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Screaming Eagles in Afghanistan
In 2010, the "Screaming Eagles" of the 101st Airborne Division battle the Taliban during Operation Dragon Strike. The American soldiers of the 101st head up Afghanistan's "Highway to Hell," to take back the countryside from a deadly enemy.

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Beheading the Taliban
U.S. Army Special Forces battle the Taliban nearKandahar, Afghanistan, for control of high ground at Sperwan Ghar in September 2006.

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Road to Baghdad
Head to the frontlines, capturing the conflict from the American warriors point of view -the shot by shot firefights in the 21-day bloody battle for Baghdad.

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Tet Offensive
A chronicle of a Navy SEAL operation during the Vietnam War to rescue medical personnel in Chau Doc at the beginning of the Tet Offensive in January 1968.

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Search & Destroy
In a battle known as the Nine Days in May, the troops of the US 4th Infantry Division are on a search and destroy mission in Vietnam's Central Highlands when they run headlong into a massive force of North Vietnamese soldiers on the Cambodian border.

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The second battle for Fallujah, Iraq called Operation Phantom Fury is examined.

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Warrior POV is an intense, action-packed documentary series that aired in 2013 on the Military Channel (now known as the American Heroes Channel). The show provides viewers with a deeply immersive experience into the world of military combat, giving an authentic first-person perspective into the grueling realities and extreme conditions that soldiers face during warfare.

The main charm of this series lies in its innovative method of storytelling, that employs real-life cameras mounted on the helmets, rifles, and bodies of the soldiers. The first-person perspective delivered through the cameras offers viewers an extremely close and personalized perspective of the combat situations, hence the show's title, Warrior Point of View (POV).

In Warrior POV, each episode is a stand-alone narrative that takes the viewers through a meticulously detailed cinematic journey of a particular mission. From the planning stages and deployments to the actual combat and eventual extraction, the program encapsulated every significant moment of the operations. The mission involved could range from intense urban combat in the most hostile territories, long-range reconnaissance missions deep within enemy lines, or high-stakes rescue operations.

One of the unique aspects of Warrior POV is its emphasis on representing a comprehensive look into the life of a soldier in combat. The series doesn't merely focus on capturing the adrenaline-rush moments of battlefield confrontations. It also includes the silent moments packed with tension, the camaraderie among soldiers, and their personal reflections and thoughts in the heat of battle, which form an essential part of their experiences.

A wide range of elite U.S. military units is featured in this series, including Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets, and Marines. The inclusion of different divisions fosters a greater understanding of the unique roles, tactics, and responsibilities of each unit in the broader defense framework.

Apart from showcasing the combat footage, Warrior POV compellingly intertwines personal accounts and interviews with the very soldiers whose cameras recorded the action. These compelling, often emotional testimonials offered retrospectives on the operation's circumstances, reflecting on their decisions, and the impact of the mission on the soldiers. It provides a humbling reminder of the men and women risking their lives behind the uniform and underneath the helmet-mounted cameras.

The show also features thoughtful commentary from military historians and analysts. They provide professional insights into the tactics employed, the strategic significance of the operations, and situational analysis – adding another layer of depth to the narrative and painting a broader picture of the war scenario.

The show is impressively crafted and maintains a high degree of authenticity. This is crucial to its spirit and without a doubt one of its most significant assets. The matchless documentary style, acutely detailed accounts enforced with raw footage from actual battles, makes Warrior POV a riveting watch for military enthusiasts and common audiences alike. The blending of personal testimonies with truly real, unfiltered combat visuals connects audiences to the soldiers' struggles and triumphs on a profoundly intimate level.

In conclusion, Warrior POV is a potent show that pushes the boundaries of traditional military programming to a new frontier. It takes the viewer beyond the usual depiction of warfare and dives into the psyche, emotions, and indeed, the heart of a soldier in the throes of war. With its brave narratives and intense visuals, Warrior POV challenges us to embrace and understand the complex realities of warfare and the extraordinary spirits of the men and women who serve in our defense forces.

Simply put, Warrior POV is a tribute to bravery: raw, unnerving, and unabashedly real, a stunning blend of reality and humanity amidst the chaos of war. The series is a reminder of the courage and enormous personal sacrifice made by the brave souls who enlist and affirm their devotion to serving their country, often in extraordinarily perilous environments. For those interested in seeing a warrior's first-hand experiences and gaining a vivid picture from the frontlines' heat, Warrior POV delivers an unparalleled gaze into the soldier's world.

Warrior POV is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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