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A Golden Future
The Wolfpack struggles to bring their 50-year-old mining equipment back to life, while Rain makes an emotional return to resume her role as Brown mine boss, in hopes of fulfilling the Brown's dream of striking gold.

Watch Alaskan Bush People Season 14 Episode 11 Now

Gold Blooded Browns
With added scenes and bonus footage, Bird and Noah race to overcome big obstacles to complete their gold mining setup. Bam and Mother Ami soon realize the biggest challenge to selling longhorn calves isn't going to be delivering them.

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Gabe Against the Machine
The Wolfpack moves to fulfill sister Rain's longtime goal of mining gold on the mountain. But with the siblings shorthanded, other big projects like Gabe's cabin build must compete for priority.

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All Aboard The Barter Train
Noah discovers his dream property on a remote island. Without a full deposit to secure it, he agrees to a complicated barter deal.

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Stormy Straight and Narrows
The Browns must navigate the treacherous Wrangell Narrows on course for the storied Mosman Island where Bird hopes to begin a new chapter. But with the clock ticking for Noah to find his homestead, stormy seas threaten their journey.

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No Sleep Till Petersburg
The Brown siblings battle boat issues while racing to meet a deadline to see a dream property. In Washington, Bam strives to save the ranch money by learning from a local hay farmer.

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The Alaskan Code
In Alaska, Noah risks losing a dream property when he volunteers his siblings and himself for a hauling-and-build mission to help an off-grid family in need. On the mountain, Bear invents a new way for him and Raiven to accomplish a tedious bush chore.

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Coming Home
The siblings touch down in Haines, Alaska, on a mission to find a new homestead for Noah. On North Star Ranch, Bam and Gabe set out to deter encroaching predators hungry from hibernation; and Bear introduces off-grid cuisine to Raiven.

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Growing Pains
While Bird undergoes emergency surgery throwing her Alaska plan in doubt, Gabe embarks on a risky wood salvage mission for his homestead build. Raiven gets her first lesson in off-grid building with husband Bear.

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Heart of a Wolf
Bird faces a life-changing crisis just before returning to Alaska. Bear and Raiven move up the mountain to start their life as a family.

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A New Crossroad
The Wolfpack launches into Spring with ambitions that will push them in new directions. Gabe and Bam ramp up their efforts to rebuild the ranch by turning burnt trees into lumber while Noah reveals epic plans for Alaska.

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Discovery Channel's reality television series, Alaskan Bush People, first introduced in 2014, is an intriguing exploration of one family's distinct way of life deep in Alaska's rugged wilderness. The series revolves around the Brown family, which is made up of parents Billy and Ami Brown, and their seven grown children.

As the title infers, the show’s premise is centered on the family’s off-grids and off-the-beaten-path way of life, far away from the conveniences of modern civilization. For the Browns, living deep in the Alaskan bush means a life of extreme resourcefulness, hunting and gathering for survival, eschewing most modern amenities such as electricity, running water or even formal education. This in itself makes for an enduringly fascinating watch, which highlights a lifestyle that will be alien to most viewers.

The family seems to genuinely consider the wilderness as their true home, their "bush" as they call it. They possess a profound respect for nature and her sustenance, their motto being "what the land doesn't give us, we don't need." However, beyond the wilderness and unique lifestyle, it is the captivating dynamic of the family that truly draws viewers in.

The series showcases an uncensored view of the struggles, triumphs, and daily survival realities the family faces. For instance, the Brown’s quests for food involve hunting and trapping animals, fishing in freezing rivers, or sustainably gathering plant-based foods. To bolster their survival, they construct everything from makeshift hunting gear to housing structures from whatever materials the land generously affords them, or what they can barter or trade for.

Alaskan Bush People is not a survival show in the conventional sense, it's a candid slice-of-life spectacle of a unique family living a life of choice and necessity that is at the intersection of the ancestral human lifestyle and the reality of present-day wilderness survival. The show is interspersed with moments of danger, laughter, sibling rivalry, familial bonding, and lessons in wilderness survival; all of which offer an intimate glimpse into the Brown's singular existence.

While Billy Brown, the family's patriarch, instills in them a deep reverence for the land, Ami Brown, the matriarch, attempts to impart values of strength, resilience, and a deep familial commitment among her kids. All seven siblings - Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Snowbird, Rain, and Noah, each display their unique quirks, skills, and personalities, additionally lending a rich tapestry to the family’s collective character.

Despite their distinctive lifestyle, Alaskan Bush People spectacularly illustrates that the Browns deal with inter-family relationships, love, and growing pains just like any other family, except while grappling with survival in the harsh, albeit breathtakingly beautiful Alaskan wilderness.

Moreover, the series provides an eye-opening exploration of the complexities that arises when the family's primary understanding of the world around them clashes with 'modern' human society. The Browns' efforts to navigate societal norms and their passion to preserve their unique lifestyle amplifies the show's allure.

Skillfully produced, the series is beautifully cinematic, presenting viewers with stunningly captured landscapes of the Alaskan wilderness. The tone of the show captures a sense of adventure, fear, celebration, and unique way of life. As much as the series is about survival, it's also about the joy, satisfaction, and freedom in living life on their terms.

Alaskan Bush People simultaneously serves as a microcosm of human resilience, a poignant family drama, and a superb nature film. It offers viewers a refreshing break from the modern world’s complications, capturing the allure and complexity of living life 'off the grid'. A vivid narrative of the human spirit, family bonds, values, survival, and wilderness, Alaskan Bush People is undoubtedly a compelling series that offers something for everyone.

Alaskan Bush People is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 14 seasons with a total of 148 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.0.

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