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Shaq's Classic
Shaquille O'Neal heart is always in helping out the little guy and making those around him happy. His friend Anthony "Chicago" Hall wants to give back to a man who gives so much by fixing up Shaq's rust bucket '64 Impala.

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Daily Raptor
A small business owner with a passion for off-road Fords has daily driver/work truck with over 150 thousand miles. So his best friend sent in an application to Overhaulin and now Chip and the A-team are reinventing his 2013 Raptor.

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A military vet and Mustang devotee finally splurged to buy himself a Shelby, though the previous owners' sketchy upgrades made this pony look more like a mule. His wife wants him to have a Shelby worthy of the highest honors.

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Rally-wreck, Reborn
A young rally-car fan worked with his dad to get his WRX running, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't get his Subaru souped up. After several idle years, dad decides it's time to get his son into his dream rally ride.

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Odd Road Masterpiece
A woman from a family of Jeep lovers bought a Wrangler of her own on an whim, and it showed up looking a little worse for wear. Her dad puts in a call to Chip and the guys, hoping to make his daughter's Jeep a backwoods beast.

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Challenging Challenger
A cancer survivor treats his Challenger like a priceless relic, with a garage that's a shrine to Mopar. He bought the car used, but it wasn't all he imagined, so now his wife has called in Chip to give his ride a makeover.

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Land Cruisin' for a Bruisin
A devoted father and off-road enthusiast always dreamed of having a perfect classic Land Cruiser, but his focus on family kept him and his '70 FJ off the trail. Now, his wife wants to give back to the man who gave so much.

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Mustangs and Camels
A decorated 15-year Navy veteran felt unappreciated when she returned from overseas. Her partner helped her buy a Mustang to show her how much she is valued, but in his heart, he knew it was less then she deserved.

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Foose and the Bandit
Tom and his 1978 Trans Am have fallen on some hard times. His prized Pontiac has transformed into a thundercloud of negativity but after master fabricator Chip Foose and his A-Team get their hands on this busted bandit, Tom will be seeing clear skies.

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Lone Survivor
Chip Foose and his A-Team take on the task of building Marcus Luttrell, Former Navy Seal and the inspiration behind the bestselling book and movie, a brand spanking new 1967 Ford Mustang. It's an American classic for an American hero.

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Elco That's All Go
Locksmith Doug's beloved '82 El Camino isn't going to a chop shop, its going straight to the Overhaulin' set. Metal maestro Chip Foose and his A-Team have the keys to give this busted beater a major facelift.

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In Too Depp
Hollywood Starlet Amber Heard's '67 Ford Mustang has been stolen twice and fallen into a state of disrepair. Now thanks to her fiancé Johnny Depp, her dad, and Metal magician Chip Foose, this Pony Car will ride off into the sunset.

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Overhaulin' is a high-engagement reality television show from The Learning Channel (TLC) that ran for nine seasons starting in 2004. The series features legendary automobile designer and fabricator Chip Foose at the helm, bringing his considerable talents as a legendary fabricator and hot rod shop owner to the screen.

The format of the show follows a simple yet engrossing principle—a surprise car make-over. It takes worn-out, beat-up, or generally degraded vehicles, and with a team of talented mechanics, technicians, and designers led by the revered Chip Foose, these cars are overhauled into stunning works of art. The premise introduces an element of deception as the owner is led to believe that their car has been stolen or towed, only to be surprised with the stunning transformation weeks later.

The protagonist of the show, Chip Foose, is a household name in the world of custom cars. Foose comes with a reputation that precedes him from his prominent career in the automotive industry and his ownership of Foose Design, an internationally recognized design company. He is famed for his creativity, original designs, and a meticulous eye for detail, which is clearly highlighted throughout the series as he leads the design process.

Every episode of Overhaulin' follows a comprehensive restoration and custom modification process that could include anything from performance upgrades, interior enhancements, paint job alterations, to an entire structural makeover. Throughout the process, Foose offers his expert input into the design and function of each rebuild, combining practicality with innovation, aesthetic appeal, and enhanced functionality to bring about a dramatic transformation.

Overhaulin' is more than an ordinary car renovation show. It is deeply rooted in showing the emotional connection that car owners have towards their vehicles. The show creators strive to offer audiences an appreciation for the craft behind car renovation, shining a light onto every aspect of the process, including meticulous stripping, body restoration, engine upgrading, and detailed paintwork. It also acknowledges the importance of classic cars, their historical importance and the nostalgia they represent for their proprietors and car enthusiasts.

While the focus is mainly on the technical aspects of the restoration, an equally significant part of the show is the emotional journey of the car owners. The personal stories of these car owners give the episodes an emotional depth that resonates with viewers beyond mere automotive interest. It truly adds an element of human connection to the automobile world.

The show is notable for its high-production values with the camera crew adeptly capturing every detail of the restoration process. The audience gets to witness close-ups of welding, wiring, the painstaking paint job, crafting the bodywork, and even the engines being restored. The photography does not disappoint car enthusiasts who love to see mechanics and artists at work.

On-screen dynamics between Chip Foose and his crew, including co-hosts Chris Jacobs and Jessi Combs in later seasons, adds a fun and enjoyable touch to the series. Their camaraderie provides comic relief amidst the technical jargon and heavy machinery, making the show appealing even to non-car enthusiasts.

Each episode culminates in the best part—the dramatic reveal. After weeks of laborious and intense restoration, the time comes to present the overhauled car to its unsuspecting owner. The reactions are priceless, ranging from disbelief to tears of joy, making the big reveal the emotional climax of each episode.

Overhaulin' pushes the boundaries of an ordinary car renovation show into a realm where automated machines meet human emotions. The series presents a winning combination of high-stakes makeovers, personal narratives, heart-warming surprises, and the extraordinary talent of Chip Foose. Beyond the pure fascination of the makeovers, it emphasizes the profound joy and deep sentimental attachment people hold for their vehicles.

This show appeals not just to car enthusiasts, but also to those who appreciate a beautiful restoration job, touching personal stories, and surprises, making it a must-watch for a wide range of audiences.

Overhaulin' is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 121 episodes, the show debuted on 2004. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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