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Finale - Leid and Neutered
Aloha! Daisy and her final 3 guys pack up their belongings and head to beautiful Hawaii!

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Clip Show
When Bret Michaels handed out the final pass to Amber at the end of Rock of Love 2, he left Daisy all alone and brokenhearted. Her dreams of being a rock star's girlfriend and Bret's 'Rock of Love' were crushed.

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The Past and the Furious
Daisy invites the ex girlfriends over to try and find out some dirt on the remaining four boys!

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The Return of the Fling
The remaining guys are not too happy with the return of London, however, Daisy feels a bit differently!

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Still Haven't Found What I'm Cooking For
Daisy hopes her remaining men know their way around a kitchen. Find out what the guys are cookin' up!

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Call's Fair in Love and War
When one of the guys is suspected of having a live-in girlfriend back home, an alliance is formed and a plan is set in motion. Tempers flare forcing Daisy to make some hard decisions about the accused.

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Things Are Getting Spicy
Tensions are running high in "Casa De La Hoya", so Daisy gives her suitors a chance to release some steam... in a brutal cage fighting challenge that keeps the emergency medical technicians busy.

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Bring in 'Da Boyz, Bring in 'Da Skunk
Only eight guys remain in the house and Daisy challenges them to create the cover shot of her new single. The competition for Daisy's affections is fierce and tensions are at an all time high as two of the contestants get physical...

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Daisy loves rockers, and today, she wants to see which of the guys can rock her world with rewritten, hard-rocking nursery rhymes. Daisy's best friend hangs with the guys and chimes in with her own opinion of who is right for Daisy.

Watch Daisy of Love Season 1 Episode 4 Now

True Bromance
Daisy needs a man who can protect her from the dangers that rock star life can entail, so she sends her twelve contenders into an obstacle course riddled with paintball sharpshooters. Later, after a night hanging at an L.

Watch Daisy of Love Season 1 Episode 3 Now

Here's Blood in Your Eye
The fifteen guys are asked to show off their talents in an old-fashioned game of "Show and Tell," for Daisy. Later, one guy smashes a bottle over his own head in a moment of frustration, and another will cause serious consequences when he makes a late night phone call.

Watch Daisy of Love Season 1 Episode 2 Now

Don't be Stupid
Daisy De La Hoya awaits the arrival of 20 possible suitors to move into the mansion, and after a date with each guy individually, Daisy will release 5 of the men.

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Daisy of Love is a reality dating show that aired on VH1 in 2009, chronicling Daisy De La Hoya's quest to find a potential romantic partner from a pool of suitors. Daisy De La Hoya, an American television personality and musician, was known for her appearance on another VH1 reality show, Rock of Love 2, where she developed a reputation for her magnetic personality and bold outlook. She captured the audience's attention and managed to become a viewer favorite, which led to her scoring her own spin-off series, Daisy of Love.

The series is set up similarly to other dating shows from the VH1 network. The show begins with twenty hopeful men who move into a Hollywood Hills mansion and vie for Daisy's attention and affection. The suitors range in personality and looks, from the hopelessly romantic to the outrageously audacious, ensuring a mixed bag of characters that make for interesting television.

While the show's primary focus is on the budding relationships between Daisy and her suitors, it doesn't shy away from featuring some drama among the contestants themselves. The competitive environment heats up the mansion, leading to conflicts, alliances, and intriguing plotlines, essentially serving as a microcosm of the complex world of dating - but heightened for television.

Every episode of Daisy of Love features a series of challenges that the men must compete in, which test their personalities, strength, compatibility, and commitment to Daisy. These challenges are not just about physical prowess or intelligence but also about emotional connection and humour. These challenges, designed to demonstrate their suitability for Daisy, range from composing a song to extreme sports, and even to expressing their emotions in creative ways.

The men who stand out in these challenges get special alone time with Daisy, giving them the chance to foster a deeper connection. These dates offer a platform for the contestants to show their true self - minus the competition - and indulge in heartfelt conversations, or simply have fun with Daisy.

With the twist and turns that come with each episode, at the end of each week, Daisy has a difficult decision to make. Using her signature 'Daisy-chain,' she must decide who gets to stay and who has to leave the mansion, with the ultimate goal of finding her one true love. The elimination process is a complex mix of rejection and acceptance, replete with teary eyes, anxious moments, and climactic pauses.

Rose petals, rock 'n' roll, and romantic undertones punctuated with high-tension drama are the order of the day in Daisy of Love. Its defining feature is its rock-n-roll aesthetic, which stands as a stark contrast to the glamorized portrayals of love typically seen on reality dating shows. Daisy's edgy personality, combined with her emotional vulnerability, forms the show's captivating centerpiece.

The mansion's opulence, combined with Daisy's signature punk-rock style, creates a unique visual language that's like a cross between a fairy tale and a rock concert. This, along with the carefully edited dramatic storytelling, makes Daisy of Love a viewing experience that is as visually enjoyable as it is emotionally engaging.

Despite its penchant for melodrama, Daisy of Love does not lose sight of its core essence: the exhausting, exhilarating journey towards finding true love. Along with all the theatrics, deceit, and heartbreak, the show highlights moments of genuine connection and candid self-revelations. It captures the emotional roller coaster that is the search for love and amplifies it for a television audience's pleasure.

All in all, Daisy of Love is a roller coaster ride of a reality show that blends the theatrics of competition with the unpredictability of romance. Whether you're a fan of reality dating shows or an enthusiast of rock-n-roll culture, this show invites its viewers into a unique dating adventure filled with hearty laughs, tears, surprises, and, of course, love. This show is more than just a dating competition; it captures human drama in its raw, unfiltered form, making it a memorable addition to VH1's reality show roster.

Daisy of Love is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.5.

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