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Bittersweet Reunion
Kim is an adopted child and discovers she has an older brother. She reaches out to her birth family but Will Troy and The Locator Team make her dreams come true by reuniting them?

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Big Sister's Homecoming
Bridget was a toddler when her father passed away. Family tells her she has a sister, who she has no real memories of.

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Childhood Pursuit
Kelly tries to reunite with her birth mother after her adoptive mother passed away.

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A Son's Promise
Steve has spent most his life searching searching for a sister he's never met.

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A Daughter's Disapperance

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A Father's Daughter
After her father passes away, Erin searches for the half sister she had never met.

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Quest for Redemption
Siblings hope to find their mother who they lost touch with as children.

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Desperate Mothers
Jennifer was left abandoned with an abusive father and is now searching for her mother.

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The Locator was a reality television series that aired on WE tv from 2008 to 2010 revolving around the intense and intriguing world of private investigations, missing persons, and hidden truths. The show focuses on Troy Dunn, a successful private investigator, also known as "The Locator," who dedicates himself to reuniting family members who have been separated through various circumstances – abandonment, adoption, dissolution of marriage, or even shocking family secrets.

The show chronicles Troy’s tireless efforts as he employs his mix of wit, empathy, experience, advanced tracking methods, and sometimes sheer luck, to help his clients. Aided with a team of researchers, he uncovers clues and traces of people who vanished from their loved one’s lives, often decades ago. Each episode showcases a separate case, unraveling human emotions, trials, and triumphs. It is a series about hope, reconciliation, and most importantly, love.

Troy Dunn, the main attraction of the show, possesses a natural gift of connecting with his clients. His passionate determination to help solve mysteries and rekindle lost connections is palpable. His sharp investigating skills paired with his down-to-earth personality make Troy an appealing central figure. Beyond this, he is fueled by his personal experiences, as he himself was part of a family touched by the experience of adoption, further enhancing his commitment to locate and reunite individuals.

Critical and emotionally charged, the show was not just about finding people; it documents the often overwhelming physical, emotional, and psychological journey involved in the process of reconnection. It explores the heart-wrenching stories of individuals coming to terms with their pasts and facing the myriad of emotions they experience upon reconnecting with long-lost family members and loved ones. From witnessing tearful joys of reunions, reliving shared memories, to experiencing tense apprehensions, the show makes viewers part of every step of the journey to reunification.

Highlighted throughout the series is the in-depth research and detective work that goes into locating an individual. Utilizing extensive databases, social media, public records, and more, Troy and his team strive to piece together the information they gather. However, The Locator showcases that tracking someone down is only half the battle. Navigating the intricate web of the human psyche to prepare both parties for the reality of reunion poses an equally challenging task that Troy and his team tactfully manage throughout the series.

The Locator is unique in its portrayal of private investigation, going beyond showcasing it as merely a ruthless hunting game. Instead, it focuses more on the human interest aspect, a testament to the emotional angle of such investigative work. It hones in on the toll, sacrifices, and immense satisfaction derived from helping distressed individuals find closure. Building on the core human longing of reconnecting with loved ones, it blends the elements of suspense, intrigue, sympathy, and relief to a satisfying end.

The series was well-received by audiences who found themselves caught up in the real-life drama, emotion, and the strong "feel-good" element of the story. Much of its charm lay in its authenticity – the raw emotions, the true stories, and the real people. While the events might be painful, the end showcases an overwhelmingly positive experience for the involved family members.

In a nutshell, The Locator was a reality series that delivered emotional, riveting, and intriguing narratives of long-lost individuals and their journey to reunification. With Troy Dunn, the charismatic and skilled locator at its helm, it beautifully captured the essence of human relationships, empathy, and the overwhelming joy that comes with reconnection. This was a show that truly demonstrated the power and depth of familial bonds and the lengths to which one will go to rediscover those ties. Though it has since concluded, The Locator's legacy continues to resonate with its viewers, truly placing it amongst the notable reality TV shows of its time.

The Locator is a series categorized as a returning series . Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 49 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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How can I watch The Locator online? The Locator is available on WE tv with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch The Locator on demand at Hulu Plus, Apple TV Channels, Philo, Pluto TV, Apple TV online.

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