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Fanning the Favorites
Hot-rod hunter Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey crew celebrate their fans with a countdown of fan-voted favorite builds, breakouts and blowouts.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 18 Now

Trial by Firebird
A simple '67 Firebird convertible flip quickly turns into a full-on Gas Monkey special the guys depend on for profit; the team goes on a mission to find a missing Hellcat, and former Monkey Tom Smith relives his favorite Gas Monkey moments.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 13 Now

Flippin' the Bird
The guys face a seven-day deadline to raise their '67 Firebird from the ashes. Meanwhile, Richard heads to the boondocks of Tokio, TX, to search for a rare '51 VW Samba Bus.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 9 Now

Hot For Firebirds
The Monkeys start out with a quick-and-easy flip on a '67 Firebird convertible that quickly turns into a full-on Gas Monkey build the guys depend on for a profit. Later, a Hellcat comes up missing and a full-scale mission is launched for its return.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 8 Now

Galaxie Quest
The Monkeys sprint to wrap up the '68 Ford Galaxie XL before its owner comes to Dallas. Meanwhile, the guys dig through barn grime and dust to get to a '69 Camaro in Minnesota.

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In a Galaxie Far, Far Away
The guys set a seven-day deadline to bust the rust off a '68 Ford Galaxie XL. Next, Richard pairs up with Variety Motorsports to knock out a 1980 Stutz Four Motor Car for country music star Charlie Pride.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 6 Now

Quick-Flippin' a Caddy
Richard pays big bucks hoping to use a '63 Cadillac for a quick flip project. The guys do a bang-up job on a budget but Jason goes rogue and risks tanking the whole thing.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 5 Now

Race Against Time
The Monkeys race to finish their Buick Indy Racer for a deep-pocket client. Next, a collector wheels and deals for Richard's 1975 Datsun 280-Z and Brian Bass reveals upcoming changes at Gas Monkey Garage.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 4 Now

Vintage Payday
Richard races toward a vintage payday by restoring his '37 Buick Racer back to its Indy 500 roots. Meanwhile, the guys buy a one-owner '77 Blazer that could fetch them double their money.

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Wranglin World Records
The Monkeys begin work on a 2018 Jeep Wrangler

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Super Troupe Jeep
Gas Monkey teams up with the Gary Sinese Foundation to build a custom '81 Jeep CJ7 as a throwback tribute to the soldiers for Veteran's Day. Later, an original '68 Chevelle has Richard seeing green but only if he can part with his California dream.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 1 Now

Tom Takes Over
Former Gas Monkey Tom Smith gets out his frustrations by taking over Richard's cameras and crew to do his own special; he's counting down his 31 top builds, rocking racers and favorite flips that made his time as a Monkey so memorable.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 101 Now

Fanning the Favorites
Hot-rod hunter Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey crew celebrate their fans with a countdown of fan-voted favorite builds, breakouts and blowouts. Russell, Mike and Tony are on a mission to derail him before he can reveal his personal favorite.

Watch Fast N' Loud Season 16 Episode 102 Now

Fast N' Loud is a reality television show that premiered on Discovery Channel in 2012. Its fascinating and adrenaline-pumping premise focuses on the world of automobile restoration and customisation, bringing viewers an exciting blend of mechanical wizardry, intense negotiation and high-stakes auctioning.

The star of Fast N' Loud is Richard Rawlings, a charismatic and energetic Texan with a razor-sharp business sense and a deep passion for classic cars. He is the owner of Gas Monkey Garage, a Dallas-based car restoration shop, where he and his eccentric yet talented team work tirelessly to transform rusted, dilapidated, near-irreparable vehicles into gleaming gems of high-performance automotive machinery that are ready to rule the open road.

Rawlings' principal companion in these endeavors is the gifted and tenacious mechanic, Aaron Kaufman. Gifted with a keen eye for design and an impressive technical skillset, Kaufman is the lead builder at Gas Monkey Garage, a role that highlights his creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as his in-depth knowledge of vintage and modern-day vehicles. His balanced partnership with Rawlings brings an engaging dose of camaraderie and slight tension to the show, making for an enjoyable watch.

Each episode of Fast N' Loud follows a similar format. Rawlings, with his uncanny knack for scouting out car deals, finds a beat-up classic car that he believes has the potential to fetch a high selling price once restored. Often, these cars are in a dire state, sometimes abandoned in barns or languishing in junkyards. The higher the potential profit, the more ambitious the restorations are. These cars are then brought back to Gas Monkey Garage, where Rawlings and his team start the restoration or customization process.

While the show centres around the team’s feverish efforts to meet tight deadlines, Fast N’ Loud also illustrates the entire automotive ecosystem, from finding the right parts to negotiating the sale of the finished masterpiece. It showcases Rawlings' multifaceted role as a shrewd negotiator, a driven leader, and a passionate car enthusiast with infectious energy.

The viewers get an insider's perspective on the restoration journey which involves the stripping down of the cars to their bare bones, rebuilding their engines, revamping their interiors, and giving them a fresh coat of paint. The final reveals are always satisfying, showing the labour of love that has gone into reviving these beauties.

Alongside the sweaty, grease-covered world of restoration, the show also dives into the thrilling, high-pressure world of car auctions. The Gas Monkey crew often takes their finished projects to renowned auctions with the goal of turning a substantial profit. However, this is always a risky gamble as they might not always recover their investment, adding an extra layer of suspense to the show.

Fast N’ Loud is not merely about car restoration; it's about bigger-than-life personalities, business ventures, and the whole gamut of emotions running high in the extremely competitive world of car flipping. Amidst the buzzes of car welding and the clanging of tools, viewers experience human relationships, team dynamics, and strategic decision-making playing out. You can expect plenty of laughs, surprises, and tense moments as the crew battles tight timelines, budget blowouts, and the occasional creative disagreements.

Furthermore, the show is rife with rounds of practical jokes, bold bets, and occasionally outrageous stunts, all adding to the lively, work-hard-play-harder environment of the garage. There's never a dull moment in Fast N' Loud, and viewers are sure to stay hooked on this high-octane journey through the world of car restoration.

All in all, Fast N' Loud offers a unique blend of entertainment, education, and excitement. It's a show that will appeal to anyone who loves seeing old, forgotten things given new life. But even if you're not a gearhead, you're sure to find something to enjoy in Fast N' Loud's thrilling blend of suspense, comedy, and high-stakes drama.

Fast N' Loud is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 16 seasons with a total of 167 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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