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Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin opens up about his life from the early years as a soap star and member of the Latin pop group Menundo to what he has become now, a music phenomenon.

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Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert opens up about his true identity and shares his journey to stardom.

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Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias, the son of a legendary musical family, shares his journey on how he became the man he is today.

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Mary J. Blige
A closer look at the life and impressive career of the reigning Queen of R&B - Mary J. Blige.

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Miranda Lambert
Grammy Award winner, Miranda Lambert, shares her journey to stardom and love.

Watch Behind The Music Season 12 Episode 21 Now

Ice Cube
Ice Cube has had a three-decade career. He started out with the notorious rap group NWA and is now a movie star.

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Missy Elliott
A closer look at Missy Elliott's rocky road to stardom as one of hip hop's female pioneers.

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Nelly's life was not always easy. His difficult upbringing and involvement in a gang led to trouble with the law.

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Green Day
Summary not available.

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Fleetwood Mac
The legendary rock group, known best for the classic multi-platinum album Rumours, experiences turmoil due to drug use and tumultuous inter-group romances.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd
The detailed story of the tragic plane crash that killed three members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the tremendously successful Southern rock band.

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Duran Duran
This is a profile of the successful British pop-rock band of the '80s and '90s, known for hits such as "Rio" and "Ordinary World.

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Hall & Oates
The white pop/soul duo that recorded over two dozen hits over the course of 15 years, including 6 songs that topped the charts.

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Boy George
Summary not available

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Alice Cooper
Summary not available

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Leif Barret
Summary not available

Watch Behind The Music Season 12 Episode 9 Now

Fantasia opens up about her tragic past and discusses her relationship with a married man that was followed by an overdose.

Watch Behind The Music Season 12 Episode 8 Now

Usher's story of how he became R&B's top selling artist and a triple threat entertainer.

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Jennifer Lopez
Behind the Music shares the story of Jennifer Lopez, also known as J-Lo to her fans. She is an actress, dancer, and singer and one of the most talked about celebrities in Hollywood.

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Jennifer Hudson
A look at Jennifer Hudson's life and where it all began, including her early elimination from American Idol and then landing her dream role in "Dream Girls.

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Courtney Love
Behind the Music tells the heartbreaking story of Courtney Love, the rocker, mom, and wife of Kurt Cobain at the time of his suicide.

Watch Behind The Music Season 12 Episode 4 Now

The complete story of Eve and her rocky road to being one of the most successful female rappers ever.

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Christina Aguilera
The complete story of Christina Aguilera, the bold and beautiful singer.

Watch Behind The Music Season 12 Episode 2 Now

The complete story of the gifted artist DMX and his background of growing up in the School Street Projects of Yonkers, his run-ins with the law, and his addiction to crack cocaine.

Watch Behind The Music Season 12 Episode 1 Now

Behind The Music is a highly-engaging, documentary-style television series produced by VH1 from 1997 until 2021. It is designed as a music biography series that unveils the stories behind some of the most influential artists, bands, and music figures throughout the years. This riveting musical series has been praised for its ability to seamlessly merge the glamour and allure of the music industry with the often gritty reality that exists far from the public’s gaze. Each episode of Behind The Music focuses on a single artist or group, offering viewers an in-depth look into their musical journey. From their early years, initial breakthroughs, to their rise to stardom, the series delves into the personal and professional journey of the artist in question, leaving no stone unturned. The show masterfully uses archival footage, performances, music videos, and interviews from friends, family, band members, music executives, and often the artists themselves. The outcome is a unique, intimate narrative that goes beyond their public persona to uncover the real person behind the music. Throughout the years, Behind The Music has told the stories of an impressive list of musicians from various genres like rock, pop, rap, country, and soul. From classic rock bands such as Aerosmith and Fleetwood Mac to pop sensations like Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera, to rap icons such as 50 Cent, and country stars like Shania Twain, the spectrum of artists featured is a testament to the series' broad appeal. The show stood as a reflection of the diverse music scene and an archive of musical history that transcended borders and time. What made the show even more impactful is its uncensored approach to the subjects in question. The series doesn’t shy away from presenting the good, the bad, and the ugly. It reveals the struggles behind the glittering fame, touching upon topics like substance abuse, financial woes, legal battles, mental health issues, and tumultuous personal relationships. All these elements make Behind The Music more than just a biography series. It is a deeply intimate inspection of the human conditions and personal battles that often fuel creativity and artistic expression. A standout feature of Behind The Music is its storytelling approach. It doesn't merely chronicle events sequentially. Instead, it paints a rich narrative that explores the nuanced, intricate human journeys that these artists undertake, making the viewer feel as though they are embarking on the journey with the artist. The in-depth interviews, firsthand accounts, personal anecdotes, and revelations create riveting narratives that often bring out unseen layers of the artists and their music. Through its depictions, Behind The Music succeeds not only in providing a glimpse into the personalities behind our favorite songs but also in offering a broader understanding of the music industry. From depicting the seismic shifts in the music landscape over the years to highlighting the dynamic between artist and label, the series provides an insidery look into the business side of music. Consequently, the series has remained not just popular among music fans, but also among aspiring musicians and individuals with an interest in the industry workings. Behind The Music, in essence, is an iconic series that has become an integral part of pop culture history. Its relaunch in 2021, more than two decades after its initial premiere, only stands testament to its enduring appeal. As it continues to tell the most profound stories from the world of music, generation after generation, it continues to be a magnet for music fans looking for a deeper understanding and appreciation of their favorite artists and tunes. Behind The Music is indeed more than entertainment; it's a global musicographical legacy.

Behind The Music is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 14 seasons with a total of 255 episodes, the show debuted on 1997. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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