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The Girl Who Wasn't There (aka Urso)
A fun family outing at the town marina becomes a parent's worst nightmare when 8-year-old Jessica Urso goes missing from a friend's boat. Police do their best to track down any sign of the young girl, but it seems that Jessica has vanished without a trace.

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A woman in Lamar, Colorado calls police to report her husband has gone missing. He was last seen meeting a potential buyer for the couple's car, Larry Wayne Shepherd, and police immediately suspect foul play.

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The Fatal Ring
When police find Joe Devine murdered in his own bulk as plant, they are horrified by the surprise attack and execution-style killing. Residents of the small town in Indiana are shocked by the crime, but with little evidence and no murder weapon, investigators are hard pressed to find a lead.

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Broken Hand of Fate
A young woman is found on a set of railroad tracks outside of Detroit, strangled and viciously stabbed with a railroad spike. Investigators track down the last people seen with the victim before her death, but confusing evidence and convenient alibis throw them off the trail.

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A Deadly Triangle
A large pool of blood in the parking lot of an apartment complex is at first thought to be from a deer, left by a hunter. But police in Xenia, Ohio are in for a shock when the blood is identified as human, not animal.

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The Devil Inside
Albany, NY police respond to a 911 call and are shocked to find that a religious goods store owner and his employee have been brutally murdered in the store. A witness is able to give a description of someone running from the scene and dropping something into a garbage can, but police only find a bloody vestment.

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Lethal Lovers
Police are baffled by the mysterious disappearance of a widow, Lois Jean McNamara, and her car. An initial search of the house does not provided clues, and there are no signs of a break-in or a struggle.

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The mysterious disappearances of several young girls in Delaware County, Pennsylvania terrorizes the quiet community. Police are determined to catch whoever is responsible, and their investigation leads to local motorcycle gang known for its connections to violence, drugs and lawlessness.

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Final Delivery
A 911 call comes in to Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana police. The body of 16-year-old Eric Walber was found lying face down along a remote gravel road, evidently dead from a hit and run.

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Mystery on the Mountain
Tom Amburn's wife makes a frantic call to police. She says he never came home from his daily hike on nearby White Oak Mountain.

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Psychic Detectives is a series that aired on truTV from 2004, offering viewers insight into a unique approach to solving criminal mysteries. This reality-based television show delves into the powerful and mysterious domain of the paranormal and investigates their impact on crime-solving.

Each episode of Psychic Detectives features a separate real-life case from law enforcement's archives where psychics have been used to aid in solving crimes. The show takes its audiences into the heart of the investigations, revealing process through gritty, true-crime contexts. The series balances its narrative between the factual elements of the investigative process and the often controversial, yet fascinating world of psychic phenomena, creating a mesmerizing blend of mysticism and law enforcement.

The layout of Psychic Detectives follows a highly structured pattern, with each episode focusing on an individual case. These are generally high-stake cases such as kidnapping, murder, or missing person reports that have left law enforcement at a dead-end. The series provides an open examination of how psychic insights are used during these investigations, aiming to shed light on the otherwise nebulous field of psychic involvement in police work.

The psychic mediums featured in the show are often depicted as their own characters, individually independent, yet collectively informative and helpful. With their insights and unique methods, they extend a line of hope to desperate families and a new perspective to law enforcement officers. However, they're not portrayed as ultimate solution holders. Rather, they are another tool in the quest for closure and resolution, working synergistically with conventional detective methods and technology to unmask the truth.

Each episode takes the viewer through the psychic's process, from the initial intuitive impressions to the eventual solving of the case. The series is unique in how it unfolds, attempting to convey an unbiased display of what happens when investigators use a less orthodox method to find answers. In so doing, it provides a platform for the discussion of psychic involvement— warranted or not—in crime investigations, offering a balanced exploration of skepticism and belief.

The narration and reenactments throughout the series add more depth to the storyline, while interviews with law enforcement and the psychic detectives deepen the sense of reality. Some episodes also include testimonials from the victims' families, providing emotional context to the series' events and offering viewers a glimpse beyond the case files.

A key feature of Psychic Detectives is the show’s lack of judgement or promotion of psychic abilities. It presents the facts of the case, the insights and assertions of the psychic, and the results of the investigation, leaving the interpretation up to the viewer. This measured approach makes Psychic Detectives engaging for both skeptics and believers alike.

The show stands out in its genre due to the overwhelmingly positive approach taken toward the psychic detectives. While critics may argue that the show promotes belief in the supernatural, it primarily encourages dialogue about the potential influences of varying perspectives in crime-solving. It introduces a fresh angle to the typically meticulous and often unvarying world of law enforcement methodologies.

Psychic Detectives is, in essence, a crime-fighting show that uses a distinct lens to engage its audience. Through intricate storytelling, each episode veers into the unknown and explores the intersections of intuition, science, and investigatory prowess. For fans of true-crime dramas, paranormally-themed shows, or both, Psychic Detectives offers a gripping hybrid that combines the best of both worlds.

Whether the show leaves you pondering the legitimacy of psychic abilities, questioning conventional law enforcement methods, or mulling over the potential for collaborations between the two fields, one thing is for sure — it guarantees an hour-long journey into the mysterious world where crime-solving meets clairvoyance, resulting in a true-crime series like no other. Psychic Detectives pushes the boundaries of conventional detective work, leading viewers on a labyrinthine journey through the drama, suspense, and intrigue that is inherent in every crime investigation.

Psychic Detectives is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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How can I watch Psychic Detectives online? Psychic Detectives is available on truTV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Psychic Detectives on demand at Amazon online.

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