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Mid-Course Correction
Dog's target for today was once an upstanding member of his community. This middle-aged exile from middle-class society is using the cold end of an ice pipe to soothe his troubled soul.

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God Looks on the Heart
A fugitive's sketchy associates and footloose ways spell trouble for Dog in today's hunt. When the leads grow cold, it's the US Postal Service to the rescue as a mail carrier lends a helping hand.

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Big Brother
This case involves a runner whose close-knit kinfolk hold the keys to bringing him in. Dog's plan is to convince family that everyone is best served if the fugitive mans-up and takes care of business.

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 21 Now

Behind the Hunt
Today the cameras are turned around, as we get a tour of life "behind the scenes" on Dog the Bounty Hunter with interviews with Dog and the posse, the TV crew, and never before seen footage.

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 20 Now

Luck Be A Lady
Dog and company head to the Big Island in pursuit of two courthouse no-shows only to find that one of them appears to be posting status updates from Southern California.

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Bus Stop Bruiser
When an alleged abuser goes on the lame, Dog gathers the team to bring him in. As the leads grow colder Dog's determination only grows stronger.

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Who's the Boss
When Dog and Beth decide to ride in the same SUV as they pursue a run away fugitive, will their different approaches to the investigation lead to a capture and romance?

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Ties That Bind
With Duane Lee back, the rift in the Chapman clan appears over. As the family heads out for the seedier side of Honolulu in search of an erotic dancer, we will find out if the wound is truly healed.

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 16 Now

Higher Power
In a last attempt to bring the team back together, Dog recruits his pastor to be the peacemaker. As Dog begins his hunt for a young man who has trouble showing up at court, Tim has his own mission.

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 15 Now

Fight Like A Girl
Dog's target on today's hunt is the cousin of Kali, Garry Boy's caregiver. She has a reputation as a brawler.

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All Grown Up
Cecily has graduated from High School, and Dog believes the time is right to show her what the family business is all about.

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A House Divided
Dog has dropped Duane Lee from the team. When Leland confronts Dog and Beth about the decision, tempers flare.

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Photo Op
The family comes together as they set out to hunt a chronic violator with an open warrant and a wife who has an odd request for Dog.

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Short Handed
Dog is in Colorado helping a fellow bondsmen clean up his files. The target today has a history of violence, and apparently plans to re-locate without notifying the proper authorities.

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Cutting the Apron Strings
Two different young men; one has a taste for larceny, the other for strong spirits, both have a bad bad habit of missing their court dates. And both are a little too tied to their mothers.

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 9 Now

Training Day
The tenderfoot Alysin has a lot to learn. She not only bailed out a man facing charges of theft on just his promise to pay the fee but also without a co-signer for his bond.

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 8 Now

A Family Affair
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," and this is a hunt where that is true. So will Dog be able to use one family member's troubled ways to catch another in trouble with the law?

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 7 Now

Tag, You're It
To his traditional bounty hunting tools of confidential informants, canvassing, and silver-tongued subterfuge the world's greatest bounty hunter has added Facebook.

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 6 Now

Picture This
A fugitive with a long criminal record has fled to Hawaii, and the bondsman on the mainland has asked Dog and the Posse for help.

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 5 Now

Tears for Fears
Lyssa Chapman wakes up in a jail cell with no idea how she got there, but she steps up and befriends a woman who is waging a very personal battle against drug addiction.

Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 9 Episode 4 Now

Greed is Good
Today's fugitive is accused of assaulting a police officer, so Dog and the team are not taking any chances.

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The Tender Trap
When Dog discovers today's prey is a notorious ladies man, he knows just how to lure him in.

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And Baby Makes Three
Leland has to attend a Lamaze class before he can join the hunt, but when Dog goes after this accused jewelry thief without his fastest son, he learns that this fugitive puts the "R" in runner.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter is an American reality TV series that ran from 2003 until 2012 on The American Broadcasting Company (A&E). This lively and intense series puts the spotlight on Duane "Dog" Chapman, a charismatic ex-con turned bounty hunter, armed with an uncanny knack for tracking down the most elusive of bail fugitives.

The series revolves around Dog, his late wife Beth, his sons Leland and Duane Lee, and his daughter Lyssa, who all work together in the family bail bond business, Da Kine Bail Bonds in Honolulu, Hawaii. The family is occasionally joined by Tim "Youngblood" Chapman, an integral part of Dog's team despite no relation. The show offers a unique look into the adrenaline-fueled world of bounty hunting, while simultaneously digging deep into the familial bonds and dynamics that hold the Chapman family together against all odds.

What sets Dog the Bounty Hunter apart from other reality TV shows is the blending of raw law enforcement action with underlying threads of human compassion, redemption, and tenacity. Dog himself, a hardened criminal turned force for good, offers a thrilling yet empathetic protagonist. He truly embodies the belief in second chances, which is often reflected in the way he deals with the fugitives he apprehends. Instead of resorting to physical force, Dog and his team often employ psychological tactics to apprehend fugitives, implementing a firm yet compassionate approach, often encouraging them to turn their lives around.

The show doesn't shy away from the Chapman's own personal struggles, either. Viewers are given a candid view into their life outside of bounty hunting, showcasing how they cope with familial disputes, personal tragedies, and the everyday chaos that comes attached with running a busy bail bond office in the heart of Hawaii. Dog's wife Beth serves as the powerhouse behind the operation with her tough-love attitude, meticulous planning, and a fierce protectiveness over her family.

Much of the show's success lies in its unscripted episodes, which provide an authentic slice of both the Chapman's family life and the nitty-gritty aspects of bounty hunting. It offers viewers an insight into a world that many may not even know exists, giving them a front row to high stake pursuits, thrilling busts, and the intricate detective work involved in hunting down a fugitive.

Dog the Bounty Hunter balances its serious content with a sense of humor and love, delving into the Chapman's heartwarming family moments amidst the turmoil and tension. The family dynamic is a major allure, offering heartening scenes of family dinners, vacation trips, and unforgettable bonding moments.

The show is also renowned for its scenic beauty, with many high-octane chases playing out against the idyllic backdrop of Hawaii's landscapes. This enriches the visual narrative and adds an element of serenity which contrasts with the high-risk, intense situations that the Chapmans often find themselves in.

Throughout the series, Dog's wisdom and street-smarts are consistently on display, sharing a wealth of experience and depth that goes beyond just catching 'the bad guys'. The relationships formed between Dog, his team, and the fugitives they apprehend are both unexpected and surprisingly touching.

Perhaps the most moving aspect of Dog the Bounty Hunter is how it depicts redemption and the possibility for change, not just in the lives of the fugitives Dog apprehackends but within the evolution of Dog himself – from a hardened criminal to a devoted family man who uses his past life experiences to guide those he captures towards a path of righteousness.

In conclusion, Dog the Bounty Hunter is more than just a chase and capture reality show—it's a life-affirming canvas that offers a striking blend of suspense, adrenaline, humor, compassion and the undying optimism of second chances. Whether you're a fan of action-paced reality shows or heartwarming family dramedies, this show effortlessly bridges the two genres and offers something for everyone.

Dog The Bounty Hunter is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 241 episodes, the show debuted on 1970. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.0.

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