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Souza Family
The Souzas are a hard working family who are proud of their heritage. They have high expectations, rigid schedules, and everyone treats one another with respect.

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Toscano Family
The Toscanos are business owners of a restaurant and work hard for their money. As parents, they believe it's their way or the highway and the law is not open for negotiation.

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Wilcox Family
Two misbehaving teens from different families are forced to live a different lifestyle with a host family with very strict parents.

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Robinson Family
The Robinson family takes in two ungrateful and self-indulged teens to stay with them on their goat farm. The Robinsons work hard for very little but they wouldn't have it any other way.

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Sheffield Family
The Sheffields take in Chris and Danielle -- two out-of-control teenagers with more interest in hard partying than hard work -- and their values and philosophies are given their toughest test yet. Although the Sheffields enforce a diet of hard work and strict rules to get the teens into line, neither Chris nor Danielle is quick to convert.

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Carroll Family
Two disrespectful teenagers spend a week living with the family. Mary and Wyatt are both self-centered teens with little interest in doing anything that doesn't benefit them, and neither takes well to learning the family home is a no-go zone for cell phones and cigarettes.

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Cooper Family
The Coopers take in Victoria and Caleb, two headstrong teens with no desire to be a part of any family unit. But will the Coopers' rigid rules, combined with both parents' unwavering emotional support, convince these two teens to rethink their current lives?

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Brown Family
The Browns take in Shauna and Megan, two teen girls who have little regard for parental influence and family rules. Can the Browns' firm hand force these teens to reassess their lives?

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Combes Family
The Combes take in Samantha and Nick, two bad tempered teenagers who have little respect for others and know no boundaries. Will a week of living Combes-style help these teens to change their stubborn attitudes?

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Ballard Family
The Ballards take in Matt and Lilly, two self-centered teenagers who have no respect for authority and don't want to be part of a family unit. Will a week of the Ballards' "get up and go" approach force these teens to shed their selfish bad attitudes and get in the game?

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Smidt Family
The Smidts are a family with 11 acres of land in Idaho. They believe that hard work creates good work ethic.

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Call Family
The Calls are a large Utah family that depends on everyone pitching in and working hard both in and out of the home. They believe that every member of the family must pull their load.

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The McCormick Family
The McCormicks are a strict Iowa family. Sean is a police officer who believes in rigid schedules and hard work for his family.

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The Gentrup Family
The Gentrups are a loving Arizona family who believe that a positive and considerate attitude is everything. Jim and Janee Gentrup don't tolerate self indulgence.

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The Bouldin Family
The Bouldins are a tight-knit North Carolina family who believe that tough love is a biblical principal. The pastor of his own church, Blake Bouldin keeps his own kids on the righteous path and demands they lead disciplined and honest lives.

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The Knight Family
The Knights are a Tennessee family who believe in enforcing the law at work and at home. Penny Knight is a juvenile probation officer who keeps her own children on a tight leash.

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Manning Family
The Mannings are a ranching family from Oregon who believe luxuries and trust must be earned. This means the kids living in their home start off with a mattress and one change of clothes.

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The Wright Family
Sam and Amy Wright head up a strict and loving household based on old-fashioned traditional values. The Wright children are expected to address elders with "ma'am" and "sir.

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The Bilben Family
Theresa and Gary Bilben's restaurant is the cornerstone of their approach to parenting. Not only does it bring the whole family together, it allows the parents to keep track of what their kids are getting up to.

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The Bolton Family
Cliff and Lisa Bolton are both coaches at the local high school. But even when they're away from their football team and cheerleaders, they're still very much in coach mode.

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Forsyth Family
The Forsyth Family bases their lives around family and faith. They very seldom leave their Arkansas home where they have a giant family camp for all to enjoy their daily diet of worship, work and wholesome recreational activities.

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The Rutherford Family
On "Rutherford Ranch", a 50-acre property, Adam and Pamela share a nice lifestyle with family; their two teenage daughters (Adam's from a previous marriage), two sons, three horses and a dog. They live in a 5,000 square foot home, and enjoy many toys for all ages such as ATVs, horses and ski equipment.

