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Paul dreams of becoming a police officer, but his weight is holding him back.

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Jose wants to play college football, but first he hast o lose some weight.

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Janelle and her family enjoy gathering and eating unhealthy food. Will she be able to change her lifestyle and still be able to hang out with her loved ones?

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Holly is torn because her family loves to eat fried and unhealthy food. However, her mother believes that if Holly doesn't change her lifestyle, her health will be in danger.

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Maddy has had a difficult life and alcohol has helped her cope with it. Now that she is sober, she has turned to food to cope.

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Sammy is a mama's boy who is completely indecisive. Will he be able to decide to become healthier?

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On the outside, Latrice is an outgoing funny girl. But inside, she is hurting and insecure about her appearance.

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Lindsey wants to be a college cheerleader, but must lose weight in order to meet her goal.

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Terra has followed her mother's poor health example, will she able to break bad habits?

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At 310 pounds, Josh is the odd man out because he is the largest person in his athletic family. He's forced to stand by as his younger brothers play team sports and go on dates.

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I Used To Be Fat is a bold and inspiring reality TV show produced by MTV that premiered in 2010. The show is centered around overweight teenagers who are eager to change their lives before heading off to college. It follows their emotional and physical journey to transform their bodies, lose weight, shed their self-doubt, and build a healthier future.

Each episode of I Used To Be Fat typically focuses on one individual whose aim is to change their lifestyle habits, health matters, and physical image. The teenage participants are approaching a critical crossroads in their lives, the transition to college, which provides an optimal timeframe for transformation and change. At the start of summer vacation, the teens embark on an intense fitness and nutrition regimen, and by the end of summer, the aim is to reveal a changed person, ready to tackle new challenges with enhanced confidence and a better understanding of their health.

The producers have brought together a committed and empathetic team of professionals, which includes dieticians, personal trainers, and therapists to assist these teenagers in their transformation journey. Their team is committed to helping these young people understand that weight loss is not just about physical transformation, but also a mental and emotional journey that requires equal attention. The show is invigorating and challenging, showing the teenagers engaging with the rigorous and exhausting exercises, pouring all their dedication and grit to reach their goals.

One of the most touching aspects of I Used To Be Fat is the personal stories each of these young individuals bring to the screen. Viewers get to learn about their backgrounds, their individual struggles, their emotional baggage, and what led them to this point in their lives. These personal stories give depth to their physical transformation and show that weight problems are often a symptom of deeper emotional issues. From dealing with divorced parents to emotional eating, viewers get to see a raw and intimate insight into the lives of teenagers. It is these deep-set issues that the team working with these teenagers aim to address so they can lead healthier lives going forward.

I Used To Be Fat creates a clear narrative of transformation that is incredibly inspiring. Viewers get to see the participants' progress pictures, their weigh-ins, and the emotional highs and lows they encounter on their way. This journey often inspires the families of the teens as well, who also get included in the process to a degree. They receive nutrition education, take part in group therapy sessions, and sometimes even participate in physical activities alongside their children. This is done in an effort to provide a fully supportive environment for the teens in their quest to change their lives.

The cornerstone of this show is not only about extreme weight loss and physical transformation but to encourage the participants to deal with their underlying emotional issues, rid themselves of self-doubt, and improve their self-esteem and self-image. It also seeks to inspire and motivate viewers to take control of their health and lives, delivering a potent message about perseverance, self-love, and transformation.

I Used To Be Fat is a fascinating blend of reality, drama, emotion, and education. It pulls no punches in showing the real efforts required to transform oneself, both inside and out. Despite facing backlash for encouraging extreme weight loss, the producers have maintained their belief that the key message of the series is not just physical transformation, but a harnessing of personal inner strength and developing healthier habits for the long term.

Resonating real-life struggles, I Used To Be Fat is a captivating series that delivers messages of inspiration, determination, and pure resolve. The personal victories of these brave young individuals show others that it's never too late to change, and no obstacle is ever too big to overcome. With its powerful message, the show beckons viewers to embark on their journey to better health and brighter futures.

I Used To Be Fat is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 28 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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