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Court Upgrades & Ballon-a-thon
After a flood, the Dudes decide to upgrade their basketball court and add some new touches to the HQ. Then, they decide to take water balloons to the next level with some new twists!

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 15 Now

Rough Riders & Ancient Games
It's time for Dude Perfect Night at the AA Frisco RoughRiders baseball stadium, can the dudes put a twist on an American past-time. Then, the dudes turn the clock back to ancient times to try their skills on sports of the past.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 14 Now

Stars for a Day & Dude Impossible
The Dudes visit the Dallas Stars and partake in some of the player's favorite games. Then, they go on a mission to take spy games to a whole new level.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 13 Now

Outdoor Challenge & Dudes of the Round Table
The Dudes head to the woods to determine who is the ultimate outdoorsman and who is getting "Sasquatched." Then, they celebrate Garrett's birthday with a big performance at a Renaissance Festival.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 12 Now

RC Planes & DP All Night
The Dudes attempt a challenging trick shot using a giant RC plane. Then, they decide to stay up all night in order to watch a live soccer match from Europe and keep themselves awake and energized through a series of games.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 11 Now

Face Your Fears & Sport Upgrades
The Dudes try to better themselves by taking their fears head-on. Then, they upgrade some lesser-known sports.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 10 Now

Super Heroes & Fun Raiser
The Dudes decide to harness their inner Superheroes. Then, they put together a "Fun-Raiser" to buy new sporting equipment for a local football team.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 9 Now

State Fair & Fan Mail
The Dudes create the ultimate State Fair experience that people will never forget. Then, they look through some of the great fan mail they've received and follow through on some interesting requests.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 8 Now

Bungee Dunk & Dudes Ranch
The Dudes attempt one of their most deft-defying stunts ever, a Bungee Jump Dunk! Then, they explore their Texas roots by visiting an authentic Dude Ranch.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 7 Now

Random Fools Day & Tall Order
The guy's take their pranking skills to the streets and attempt some light-hearted hidden camera pranks. Then, Cody decides to show them the positives and negatives of being tall.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 6 Now

Guinness & Texas A&M
Tyler attempts one of the wackiest Dude Perfect world records ever. Then, they head back to their alma mater to visit where Dude Perfect started.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 5 Now

Stunt Dudes & Race Off
The Dudes immerse themselves in an "action hero training" school and film their own action trailer. Then, they compete to see who's the best racer when it comes to driving events they've never done before.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 4 Now

Escape Room & King of the Lake
Special guests Daniella Perkins and Owen Joyner from Knight Squad challenge the dudes to create the ultimate trick shot Escape Room. Later, the Dudes battle it out in the annual King of the Lake competition.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Rocket Dudes & Sport of the Future
The Dudes decide to innovate rocket technology. Then, they set out to invent the Sport of the Future.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 2 Now

Trick Shots and Treats
Guys plan to turn their headquarters into the best Halloween trick or treat destination for kids.

Watch The Dude Perfect Show Season 3 Episode 1 Now

The Dude Perfect Show is a remarkable American reality television series that aired on CMT (Country Music Television) from 2016 to 2019. From trick shots and stunts to comedy and competitive challenges, this show brings together entertainment, adventure, and friendly competition in an exciting package. The show gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the outrageous lifestyle and hilarious antics of the five high-energy best friends who make up Dude Perfect, offering unique and wholesome entertainment for viewers of all ages. Based in Frisco, Texas, the Dude Perfect crew consists of Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and twins Coby and Cory Cotton. Originating from their immense social media success where their spectacular sports stunts and trick shot videos became viral sensations, The Dude Perfect Show provides an inside look at their extraordinary lives beyond their YouTube channel. The Dudes have transformed the concept of sports entertainment, infusing it with a refreshing and relatable brand of humor, and this show enables fans to see that side of their online fame. The Dude Perfect Show takes viewers along for a joyride as the guys live out their ultimate dreams, take on epic challenges, and embark on wild adventures. Whether it's attempting their biggest trick shot yet, constructing a larger-than-life battle arena, or testing an outlandish new gadget, the Dudes approach every day with childlike enthusiasm and unwavering friendship, turning ordinary situations into unforgettable fun. As the show progresses, the Dudes transform their Texas office space into an extensive playground where sports, games, and challenges come to life. Their workspace serves as the backdrop for most of their creative ventures, while viewers also get to see the team stepping out into the world for various daring exploits. Moreover, the show includes other elements such as the familial relationships of the Dudes and some aspects of their personal lives, providing a more holistic portrayal of the personalities that fans have grown to love. Each episode of The Dude Perfect Show is a standalone entity, so audiences can tune in at any time without worrying about missing prior developments. Integrating a mixture of reality, comedy-variety, and action-sports, the show strikes a balance between scripted elements and improvisational fun. The team's distinctive comedic style remains a constant throughout, ensuring a steady dose of laughs amid the action-packed stunts. This show manages to retain the elements that made Dude Perfect so popular on YouTube while breadthening the scope of their onscreen adventures, presenting an enriched and expanded version of their online persona. As such, the episodes are filled with the same thrilling trick shots and amusing mishaps that garnered their initial fame, but they additionally offer an increased depth of content, exploring new areas and introducing new characters. Guest appearances from celebrities, athletes, and other famous figures augment the excitement, with each episode featuring a surprise guest who participates in the day's antics. Over the three years it was aired, The Dude Perfect Show was praised for its family-friendly content, unique humor, and high-energy excitement. Given the enjoyment and popularity generated by their YouTube videos, this transition to television was a natural progression, enhancing their outreach and influence. Audiences appreciated the light-hearted, wholesome entertainment provided by the show, further cementing Dude Perfect's place in the realm of popular culture. Moreover, the show has remained faithful to the Dude Perfect brand, creating an extension of the joy, positivity, and camaraderie that characterize their YouTube channel. Whether they are engaged in a wild sports stunt, a mind-boggling trick shot, or simply goofing around, the Dudes' unity, friendship, and infectious enthusiasm shines through in every episode. To sum it up, The Dude Perfect Show presents a joyful blend of sport, comedy, and adventure in its most entertaining form. It is a larger-than-life showcase of five friends- turned-viral sensations as they live out their dreams, create unforgettable moments, and make the world their playground, all while sharing their genuine laughter and camaraderie with viewers across the globe.

The Dude Perfect Show is a series categorized as a . Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 49 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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