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The light machine gun launched mobile warfare by blending massive firepower with the portability of a rifle. We'll see the evolution of this revolutionary weapon from its use in World War I to its modern incarnation – the SAW or Squad Automatic Weapon.

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The Abrams Tank
The M1 Abrams Tank is the world's most potent armored vehicle. Watch it's evolution through such forerunners as the WWII-era M18 Hellcat and the Cold War-era Soviet T-55 tank and see why these Â'beast-boxesÂ' have ruled ground warfare for decades.

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Spec OPS Pistol
For today's elite warriors, their last line of defence are the Spec Ops Pistols. Host Wil Willis tests the Navy Seal Sig Sauer P226, then fires the greatest forerunners like Jame Bond's Walther PPK, the Soviet Tokarev and the massive Desert Eagle.

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Gatling and the A-10
The Aerial Gatling Gun has the highest rate of fire of any military machine gun in the world. Host Wil Willis flys in an F16 to see the six thousand round a minute Vulcan rip apart targets and fires the Minigun from a helicopter at exploding cars.

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Combat Shotguns
Deadly at close quarters the Combat Shotgun is a powerful tool of any army. Host Wil Willis fires history's greatest shotguns, from the Blunderbuss to the modern Benelli M4 and Mossburg 590.

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The Ma Deuce
The second season opens with a closer look at the Browning M2 50-cal. machine gun, or "Ma Deuce," which has been used by the U.

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Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World is a captivating television series from the Military Channel, hosted by former Army Ranger and Air Force Pararescueman, Wil Willis. Premiering in 2011, the show shines a light on some of the most influential and consequential military weaponry ever created, dedicating each episode to a different weapon that played a significant role in the unfolding tapestry of global history. Through its seasons, the show journeys across time, exploring multidimensional aspects of weaponry, from swords to machine guns, tanks, and beyond. Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World is not just a historical analysis of arms and ammunition in warfare but a poignant exploration of their cultural, political, and technological impacts on societies across the globe. Wil Willis, the host, is a military weapons expert with not just theoretical but also practical knowledge and field experience. With Willis at the helm, viewers get an insightful, in-depth look into these formidable tools of destruction and defense, their handling, their advancements through time, and how changes in their design and application have altered the course of battles and wars. Throughout the fascinating episodes, Willis takes viewers on a thrilling voyage, attempting to elucidate how a weapon's design, manufacture, and strategic use can influence the outcome of a conflict, ranging from a localized battlefield encounter to large-scale global warfare. The weapons are evaluated on various parameters, including reliability, accuracy, fire rate, and overall performance in different situations. The series uses a mix of first-hand demonstrations, historical narratives, industry expert interviews, and archive footage to explore not only the mechanical intricacies of these weapons but also the stories behind their invention, the rationale behind their application, and the aftermath of their usage. It reveals the human stories embedded in the iron, steel, and gunpowder, taking viewers beyond the mere mechanics and into the depths of strategy, valor, human ingenuity, and the unfortunate realities of war. Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World is also about showcasing the evolution of military technology. It provides detailed commentary on the progression from crude, hand-held weapons to intelligent weaponry, demonstrating how each consequent invention was a response to a previous model's limitations and the ongoing demand for strategic advantage in warfare. Featuring a dynamic mix of history, science, technology, and military strategy, Willis' engaging hosting style and veteran's perspective imbue the series with an authenticity that separates Triggers from other military-themed documentaries or shows. The series gives you an underlying sense of respect to the people who have operated these weapons, especially those in desperate and dangerous conditions, who continually adapt and evolve to overcome challenges on the battlefield. In essence, Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World is a poignant reminder of human ingenuity, resilience and the endless strive for survival, dominance, and security. Each episode not only emphasizes the evolution of weapons and warfare methods but also how they molded our modern world. The show is riveting, informative, and evocative, catering to history buffs, weapons enthusiasts, and anyone with an interest in the interplay of technology, strategy, and human conflict. Overall, Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World is a must-watch for anyone wanting an intimate look into the annals of warfare to understanding how a simple trigger can change the course of history. Its seamless merging of amusement and education, together with Willis' expert knowledge and infectious passion, makes it a standout offering in the domain of military-themed television series. It packs a substantial punch, offering compelling content to those who appreciate a deep dive into mankind's historical developments in its quest for power, security, and supremacy.

Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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