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The 100th Episode
Go behind the scenes in the search for America's favorite monster. Spanning over 9 years and 100 episodes, this special hour with the cast and the crew of Finding Bigfoot shows off never seen before footage and highlights the best of Bigfoot.

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Return of the Legend
The team returns to Willow Creek to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin film. When a newly discovered film canister offers clarity to the creature, they pull out all the stops to get their own Bigfoot footage.

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Return Of The Legend
The team of investigators returns for the 100th and final episode! In a two-hour Monster Week special, the team travels to Willow Creek California to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the most famous piece of Bigfoot footage, the Patterson Gimlin film.

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Finding Bigfoot is a captivating reality-based series that debuted on Animal Planet in 2011. The show centers on a core group of investigators who set out on the quest to search for the elusive creature, called Bigfoot or Sasquatch, reputed to be a gigantic, hairy hominid that inhabits the wilderness regions of North America. This investigative team is part of the non-profit organization called the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) which is dedicated to the research and discovery of the mysterious beast.

The innovative television series delves into the enigmatic world of cryptids with its primary focus on Bigfoot, notoriously known for its rarity and the scarcity of concrete evidence in proving its existence. Finding Bigfoot maintains an honest resolve, propelled by the passionate ambition of the investigators in elucidating the mystery surrounding this mythical creature. The series, transcending geographical boundaries, uncovers potential Bigfoot sightings and stories, across the United States and around the world.

The BFRO team comprises a unique blend of professional backgrounds including Matt Moneymaker, the founder of BFRO himself, field biologist Ranae Holland, researcher James “Bobo” Fay, and professional sasquatch investigator Cliff Barackman. Together, their diverse skills and relentless dedication strive to gather compelling evidence that the elusive creature might truly exist. They examine photos and videos, study unusual prints and impressions, listen to eyewitness accounts, and even work late until the night, exploring forests and renovating Bigfoot's potential habitats.

Finding Bigfoot is not just a mere transmission of bland exploration and investigations. The series creates an engaging experience for the audience by involving them in the adventures. Through town hall meetings - where locals share personal experiences, chatter about ancestral folklore, and sometimes offer visual evidence like grainy videos or blurred photos - the team gradually bolsters their strategy. These gatherings not only conjure fresh leads but also bring the community closer as they recount shared experiences and collective fears.

Although the series is focused on a scientific quest, it harmoniously fuses elements of adventure, mystery, and occasionally humor, creating an enriching viewing experience that resonates with viewers of all ages. The squabble among team members and their often contrasting opinions contribute to the series' lively dynamics. Every member has its own methodologies - while some use cutting-edge technologies, others rely on old-school tracking techniques and field signs.

The episodes are methodically structured, starting with a lead or report of a sighting, followed by the team's thorough investigation, concluding with a night-time exploration of the area. To heighten the experience, the show incorporates night vision and thermal imaging for a detailed exploration of the nocturnal wilderness, as it is believed that Bigfoot is predominantly nocturnal. Coupled with advanced acoustic analysis and footprint examinations, these techniques contribute a sense of realism to the series.

However, it is the presentation style that distinguishes the show. The suspense buildup, intriguing narratives, picturesque localities, and friendly banter among the cast members add to its vivacity, making it an engaging reality show rather than a dry documentary.

Despite its controversial subject, Finding Bigfoot proclaims no definitive statement regarding the existence of the creature, leaving it open-ended for audiences to decide. The team's dedication and quest for clarity, irrespective of the number of inconclusive nights and the scarcity of hard evidence, shine through as they plunge into hostile terrains, dense forests, and secluded locations, confronting their fears and challenging existing stereotypes.

In essence, Finding Bigfoot offers a vicarious thrill to its viewers, provoking the inherent curiosity within us all, and stimulating a renewed interest in the vast unexplored wilderness and the cryptic creatures that might inhabit it. The series does not exclusively empower science but also fosters folklore, local mythologies, and unexplainable phenomena, reinforcing the intricate link between humankind and nature.

Whether you are a cryptid enthusiast, an adventurous soul, or simply someone seeking an enthralling experience, 'Finding Bigfoot' promises a unique blend of science, adventure, community, and mystery. As it takes audiences into territories far removed from the urban grind, it invites them to form their own assumptions about the existence of the enigmatic creature. With every footprint, twig snap, or howl in the darkness, it continues to whittle at the realms of the unknown in the hope of transforming myths into realities.

Finding Bigfoot is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 12 seasons with a total of 116 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.1.

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