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He's Back
Babe has to make a choice when multiple guys from her past want to date her. Meanwhile, Trip and Hudson have to buy a famous watch for Dub.

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Boy Band Cat Nose
Dub recommends Kenzie see an eccentric pet plastic surgeon in order to fix her cat's loud nose holes. Meanwhile, Trip tries to get Hudson into a Boy Band.

Watch Game Shakers Season 5 Episode 18 Now

Why Tonya
The Game Shakers are approached by a fan who demands they make changes to one of their games.

Watch Game Shakers Season 5 Episode 17 Now

Bug Tussle
After Dub goes to Vegas and leaves Trip behind, the Game Shakers take Trip to Dub's awesome apartment to show him a good time.

Watch Game Shakers Season 5 Episode 16 Now

Breaking Bad News
The Game Shakers have to figure out how to break the news to Dub that they broke his expensive new television.

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Hungry Hungry Hypno
Kenzie is hypnotized into being very, very hungry after the Game Shakers take her to see a hypnotist for her birthday.

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Demolition Dollhouse
Babe and Kenzie try to locate a cute boy who waved to Kenzie on the subway while Hudson and Trip become obsessed with a model doll house.

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Wet Willy's Wild Water Park
The Game Shakers go to Wet Willy's Wild Water Park on its last day to try and break the speed record on the extremely dangerous water slide, the Big Ripper.

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Flavor City
Dub gets tickets to a VIP performance of the hottest musical of all time - Flavor City.

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Hot Bananas
Trip becomes depressed after losing a big video game battle to a 7-year-old.

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Snoop Therapy
The Game Shakers aren't getting along, so Dub insists they see his office therapist, Snoop Dogg.

Watch Game Shakers Season 5 Episode 9 Now

Hot Bananas
Trip becomes depressed after losing a big video game battle to a 7-year-old.

Watch Game Shakers Season 5 Episode 8 Now

Super Ugly Head
Kenzie is torn whether to tell on Dub after she sees him tear down his own statue.

Watch Game Shakers Season 5 Episode 7 Now

Escape From Utah!
The girls go to Utah to rescue Trip after Dub sends him to Captive Meadows, a center for boys with bad behavior.

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Babe & The Boys
Kenzie's dating app causes huge problems for Babe.

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Hudson and Trip open a vending machine that dispenses snacks at random on the subway, which Dub quickly becomes obsessed with.

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Subway Girl
When a video of Babe dancing to Dub's new music video goes viral, Dub challenges Babe to a dance battle to prove he is the better dancer.

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A toy company hires Game Shakers to make a game based on a toy that they are not allowed to see.

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Babe Loves Danger
Babe tries to plan the perfect date when she learns that Henry Hart is coming to New York to visit her.

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Game Shakers is a popular kids' sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon from 2015 to 2019. It is a creation of the legendary kid show creator, Dan Schneider, famous for other Nickelodeon hits such as "Drake & Josh", "iCarly" and "Victorious". Game Shakers adds to Schneider’s reputation of crafting funny, entertaining, and moral-laden shows that appeal to both the young and the young-at-heart. The series launch starts with two 7th grade girls, Babe and Kenzie. These best friend duo find themselves creating a unique gaming app for a school project, not knowing that it's about to change their lives. A major event happens in the pilot episode where they design the game "Sky Whale" for a science project; it unexpectedly turns into the most popular game of the year. With this sudden turn of events, Babe and Kenzie begin a gaming company named Game Shakers. To take the company legality hurdle, they partner with Double G, a super-rich rapper who is impulsive and unpredictable, but also a loving father to his son Triple G. Triple G in return is hired to become a gaming consultant in Game Shakers, despite his doting father's wish of him being a rapper as well. The series gives an interesting insight into the world of videogame development, combining education, and entertainment. While it takes many creative liberties, Game Shakers offers a fascinating and wildly creative platform for children and young teenagers to understand the process of game making without getting into the complex technicalities. The show tastefully combines elements of comedy, creativity, entrepreneurship and friendship, all the while maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. Other characters that add flavor to the sitcom include Hudson, a friend of Babe and Kenzie, known for his jolly, lovable but not-so-smart role. Ruthless, the building's scary and intimidating security guard also plays a memorable role. Mason Kendal, a popular boy at school becomes an ongoing love interest for Babe, providing the series with its light romantic angle. Each episode of the series offers a unique blend of laugh-out-loud moments, interspersed with life lessons on friendship, cooperation, and problem-solving. The friends go through a series of exciting adventures, humorous misadventures and business challenges. Many of these scenarios put their entrepreneurial skills, friendship and collaboration to test. This element of the show makes it a phenomenal series that offers its young audience valuable life lessons in resilience, problem-solving, and friendship. The show's setting is New York City, with an office that features an indoor slide and enough vibrant hues to bring the colorful world of the gaming industry to life. The special effects used in the show are elementary, reflecting it's targeting towards a young audience. Vibrant colors, flashy lights, and exaggerated sounds are used to demonstrate parts of the games that the Game Shakers create. Another unique feature of the show was how it incorporated real-life apps into its content. Games illustrated in the show were released to the public as real apps in conjunction with the show's airing. This amazing blending of fiction and reality further enhanced the interactive experience for viewers. Beyond its humor and entertainment quotient, the show carries important core themes that empower children. The show encourages STEM learning, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking through the young characters who are running their successful business. It also showcases a refreshing perspective by placing two female lead characters in the tech-gaming world, inspiring the young female audience about their potential role in such fields. As a nickelodeon series, Game shakers is the perfect blend of humor, tech, and youth entrepreneurship that keeps its audience intrigued and entertained. From its diverse and likable characters to its uniquely interactive blend of TV and gaming apps, Game Shakers is a series that offers young viewers a refreshing take on what children's television can be. It's a funny, engaging, and often surprising tale of friendship, creativity, adventure, and the sheer joy and challenge of running a startup while dealing with school, parents, and growing up. The show sends a heartening message that kids too can change the world, game by game.

Game Shakers is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 72 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.4.

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