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Freedom's Champion
Ulysses S. Grant defeats Robert E. Lee and wins the Civil War, only to find that he will be called to duty again to serve as President during one of the most difficult times in America history.

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Lincoln's General
With his back up against the wall, Ulysses S. Grant takes incredible risks, becomes Abraham Lincoln's favorite General, and prepares for an epic clash with Robert E.

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Unlikely Hero
In one of the unlikeliest stories in American history, Ulysses S. Grant rises from his humble beginnings to become the winning General in one of the Civil War's bloodiest battles.

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Grant is a captivating three-part docudrama that aired on the History Channel in 2020. The series seeks to breathe life into the complex history of Ulysses S. Grant, one of America's most underrated and misunderstood historical figures. Utilizing a unique blend of dramatic recreations, expert interviews, and archival materials, Grant offers an in-depth examination of the man who played an instrumental role in shaping the United States during some of its most tumultuous times.

The series meticulously traces the life and times of Ulysses S. Grant from his humble beginnings in Ohio to his meteoric rise through the ranks of the U.S. military and, eventually, to the highest office in the land, the presidency. The creators of the series skillfully navigate Grant’s story, not only shedding light on the man himself, but also offering viewers palpable insight into the broader social and historical contexts of his time.

In the first part of the series, titled "Unlikely Hero," the show delves into Grant's involvement in the American Civil War as a Union general staunchly committed to the preservation of the Union. The audience gets an intimate look into the strategic brilliance and unyielding determination that vaulted Grant from relative obscurity to becoming arguably one of the war's most influential figures. The mini-series also brings to light Grant's unwavering commitment to the abolition of slavery, a topic that defined much of his military and political career.

The subsequent installments, "Lincoln’s General" and "Freedom’s Champion," continue to explore Grant's personal and professional battles. His role in the Reconstruction period post-Civil War, his two-term presidency, and his unyielding efforts to protect the rights of recently freed African-Americans are all critically examined within the context of an America grappling with the aftermath of a divisive war. This narrative is compellingly presented through high-quality, historically accurate dramatic re-enactments interspersed with powerful first-person accounts from the man himself, adapted from his personal memoirs.

One of the major strengths of the series lies in its ability to humanize Ulysses S. Grant. The show does not shy away from presenting Grant’s flaws and setbacks, such as his struggles with alcoholism and the financial missteps that marred his post-presidency years. The man behind the myth is presented in all his complexity, with all his strengths, weaknesses, triumphs, and failures. By painting such a rich, nuanced portrait of Grant, the series succeeds in making him relatable, presenting the viewer with not just a commander or a president, but a man of flesh and blood.

Another compelling aspect of Grant lies in its storytelling style. Deftly combining stunning cinematography, clear narrative voice, seamless transitions between the dramatic reenactments and archival materials, and expert insights, the series serves as an eloquent history lesson. The story of Ulysses S. Grant is not one often told with such depth and sensitivity, and this series provides an unforgettable foray into his world.

Steeped in historical fact, the story of Ulysses S. Grant the series reveals, is far from dry or predictable. Product of Richard Bedser's, Alexander Gardiner's, and Forrest Lucas's collaboration, Grant transcends the genre of historical docudrama by infusing it with a potent mix of human interest and historical analysis. Starring Justin Salinger as Grant, the series also presents a formidable cast, each member of which contributes to the comprehensive rendering of this crucial time in American history.

In an era where documentary series have become popular platforms to recount historical narratives, Grant stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and its effort to present a balanced, insightful examination of its central character. It actively encourages viewers to re-evaluate preconceived notions about Ulysses S. Grant, ultimately forcing us to reassess a figure who has often been overshadowed by other larger-than-life figures from the annals of American history.

Overall, Grant is a must-watch for history buffs and anyone interested in understanding the leader credited with preserving the Union during the Civil War and protecting African American citizenship during his presidency. The series grants us a more vivid and accurate understanding of the man, his times, and his continuing legacy in American history.

Grant is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 3 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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