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Confessions Of The Crocodile Hunter
This episode takes a look at the accomplishments of Steve and Terri Irwin. The infamous "Baby Bob incident" is explored in detail as Steve and Terri explain the events of that day.

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Ice Breaker
Steve looks at the wildlife of Antarctica, including penguins, leopard seals and humpback whales.

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Search For Super Croc
A look at the 60 million year history of the crocodile.

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They Shoot Crocodiles, Don't They
Steve gives the viewers a look at the seven cameramen who have captured his encounters with wildlife throughout the years.

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Island Of Snakes
A trip to Sri Lanka, off the southern coast of India, finds Steve Irwin studying venomous snakes with help from rice-paddy farmers, tea plantation workers and buffalo herdsmen. Also: a look at Mugger crocodiles and angry elephants.

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Crocs In The City
Steve Irwin works with the Mexican government to solve croc problems in the resort towns of Tampico and Cancun.

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Tigers Of Shark Bay
Steve observes the tiger sharks of Western Australia's Shark Bay. He helps to release a captive tiger shark back into the wild, and he hand feeds bull sharks.

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Crocodile Coast
A helicopter trip along Australia's Kimberly Coast includes crocodile encounters. Also: reef diving among sea snakes and sharks.

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Whale Sharks of the Wild West
Steve, Terri and Bindi sail along the west coast of Australia in a luxury cruiser. Included: swimming with dolphins, seals and sharks.

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River of The Damned
Steve is the special guest of the Belize Zoo as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. He also travels up the Macal river to observe a controversial dam project; and tangles with a highly poisonous fer de lance snake while searching for Morelet crocodiles.

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Eleven crocodiles must be relocated at the zoo, so Steve develops a new method to capture them. Also: a white crocodile is introduced at the zoo and proves to be aggressive towards a female.

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Africa's Final Frontier
Steve travels to Namibia, where he experiences close encounters with a variety of dangerous animals and plants, including a tree with inch-long poisonous spines, a feisty viper and a cranky cobra.

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The Crocodile Hunter was a wildlife documentary television series that aired on Animal Planet between 1996 and 2004. The series starred Australian herpetologist Steve Irwin and his wife Terri Irwin, along with their daughter Bindi Irwin, and close friend Wes Mannion. Over the course of 5 seasons and 64 episodes, the team embarked on wildlife expeditions, showcasing exotic and often dangerous animals from around the globe while delivering an insightful conservation message.

The series' underpinning objective was to promote wildlife conservation by coaxing viewers to understand, appreciate, and respect the biodiversity on our planet. In this way, The Crocodile Hunter became more than a documentary – it was a dynamic exploration of the animal kingdom, and an appeal for environmental stewardship wrapped up in an adventurer’s tale.

Steve Irwin, with his charismatic personality and stunning bravery, was the heart and soul of The Crocodile Hunter. Brimming with a love of life, animals and the environment, Irwin was always ready to jump into action, whether that meant getting dangerously close to a venomous snake or scooping up a crocodile in his arms. He was known for his trademark catchphrase, "Crikey!" - a term he used to express surprise or excitement, particularly when in close proximity to wild, and often deadly, creatures.

Aside from Steve, the show featured his wife, Terri Raines Irwin, an American-born naturalist originally from Oregon. Meeting Steve during a visit to his zoo in Australia, Terri quickly became not just his life partner, but also his partner in wildlife conservation and television stardom. Terri co-starred in The Crocodile Hunter, often providing educational commentary about the animals they encountered, and sometimes stepping into the action herself.

Their daughter Bindi Irwin also had several appearances within the series, even at a very young age. Bindi grew up around animals and was actively engaged in her parents’ wildlife rescue and conservation work. This series, among other projects, allowed her to step into natural hosting roles that ultimately made her a young wildlife conservation advocate in her own right.

Wes Mannion, Steve's best friend and the director of Australia Zoo, often joined these animal adventures. His relationship with Steve added a level of camaraderie and levity to the program, their banter providing light moments even in the face of dangerous animal encounters.

The show took viewers on a global journey, covering different wildlife habitats from deep in the Australian Outback to the frigid landscapes of Antarctica. The series was a departure from traditional wildlife programming, taking on a reality-style format and providing an immersive experience. It actually followed the Irwins on expedition, sharing both the highs and lows, the excitement and the waiting, the triumphs and the failures of their journey.

The spirit of this series was rooted in the unparalleled passion the Irwins had for wildlife conservation. The show's success can be attributed to Steve Irwin's energetic, daredevil persona, his infectious enthusiasm, and his deep respect for wildlife, traits that translated into making The Crocodile Hunter a captivating and educational viewing experience.

While the series primarily focused on Steve's confrontations with large, dangerous animals such as crocodiles, snakes, and spiders, the Irwins infused each episode with a wealth of information about various creatures. This unique combination of thrilling encounters and educational content set The Crocodile Hunter apart in the landscape of wildlife programming.

The lasting impact of The Crocodile Hunter series is indelible. It broke barriers, opened discussions, and carved out a new path for wildlife TV programming. This intrepid show left an imprint not just due to its captivating content, but also because it instigated a global conversation about biodiversity conservation, a core issue that continues to permeate human consciousness in our continued struggle to achieve a balance between development and conservation.

In essence, The Crocodile Hunter was not just a wildlife TV series - it was an ambassador for the voiceless species of our planet, a crusader for conservation, and an advocate for co-existence. It was a testament to the incredible joy and peril of interacting with the wild and an homage to the deep love of one man and his family for the natural world.

The Crocodile Hunter is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 48 episodes, the show debuted on 1996. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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