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Jason Rygaard races to clear a hillside in time to fill four logging trucks; Jay R Harkness fights to control the untethered Tigercat on a steep, snow-covered mountainside.

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Snappin' Trees
Jason Rygaard hauls trees while braving the weather. Wade struggles to control his track cutter.

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Man Down
Rygaard Logging races to complete four settings and three yarder moves in a single day so they can stay on schedule and on budget.

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Measure Twice, Cut Once
Danny Pihl relies on the experience of veteran cutters Dwayne and Chuck to take down massive old-growth trees. Craig Rygaard discovers son Jason made a catastrophic and costly miscalculation.

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A breakdown forces Jason Rygaard to choose between his crew's safety and finishing the job; Frank Harkness is caught in a whiteout while moving the excavator on a narrow mountainside logging road; Wade Etienne finally tests his six-wheel, custom-fabricated, log-hauler; and Buckin' Billy tests his son, Hogan, on a solo cutting mission 100 feet above the ground.

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The Longest Road
Rygaard Logging fights to fix a crooked skyline, crossing a deep valley on their longest road yet. Danny Pihl pushes himself physically and mentally while running his first jobsite on his own.

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Steel Knot
Danny Pihl gambles on horsepower to untangle a massive steel knot that's shut down the job site. Rygaard blows out the cobwebs as the company begins logging on their massive, new job.

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Uphill Battle
Brandon Harkness fights his way up a mountainside in the 29-ton Tigercat; Mike Pihl get his 52-ton yarder lodged between trees; Wade Ettiene's "Big Mama" takes a two-inch steel sawtooth to her face; and Buckin' Billy's son Hogan loses his grip while cutting a tree 60-feet off the ground.

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A Legend Returns
Mike Pihl looks for help from a logging legend; Jason Rygaard faces a big test as the new boss and his father Craig's future at Rygaard logging is questioned; The Harkness crew battles winter storms and vertical terrain in the Cascade Mountains; and Wade Etienne goes after valuable hardwood giants with custom machines in Indiana.

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Back to the Woods
The Ax Men return, facing tougher conditions than ever before. This season, industry titans Pihl Logging and Rygaard Logging tackle some of their most challenging jobs yet, attempting to thrive in a turbulent industry.

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Ax Men is an American reality television series which originally aired on History from 2008, providing an unprecedented look into the dangerous and high-stakes world of logging. This show, produced by Original Productions, the creators of renowned shows such as Deadliest Catch, highlights the daring and dramatic day-to-day activities of loggers in various forests across the United States.

The program comes across as an expose of the timber harvesting industry, following several logging crews through a season in the forests from when the first cut is made to the final truck's departure. The documentary-style series aims to showcase the lifestyle and certifiable perils that lumber workers face in their routine. Each episode captures incredible footage of loggers doing their jobs, descending from helicopters, climbing trees, and fighting with heavyweight machinery against Mother Nature's obstacles and unpredictable weather.

The series takes viewers across different regions of America, including the deep swamps of Louisiana, unruly waters of Florida, rugged landscapes of Alaska, and the towering peaks of Montana, visiting private logging outfits in each location. It highlights the varied techniques used by different loggers too, from 'old school' logging, where tools like axes and handsaws are used, to technological advancements such as helicopters and fully-automated felling machines. Regardless of their methods, it remains clear throughout the show that logging is not for the faint-hearted.

In the intense world of "Ax Men", passionate and dedicated individuals emerge as the core of the narrative. Among these dedicated warriors are Jay Browning, owner of a million-dollar logging operation; Jesse Browning, Jay's twenty-three-year-old son and successor; and, Mike Pihl, who has struggled for years to keep his small business, Pihl Logging, alive. On the east coast, Jimmy Smith and James Franko make their living by logging in the swamps where traditional loggers refuse to venture. The gutsy exploits and personal tales of these characters help humanize the harsh realities of their industry.

But Ax Men does more than just portray the competing crews' tumultuous lives; it also uncovers the intricacies of the logging industry - a crucial part of the American economy that is often underestimated and misunderstood. Audiences are educated about the challenges that come with the territory, such as satisfying environmental regulations, grappling with the erratic market fluctuations, and most importantly, striving to keep each worker safe amidst perilous circumstances.

One of the noteworthy aspects of Ax Men is its tactical use of storytelling. Each episode is skilfully narrated to weave individual sequences together, building suspense and excitement in the viewer, episode after episode. Simultaneously, the series also introduces moments of levity now and then, balancing the intense drama with light-hearted banter between the crew members.

Another intriguing facet of Ax Men is its earnest depiction of the life and death risks that these men face on a daily basis. Whether it's dodging falling trees, working in extreme weather conditions, handling dangerous machinery or simply traversing rough terrains, these individual's lives often hang in the balance. This graphic depiction of the dangers involved aids in painting a vivid picture of the logging world in the viewer's mind.

In conclusion, Ax Men provides a captivating window into the lives of real-world loggers, their physically-demanding jobs, and the high-risk situations they grapple with on a typical workday. Rather than simply glamorizing the profession, the show stays true to the harsh realities of the occupation, making it an authentic experience for viewers. While the riveting action and suspense surely make Ax Men a thrilling watch, it is the human-driven stories, industry insights, and immersive portrayal of the profession that strive to involve the audience at a deeper level. As such, the series serves both as an entertaining watch and a thoughtful commentary on an under-acknowledged industry.

Ax Men is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 166 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.6.

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