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A Surreally Good Deal
Rick makes a surreally good deal for a painting supposedly created by artist, Rene Magritte. But in order to have the apple of his eye authenticated, he and Chum must head to Belgium.

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 15 Now

The Big Kahuna
Rick hangs ten as he checks out a rare playing card featuring a legendary surfer. Will this deal have Rick yelling "cowabunga!

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 14 Now

Siegfried and Rick
When a customer walks into the shop with a signature worthy of presidential praise, can Corey make a new deal? Meanwhile, Chum heads to a prop house in L.

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 13 Now

Here's Corey
Things get scary, when a seller comes in with a letter from Stephen King. Will all work and no play make Corey a dull boy?

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 12 Now

The Big Dig; Tasty Treats
Time's a-ticking when a seller brings a Mr. T wall clock to the shop. Will Rick and Corey see gold, or will they pity the fool? Then, Rick checks out James Bond's credit card from the 2006 movie "Casino Royale." Will the asking price make the sky fall, or will Harrison, Rick Harrison get the license to pawn? Meanwhile, Corey plays with an Atomic Cannon toy. But will this opportunity go nuclear? And later, Chum and Rick get down and dirty in Texas looking for fossils. But can they dig up a deal, or will they get left in the dust?

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 11 Now

Thunder Pawns
Rick sees red when a Rolex Submariner hits the counter. Will his offer make a splash, or is it just a waste of time?

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 10 Now

Jumpin' Jake Flash
A set of replica Muppets has Chum feeling green with envy; But will going gonzo over these furry friends land him the goods? Meanwhile, Rick flips over an autograph book from the 1800s, but are the signatures the real deal?

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 9 Now

May the Miniforce Be With You
Corey finds out if the force is with him, when a seller comes in with two Star Wars Lego minifigures. Can he "C" his way to a deal, or will he run into a brick wall?

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 8 Now

The Rick-Sy Rebellion
When a seller whips into the shop with an "Energy Dome" hat made for the band DEVO, will Rick's offer top the charts? Then, Corey takes a shot at a decanter set that supposedly belonged to Buffalo Bill.

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 7 Now

The Mad Pawner
Rick takes a trip down the rabbit hole after a seller hops in with a first edition of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Can it make Rick grin like the Cheshire Cat, or drive him mad?

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 6 Now

Chum Goes to Hollywood
Rick tackles a football helmet signed by 28 Heisman Trophy winners - but can he manage to get the seller's price a touch down? Then, Corey gears up to buy a devastatingly cool "Transformers" toy for the shop.

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 5 Now

Detective Rick Tracy
A seller walks into the shop hoping to score with his Magic Johnson 50th birthday invitation. Is the deal a slam dunk?

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 4 Now

Rarer Than Hen's Teeth
Rick and Chum show off their pearly whites when a seller brings in a pair of Tyrannosaur teeth. Will they be chomping at the bit or will the deal go extinct?

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 3 Now

The Pawnerator
When Rick sets his sights on a musket rifle from the 1800s, can he take a shot at this deal, or is he off the mark? Meanwhile, a seller tries to flex with a signed autobiography by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 2 Now

Rick prepares for battle over a pair of vintage posters, but will he win the war? Then, Rick and Chum call on the power of Grayskull as they check out a large Battle Cat toy.

Watch Pawn Stars Season 27 Episode 1 Now

Pawn Stars is an intriguing and unique reality television show that first aired in 2009 on the History Channel. It explores the dynamic and unpredictable world of the pawn business, offering viewers a glimpse into the daily operations of a bustling pawn store in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The show primarily follows a group of key characters, notably Corey Harrison, son of co-owner Rick Harrison, and his patriarch and co-founder of the pawn shop, Richard Harrison, also known as 'the old man'. Corey is one of the central figures in the series and he holds significant responsibilities in the day-to-day operations of the store. Over time, viewers become intimately familiar with his profound expertise in the pawn industry, keen business acumen, and intricate knowledge of historical artifacts.

The premise of Pawn Stars hinges primarily on the interactions between these savvy businessmen and their eclectic clientele who walk in with what they believe are valuable items, hoping to get a good deal. The show does an excellent job of entwining humor with historical fact, as these pawn brokers use their years of experience and deep historical knowledge to determine whether the items they are being offered are authentic and valuable, or just creative fakes.

Corey Harrison, known as "Big Hoss," begins as a junior associate but gradually matures into a proficient negotiator and business leader with an uncanny knack for picking out authentic items and appraising their value in the market. The dynamics between him, his father, and his grandfather offer a fascinating flair to the show. His relationships are often intense and conflicted, but at all times brimming with dry humor and driven by mutual respect. Viewers can't help but be engrossed in the family's interpersonal dynamics, which are underscored by their shared but differently nuanced passion for the pawn business.

The show goes beyond just haggling and business deals. It serves to enlighten viewers about little-known historical facts, leveraging each item's history as a backdrop to its potential value. Whether they're appraising a piece of antique jewelry, a centuries-old weapon, or a rare artifact, the Harrisons make history come alive through each negotiation, drawing in history buffs and general viewers alike.

The other pivotal figure in the show is Chumlee, a childhood friend of Corey, whose comic errors and antics provide light-hearted relief, balancing the serious business negotiations. Despite his seemingly clueless demeanor, Chumlee has his moments of surprising knowledge, particularly in the realm of pop culture collectibles.

One of the show's charms lies in its unpredictability. Every episode brings in a new customer, a new item, and a new story. It’s this suspenseful shift between the bizarre, the worthless, and the truly valuable that keeps viewers hooked. The anticipation of seeing whether a seemingly regular item turns out to be an invaluable piece of history or just mere junk continuously adds an element of surprise to the show.

The show also occasionally features cameo appearances. Experts are frequently called in to lend their knowledge to particularly tricky evaluations, from automobile restoration experts to historical book specialists. These cameos offer viewers deeper insight into specialty subjects and enhance the credibility of the appraisals.

All in all, Pawn Stars offers more than a typical reality TV show. It seamlessly blends family dynamics, business negotiations, and historical education wrapped in humor and suspense. Corey Harrison, with his robust knowledge and sharp instincts, makes for a highly entertaining and impactful main character. His growth from an everyday employee to a shrewd business leader forms an inspiring arc throughout the series, making it as much a story of personal growth as it is about striking the right deal.

So, whether you are a history aficionado, a lover of reality television, or someone who enjoys family dynamics with a dash of humor, Pawn Stars, with Corey Harrison at its center, offers an engaging watch. Over the years, it has managed to garner a dedicated fanbase and continues to be a beloved fixture on the History Channel.

Pawn Stars is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 27 seasons with a total of 715 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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