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The $16K Photo Finish
It's every racer for himself in the final rounds of "Street Wars," where the fastest races of the season bring some surprise wins; in the finals, the $16,000 prize money comes down to the closest finish line in Street Outlaws history.

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Street Wars
Nova launches the first-ever Street Wars, where the fastest drivers from each race this season come back for a winner-takes-all, big-money challenge; the race begins 405 vs. everyone else, but after round one, it's every racer for themselves.

Watch Street Outlaws Season 19 Episode 9 Now

Turnt Up Tulsa
With one week to go before street wars, the 405 takes on a fast small-tire crew led by Rusty Beaver, their turnpike rival from Tulsa, Okla.; running in the same lane all night could cost them.

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High-Powered Players
Tensions flare as the 405 faces Manny and Ozzie from Texas' HPP racing; when the HPP boys use tricky tactics and intel from earlier Texas/OKC races, the deciding win comes down to the final race.

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Friends in Fast Places
Race night against J-Rod wraps up in a hard-fought battle, but not without some disappointing performances. So when Lutz invites his old Pennsylvania crew to town, the 405 must throw everything they have into their cars to win.

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Imports Strike Back
After a big-money matchup against Big Marc, the 405 try to regain momentum against J-Rod and his OKC crew of all-imports. But even with a strong start, OKC soon realises this race night is far from in the bag.

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Blacktop Blues
On a new road, Nova and the team face their toughest showdown yet for $4,500, against a super-fast group of local racers led by Big Marc.

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Texas Two-Step
The second big Texas matchup explodes as Wormboy from LMR in Houston returns to OKC to prove that his losses years ago were flukes. In the end, the money all comes down to a high-stakes race for double-or-nothing.

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Red River Rivalry
Cash Days returns to its roots with Oklahoma facing off against Texas on a neutral road halfway between Oklahoma City and Dallas.

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Small Tires, Big Stakes
The 405 returns to their roots as they build and race monster small-tire cars. But when local racers, the McKees, challenge them to their first showdown, the crew must quickly get their new cars dialed in to prove they can dominate on any tire.

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Respect Your Roots
As OKC launches their quest for small-tire dominance, Murder Nova explores the history of street racing and evolution of the 405. He reveals backstories and plans of the drivers, as he counts down to the top cars to watch.

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Street Outlaws is a high-octane reality television series that first aired on Discovery Channel in 2013. Since its inception, the show has steadily garnered a dedicated fan base thanks to its thrilling depiction of underground street racing culture, as well as the colourful personalities and intense rivalries of its featured racers.

The show is set primarily in Oklahoma City, which is branded as home to “America's fastest street cars”. Oklahoma City, also referred to as 'the 405', is identified as a hotbed of illegal street racing, and this vibrant and dangerous subculture forms the backbone of the series. The city’s street racing history combined with the high-tech, high-stakes world of modern racing makes for an electrifying television premise.

Street Outlaws revolves around a band of street racers who climb “The List”, an infamous roster that ranks the ten fastest street-racers in the 405. The desire to ascend this pecking order and attain the coveted number one position is the driving force behind the show and informs much of its drama and competition. The List's legitimacy is weighed in illegally held street races, the outcomes of which determine the protagonist's positions.

Over the course of several seasons, the show has introduced viewers to a memorable line-up of local racing legends, each with their unique racing machines, and distinct personalities. Street Outlaws serves not just as a platform for motor sports exhibition but also as a stage for these characters to unfold. From Justin "Big Chief" Shearer with his car "The Crow", to Shawn "Murder Nova" Ellington, each racer has their unique charm and specialist skills that fuel the show’s interplay of rivalry, ambition and camaraderie.

The spectacle of these thrilling late-night races is magnificently captured with high-quality production value. There is also a secondary narrative thread that offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of these street racers off the track. This includes the preparation and maintenance of their cars, as well as the ways they navigate personal relationships and other everyday challenges while living the dual life of an illegal street racer.

Beyond just the races and the interpersonal friendships and rivalries that make up its drama, Street Outlaws also dives into the technical aspects of the motor racing world. Episodes often feature the racers dealing with mechanical failures, last-minute repairs, and custom modifications they design to gain an edge in the competitive races. This gives the viewers the completely immersive experience of the tight-knit racing community's life, marked by the highs of victory and the lows of devastating losses and crashes.

Tensions run high on this show, and the pressure of maintaining their spots on The List, combined with the risks associated with racing on public streets, add an element of danger and uncertainty which keeps each episode unpredictable and engaging. Some races have even taken them far beyond Oklahoma City, as they face off against reputed racers from around the country. The constantly evolving challenges keep audiences gripped through each speed-fueled episode.

Street Outlaws has also successfully spawned several spin-offs, including Street Outlaws: New Orleans and Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings. This highlights the brand's growing popularity and its fascinating exploration of the varied racing circles across the United States.

Despite the seedy underground nature of the subject matter it profiles, Street Outlaws manages to strike a balance between entertaining racing action and humanized portrayals of its star racers. This perfect blend of personal drama and automotive action has cemented Street Outlaws as a must-watch show for petrolheads and reality television fans alike.

In conclusion, Street Outlaws offers an intense, high-velocity spectacle of America's underground street racing subculture where speed, skill, and bravado reign supreme. The connection viewers form with the lively roster of racers and the gripping narrative of fierce competition create an immersive viewing experience that keeps fans coming for more. It's a thrilling ride that respects the essence of street racing while highlighting the personal stakes involved in a scene where the fast lane is the only lane.

Street Outlaws is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 19 seasons with a total of 329 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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