found dead in a house fire, an autopsy shows she was murdered beforehand. Even with multiple suspects, the investigation stalls, leaving the case cold for years.

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The Night Time Stopped
Keith Morrison reports new revelations in the murder case of professional cyclist Moriah Wilson that made world-wide headlines. The two-hour broadcast will include fresh courtroom evidence, a police interview with a key witness and an exclusive interview with the killer's plastic surgeon, who was unaware of the murderer's intentions to elude authorities.

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A Girl Named Egypt
Twenty-seven-year-old Egypt Covington is found murdered in her home; investigators in Michigan quickly identify a person of interest but years pass without an arrest.

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Deadly Swap
After a 25-year-old mother is gunned down in broad daylight by a murderer wearing a disguise, detectives confront a most unlikely suspect. NEW INTERVIEWS WITH: Det.

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A Life Interrupted
New interviews and never-before-seen evidence about the murder of Jennifer Dulos, including video and photos from residential security systems and urban police cameras that detail the timeline of the crime.

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True Confession
Idaho resident Christopher Tapp is sentenced to life after falsely confessing to the murder of his friend Angie Dodge. When the real killer is caught over 20 years later, the case appears to finally be closed until a chilling twist begins a new chapter in the decades-long saga.

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The Secret in Black Rock Canyon
A series of mysterious events turn deadly for a housesitter; police retrace her last day for clues.

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The Perfect Life
A mystery looms over a small New York town when a woman is murdered and a stunning secret is exposed; more than a decade later, new developments lead to an unexpected conclusion.

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Death at the Spa
When a package bomb explodes at a day spa in Southern California, killing beloved esthetician Ildiko Krajnyak and injuring two clients, law enforcement discovers that the bomb was intended specifically for her. Who would want Ildiko dead?

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The Sleepover
Navy petty officer and devoted mother Sherri Malarik is found shot to death in her minivan after she disappeared. The case remains cold until new revelations and old memories resurface, dividing the Florida family.

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Family Matters
New details on the latest twist in the murder-for-hire plot involving a prominent Florida family that left law professor Dan Markel dead and a grandmother arrested.

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Ghosts Can't Talk
When Corey Shaughnessy wakes up to gunfire in the middle of the night, she shoots at the intruder and miraculously survives, only to discover that her husband Ted has been killed. Detectives wonder if the couple's job as local jewelry shop owners could be a possible motive until the investigation takes a turn that no one saw coming.

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A Promise to Gloria
A mother searches for answers in the unsolved murder of her 14-year-old daughter until new DNA technology changes everything.

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The Room Downstairs
Andrea Canning reports on the latest twists and turns in the case in which firefighters discovered a New Jersey man dead in a house fire, but an autopsy revealed he had been shot to death.

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Dateline is an award-winning newsmagazine program that was launched by NBC in 1992. The program is an investigative journalism concept that presents in-depth reports on a variety of subjects, which primarily focused on true crime stories as well as controversies and current events. Historically, each segment of Dateline begins with a host introducing the story before segueing into a comprehensive report produced by a correspondent. This structure allows for comprehensive exploration of compelling, complex stories across the globe. Rather than a brief news clip or a rushed expose, each episode is a deep dive into the heart of a story, examining all the puzzling aspects, unique perspectives, and human experiences tied to the topic at hand. Dateline often covered those cases that went through dramatic twists and turns before reaching their unpredictable conclusions. Stories range from kidnappings, murders, wrongful convictions, missing persons cases to corporate fraud, exposing viewers to a wide spectrum of human experiences and emotions. What set Dateline apart right from the outset, was the way it approached these narratives. With a distinctive long-form story-telling, each case presented in Dateline is unpacked in a methodical manner, building suspense, and inviting the viewer to be an active participant in piecing together the narrative, like an armchair detective. In addition to its focus on true crime, Dateline also covered diverse topics of social and cultural significance which greatly appealed to the audience. This included deep dives into historical events, personal dramas, heart-touching human interest stories, and current events of national and international importance. One of Dateline's trademarks from its early years - and that continues to this day - is its team of highly skilled correspondents, including notable names in journalism such as Jane Pauley, Stone Phillips, and Tom Brokaw. They brought with them a degree of credibility and gravitas that lent greater impact to the stories being told. They were particularly adept at pain-stakingly drawing out details to create compelling narratives that kept viewers riveted. The production quality of Dateline, even in its early years, was comparable to some of the best in the business. The program used intricate detail, haunting imagery, and structured build-up that kept the audience engaged and drawn into the story. The extensive usage of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage helped reel viewers in, helping them better understand the human narratives behind the headlines. Throughout its original run, Dateline had a knack for shining a light on stories that were often overlooked or under-reported, using the power of investigative reporting to explore diverse topics from multiple angles. This informational and educational aspect of the show added another layer to its appeal. Dateline's mix of real-life drama, investigative reporting, and human interest stories combined to create a pattern of programming that was as unpredictable as it was captivating. No two episodes were ever alike, ensuring that the audience always had something new and different to look forward to. One of the noteworthy aspects of Dateline is its commitment to the truth. Each episode is unraveled layer by layer, with the reporters performing painstaking research to uncover the facts, often leading to surprising twists and turns. This lends to the show an aura of authenticity and credibility. Dateline also underscored important societal issues through its wide range of true crime stories. By highlighting the injustice, discrimination, or lack of oversight in the criminal justice system, the series effectively brought these underlying problems to the forefront of public discussion. In sum, Dateline, since its inception in 1992, has been continuing to accomplish its mission of delivering comprehensive and captivating news stories to its viewers. With its firm commitment to investigative journalism and its unique brand of storytelling, Dateline continues to be an enduring, mesmerizing part of the primetime television landscape. Whether as a crime drama enthusiast or a casual viewer interested in the changing world around us, this iconic news program entices all with its unique mix of suspense, human interest, and fact-driven reporting.

Dateline is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 32 seasons with a total of 949 episodes, the show debuted on 1992. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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