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The Morrison Family
A pair of teens whose own parents can no longer control them spend some time with Andrea and Daniel Morrison who happen to be no-nonsense, interventionist parents.

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The Cork Family
A religious South Georgia family allows a pair of unruly teens, who are beyond their own parents' control, to stay in their home. Unpredictable Julie and cocky Sebastian spend a week learning the strict discipline and organization of David and Dana Cork.

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The Helton Family
Paul and Dana Helton are strict Tennessee parents. They take in troubled teenagers, Whitney and Stephen, and allow them to spend a week living with their family.

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The McCuin Family
Ricky and Katie are wild teenagers who have partied their way out of their parents' control. In an attempt to change them, they're going to live in the McCuin family's strict, extremely religious, household in Tennessee .

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The Hatcher Family
A devout Georgian family which are long in discipline and structure, take in some unruly teens.

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Pilot: The Vinton Family
Brittani and Ivan's 'do as they want' behavior has left their mom's in despair. The teens will be removed from their home and sent to a strict Southern Californian family for a week...

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World's Strictest Parents is an intriguing reality television series made by CMT in 2009. The riveting program showcases parents from across the globe who boast strict parenting styles. These parents aren't exactly authoritarian, but they certainly know how to lay down the law to instill discipline, respect and a touch of humility in their children. The series gives a powerful insight into contrasting parenting approaches and the profound impact they have on adolescents. The fascinating concept of the series makes it a compelling watch for viewers. The essence of each episode revolves around two unruly teenagers who are subjected to the strict parenting regimen of the chosen families. These teenagers are often those who are known for their rebellious behavior, disobedience, and delinquency. The fast-paced episodes take viewers through the life-altering experiences of these teenagers as they spend a week away from their comfort zones and find themselves in an unfamiliar, disciplined world of other families. One of the underlying themes of World's Strictest Parents is its exploration of differing cultural norms, beliefs, and values around parenting from across the globe. The series exhibits different geographical regions of the world and showcases the varied family structures, customs and parenting styles prevalent in these regions. It underlines the nurturing role of parenting and stresses the significance of establishing structure and discipline in a child's life. The show is richly varied, enthralling its audiences by featuring all sort of strict parents. From disciplinarian military families to deeply religious parents who abide by specific religious norms in bringing up their children, the series provides viewers with diverse models of parenting and disciplinary methods. Some parents have a more traditional approach, insisting on manners, chores and structure, while others abide by the principle of tough love addressing the idiosyncrasies of the teenage participants. What makes this show engaging is the dramatic transformation that often takes place within the rebellious teenagers. Initially, episodes often show these children bucking against the stringent rules, leading to much tension and some intense confrontations. As the week progresses, viewers see the initial defiance of these teenagers fading, replaced by a growing understanding and acceptance of the host parents' ways and rules. These transformations are sometimes accompanied by emotional realizations and confessions, making each episode a highly emotional and moving experience for viewers. Appreciation for family and a newfound understanding of respect and responsibility are common themes that often emerge by episodes' end. Rebellion fades, and wisdom prevails. Many teenagers leave their temporary strict households with a better understanding of how to appreciate their own families and often feel refreshed, looking at their own life from a matured perspective. Importantly, World's Strictest Parents also provides viewers - particularly those who are parents themselves - a unique opportunity to witness various strategies of dealing with their own children's behavior. The interaction between the strict parents and rebellious teenagers often serve as a mirror, reflecting the dilemmas and emotional conflicts of many real-life families. The show empowers parents with insights and strategies that they can use in their homes to discipline their children and train them in understanding roles, responsibilities, and the importance of order. In conclusion, World's Strictest Parents is more than just a reality show; it's a thought-provoking exploration of parenting styles, real-life struggles faced by families, and the growth and transformation of misbehaved teenagers. With its engaging storytelling, emotional turns, and intriguing premise, World's Strictest Parents made for a compelling viewing experience. It serves as a valuable resource for parents and individuals seeking enlightenment on the subject of effective parenting, all while delivering a robust dose of top-quality entertainment.

World's Strictest Parents is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 38 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.0.

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