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Episode 8
Hidden cameras reveal what people do when a wife asks her husband for an open marriage, a teen faces peer pressure, patrons hold loud video calls in public, a bakery refuses to serve a same-sex couple, and a mother harshly disciplines her child.

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Episode 7
Onlookers react to a music producer propositioning their singer, an adult struggling to care for a parent with Alzheimer's, a man using his older girlfriend for money, and a parent facing objections to raising an adopted child of a different race.

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Episode 6
Bystanders react to cutting a family member off, parents warring over their kids' screen time, finding lost cash on the ground, a college student telling her parents she wants to pursue acting, and a mother dealing with postpartum.

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Episode 5
Hidden cameras reveal what people do when they witness a man drugging a woman's drink, a scam artist in the act, a vasectomy debate, an elderly woman shoplifting, and a veteran struggling with mental health.

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Episode 4
Observers react to a woman lured into a pyramid scheme, objections to an interracial couple, a dad struggling to pay for his child's birthday gift, a bride-to-be flirting with temptation, and a mom forcing her teen into online influencing.

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Episode 3
Onlookers decide what to do when a pregnant woman can't pay for a meal, a trainer ignores his athlete's head pain, an unemployed father-to-be considers illegal dealings, and a cheating partner is caught after their phone is secretly tracked.

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Episode 2
Hidden cameras capture how fellow patrons react to a homeless diner at a restaurant, a man presenting his fiancé with a last-minute prenup, an employer asking a Black applicant to change her hairstyle, and a young couple facing a big decision.

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Episode 1
In the season premiere, bystanders grapple with a schoolteacher's side hustle on an adult-content site, objections to immigrants applying for work at a local coffee shop, a deli staffer dealing with a rude customer, breastfeeding in public and a man bothering a woman at the gym while working out.

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What Would You Do? is an engaging, thought-provoking hidden camera show by ABC News that began airing in 2009. The show constructs a unique blend of television entertainment and social experiment, presenting viewers with different ethical and moral dilemmas that are not just entertaining, but also push them to ask themselves - 'What would you do?' The show is helmed by John Quiñones, a veteran ABC News correspondent and anchor, known for his journalistic integrity and empathetic approach to storytelling. Quiñones doesn't just host the show; he actively drives the narrative, providing vital insights and exciting build-ups to the scenarios being played out by actors. He often jumps into the scene at the climax with his signature line, 'Hi, I'm John Quiñones with the TV show, What Would You Do?' What Would You Do? over its course of over a decade has touched upon a wide array of social issues such as racism, homophobia, ageism, and much more. The show focuses on creating unscripted scenes in public places through professional actors simulating different scenarios based on these issues. Through hidden cameras, it captures the reactions of the unaware bystanders - testing their implicit biases, their judgment, and their courage to intervene. The scenarios presented are diverse, ranging from everyday situations like bullying, public display of affection, and public rudeness, to more serious issues like racial profiling, theft, and domestic violence. It isn’t just about presenting a situation; it’s about presenting an ethical crossroads, a decision point that leaves you pondering on what your reaction would have been if you were in that same situation. Every episode of What Would You Do? leaves you with a mixed bag of reactions. At times, it showcases the inherent goodness in human nature with bystanders stepping up and intervening in the situation; at other times, it reveals the apathy or biases that lie within when people choose to stay silent. Watching the people react, or sometimes not react, is a fascinating study of human behavior and societal norms. One of the standout aspects of the show is the debrief that follows each scenario. Quiñones intervenes and reveals the experiment to all involved, opening up a dialogue with the unwitting participants. He delves into their thoughts and motivations behind their actions, or lack thereof, providing them with a chance to rationalize and reflect on their behavior. This process of self-reflection extends to the viewers as well, making What Would You Do? an interactive experience rather than a passive engagement. It often prods viewers to mentally place themselves in those scenarios, prompting them to question their moral compass, and perhaps even influencing them to reconsider their responses in real-life situations. The show doesn’t claim to have any scientific validity, but it does provide anecdotal insight into how ordinary people respond to extraordinary circumstances. The lack of a right or wrong answer further enriches the viewing experience. What Would You Do? encourages viewers to engage in thoughtful discussions on the contemporary issues presented, stirring a broader awareness and conversation about these topics. Overall, What Would You Do? is not only a show but a social experiment woven with ethical dilemmas that tests the moral and ethical values of ordinary people. It presents reality in its raw form, offering viewers a firsthand look at the spontaneous reactions, decisions, and behaviors of people when they believe no one is watching. The concept of the show is simple yet profound -- it explores the human psyche, our societal norms, and biases, and forces us to question our own principles and actions in such situations. What Would You Do? serves as a social thermometer gauging the pulse of society's stand on various undefinable subjects. It is this engaging mix of voyeurism, social awareness, and psychological introspection that makes the show compelling.

What Would You Do? is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 18 seasons with a total of 216 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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