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Patrol Boat Rescue
Viet Cong use the North Saigon River to stock up on arms and supplies. With strategy, planning and stealth, thirty US Navy crewmen on six small boats, out-manned and outgunned, fight and win a hard, fast battle.

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Ambush at Lake Tharthar
A small US/Iraqi team working near Samara comes under a fierce attack. Out-manned and outgunned, their call for air support is answered by just two US choppers in the area.

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Battle of Najaf
The Imam Ali Shrine, a Shiite holy site, was off-limits to US and Iraqi coalition forces, but that didn't stop insurgents from holing up there. Marines had to fight hand-to-hand to take out arms and fighters hiding in the surrounding Wada al-Salam cemetery.

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Hill 875
Up against the North Vietnamese Army dug in and concealed in the jungle, American paratroopers fought hard for a piece of high ground during the Battle of Dak To. Repeated attacks up the slopes brought them within almost 20 yards of the NVA, and just in reach of one of their last sure victories of the war.

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Ambush in Hawijah
Fort McHenry, the US Military's Forward Operating Base outside Hawijah, suffered intense attacks in Operation Iraqi Freedom. To protect the new Iraqi police, on August 7 the Army enters the town square ' and into a kill zone.

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SLA Gunfight
The Symbionese Liberation Army, the most wanted domestic terrorists in the US, followed their kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst with a daring bank robbery. The shootout with the LAPD made TV viewers wonder: is Patty Hearst inside?

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Triangle of Death
Free elections approach for Iraqis but south of Baghdad beheadings, executions, roadside bombs, robberies and chaos rule the area. US Marines will need courage and heroism to beat the enemy and make it safe for the election.

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Battle of Tal Afar
For centuries, the city of Tal Afar served as a trading post linking East and West. By 2005, Al-Qaeda's brutal reign turned it into a ghost town.

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Battle of Inchon
Three months after Communist North Korea invaded the South, thousands of US Marines hit the beaches behind enemy lines and stage a fierce counterattack. Joined by Army infantry, in only two weeks they recaptured the South Korean capital of Seoul.

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Battle of Hue
As the war explodes during the Tet Offensive, US Marines in the city of Hue quickly find themselves badly outnumbered by Communist forces. They must fight building to building to regain control of the city.

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Invasion of Grenada
Marxist extremists seize control of Grenada's government and execute the Prime Minister. US forces plan Operation Urgent Fury in just four days.

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Rescue in Panama
Dictator Manuel Noriega ordered captors to kill American prisoner Kurt Muse if any rescue is attempted. Delta Force commandos sent in face danger - and disaster.

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A Tight Spot
Eight Green Berets from US Army Special Forces go deep inside Iraq to gather info on a key Iraqi location when they are suddenly attacked. It's a harrowing encounter with sleek coordination between air and ground support.

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Combat Zone is a captivating and exhilarating television show that aired on the Military Channel in 2007, providing a direct, in-depth look into war's harshest realities and the courageous men and women who bear its brunt. The program focuses on various military engagements from different eras, playing out these momentous events in granular detail to reveal the human experiences behind the often dense fog of war.

Within each approximately hour-long episode, Combat Zone takes viewers to the heart of the action, presenting a raw depiction of what it means to be deployed in a combat environment. It is not a typical military documentary series that provides an oversight of major conflicts; rather, its aim is to bring to light the personal stories, warfare strategies, equipment, and the tactical brilliance deployed in various military operations the world over.

In doing so, Combat Zone brings history to life. Renowned historians, military strategists, and veterans of world conflicts serve as the narrators and the backbone of the program. Their first-hand accounts, coupled with significant context and analysis, bring forth an unparalleled overview of warfare's harrowingly real and personal nature.

The show uses a multitude of resources and methods, ranging from archival footage and photographs to CGIs and reenactments, to present the intensity, fear, brotherhood, and exhilaration the armed forces soldiers experience during their course of duty. Each episode examines everything from the planning stages, tactics used, weaponry deployed, to the actual combats on ground, air, and sea, and the aftereffects of these strategic campaigns.

The highly dynamic stories narrate heroic tales of soldiers fighting not only against their enemy but also relentless environmental challenges and their fears. It shares real-life experiences of those who have survived through various lethal and life-changing encounters, with the narrations occasionally punctuated by sobering tales of loss and sacrifice. It's not all battles and violence - the show also offers glimpses into moments of camaraderie, resilience, and the soldiers' relentless pursuit of peace and liberation.

The series doesn't shrink away from showcasing the adverse aspects of warfare, making it a hard-hitting watch for some viewers. The horror and tragedy that play out in battleground scenes are heartbreaking, thereby offering a stark reminder of the painful cost of freedom and the great sacrifices made by soldiers in preserving it.

At the same time, the show also provides an extensive exploratory overview of the technology and weaponry used during different periods of war. From tanks, aircraft, artillery to cutting-edge technology in modern warfare like drones and precision missiles, the viewers are given a thorough understanding of their evolution and application in military operations.

Combat Zone covers a broad array of conflicts. It takes viewers on a captivating journey across time, reaching as far back as World War II to recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Besides focusing on known battles, the series does not neglect lesser-known struggles and covert operations that significantly influenced warfare outcomes. The viewers are exposed to myriad tactics, strategies, political controversies, and blunders associated with these events.

The series stands out for its effort to cover the tactics and strategies of warfare from all angles, offering a comprehensive view that enhances the viewer's understanding of the complexities of military operations.

Above all, Combat Zone is not merely about military history; it is a powerful tribute to the bravery, courage, sacrifice, and determination of the military forces. The heart-wrenching firsthand accounts, the display of unflinching courage in the face of adversity, and the candid revelations of their inner feelings while combating the enemy forces, make this show a must-watch for history buffs and fans of military programming alike.

In conclusion, the show tells a compelling tale of unsung heroes - a narrative of ideals, heroism, and sacrifice. Combat Zone is a vivid portrayal of how war has shaped world history, with a focus on the men and women behind the scenes who have willingly put their lives on the line. There is no dramatization, no filter - only the brutal, profound truth of what it means to exist and survive in a combat zone.

Combat Zone is a series categorized as a new series . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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